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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback

Discussion in 'reference' started by packtech, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Papa Lazarou

    Papa Lazarou Hello Daaaaaaave!!!!!

    Bought a mains cord from Bourneendboy. Thank you for a smooth, speedy and pleasant transaction.
  2. S_J

    S_J pfm Member

    Thumbs up for Orangeart - the B4 buffer board arrived well wrapped and nice 'n quick too, perfect.
  3. jobseeker

    jobseeker pfm Member

    Thanks to whisky180 for very prompt despatch of an amplifier I bought from him on the same day he received payment.
  4. 73Chaz

    73Chaz pfm Member

    Belated thanks to GWM - Tannoy DC2000 drivers arrived promptly and were immaculately packaged.


  5. whisky180

    whisky180 pfm Member

    thanks to jobseeker for prompt payment and good communications
  6. Julian H

    Julian H pfm Member

    Just bought a lovely pair of Grados from Lowther. Very happy thanks.

    Cheers, Julian
  7. goatiebaby

    goatiebaby pfm Member

    Seeing all the recent controversy regarding scammers on the site has reminded me that I should have passed on my recommendations for these 2 chaps that I dealt with a few months ago.
    Firstly CYANOSIS whom I brought a CDX2 from, pleasure to deal with and no problems with delivery or the player which is still putting a smile on my face.
    Secondly I throughly recommend ZUCCO from whom I purchased my Exposure amps, great to chat to and kept me up to speed regarding delivery etc.
    Apologies to both these gentleman for not getting my s**t together earlier with this post, I can only say I was busy rediscovering my music collection and that was your fault!
  8. reefhead

    reefhead Left of the dial

    Been a pleasure dealing with Martyn Miles. Bought a nice cheap pair of speakers off him - they came with a service worthy of a much more expensive pair!
  9. reefhead

    reefhead Left of the dial

    Also been a pleasure dealing with idem (Igor). Bought a nice cheap amp off him - which again came with a service worthy of a much more expensive product!
  10. leermakers

    leermakers Member

    Olli I - very careful packaging and great to deal with
  11. Olli I

    Olli I pfm Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Payment was as fast as a lightning. I hope you enjoy your XPS2.
  12. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Very smooth transaction, many thanks Richard. Prefix looks very clean and will be just the thing for hooking up Naim Aro.

    Very well packed and fast dispatch.

    Happy days, cheers, Mark :)
  13. reefhead

    reefhead Left of the dial

    Pair of Naim 323S cards bought from Peter. Came quickly and securely.
    Couldn't ask for more!
  14. fixit

    fixit pfm Member

    I bought Tellurium speaker cables from Rosewind and they arrived in as new condition and very well packed. Thanks!

    - Jani
  15. will1124

    will1124 pfm Member

    sanj520 - A really pleasure to deal with, he is friendly and patient. Excellent communication, all spot on!

    Thank yo again, Sanj.
  16. Sanj250

    Sanj250 pfm Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Prompt payment and good communications, I hope you keep on enjoying your Klouts.

  17. gary1064

    gary1064 pfm Member

    Picked up some DIY monoblock amps from Orangutan (John), very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Had a chance to listen to them at his place and chat about music.
  18. 0rangutan

    0rangutan pfm Member

    Thanks Gary - a great guy to deal with.
  19. 0rangutan

    0rangutan pfm Member

    I bought Rick's Rogers LS3/5A's last week.
    Rick was a pleasure to correspond with and packaged the speakers fantastically well. They are now sounding rather lovely in my near-field study set-up. Thanks Rick!
  20. Chag...

    Chag... Member

    Lecorb sold me a CDP at a very competitive price. On his own he had it checked in Salisbury before shipping it to me abroad in less than 48 hours. This really sets the highest standards for individual trade. Important to recognize as we are facing more ill-intentioned counterparts every day. Thank you so much again lecorb for your kindness and your insight -
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