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Favourite new album releases of 2022

Discussion in 'music' started by Miller-8, Feb 5, 2022.

  1. Miller-8

    Miller-8 pfm Member

    Post your favourite 2022 album releases here. :)
  2. Bananahead

    Bananahead pfm Member

    So far, Amateur Hour by Eels
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  3. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Lady Blackbird - ‘Black acid soul’
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  4. Adiel

    Adiel pfm Member


  5. Chris Cooke

    Chris Cooke pfm Member

    Fred Hersch - ‘Breath by breath’
    Intimate chamber jazz lovingly recorded.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2022
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  6. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Aldous Harding - Warm Chris.

  7. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

    Maybe not my favourite (I have to skip the creepy Jim Carrey interludes), but I’ve played the Weeknd’s Dawn FM plenty. Some nasty art direction...

    Super slick sounds with executive production from OPN, an absurdly dark theme, and more of those hooky choruses that buy you a 70 million dollar house.
  8. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    I imagine alt J : The Dream will be high up my fav album releases of this year when it comes out on Feb 11th, until then I’ll satisfy my alt J addiction with their recent new single from the album

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  9. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

    Bonus mark for spotting the Oppenheimer quote on the wall in this Ohrwurm...

    If we’re putting towels down, here’s Whatever The Weather, an ‘ambient-minded’ project from north London’s finest, Loraine James...

    (Limited sunburst orange edition pre-ordered from Bleep.)
    Somafunk likes this.
  10. Somafunk

    Somafunk pfm Member

    I like that, will keep an ear out for it
  11. Great album but 2021 release.

    Cheers BB
  12. Really enjoying their new single. Hope the rest of the album is on par. Loved their first album and seen them live a couple of times.

    Cheers BB
  13. Somehow missed they had a new album out. Great Band.

    Cheers BB
  14. Richard Lines

    Richard Lines pfm Member

    Isn' this just a single track EP off Extreme Witchcraft??


  15. Bananahead

    Bananahead pfm Member

    Yes. I am an idiot.
  16. Richard Lines

    Richard Lines pfm Member

    Seems a bit harsh, hadn't listened to anything from them for over 20yrs now.........


  17. Bananahead

    Bananahead pfm Member

    I have more tracks by them (at least on the NAS) than any other artist. I have seen them live loads of times.

    Tracks Artist
    413 Eels
    249 The Clash
    192 The Jesus & Mary Chain
    186 T. Rex 9:14:00 3.60 GB
    175 Belle & Sebastian 11:00:31 4.63 GB
    165 Elvis Costello 8:02:53 3.06 GB
    157 Johnny Cash 8:15:19 2.69 GB
    153 Yello 10:02:59 4.59 GB
    141 The Beautiful South 9:11:33 3.43 GB
    133 The Smiths 7:58:03 3.50 GB
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  18. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    CD only came out this year
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  19. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

  20. MEMF1980

    MEMF1980 pfm Member

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