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A thread for forthcoming vinyl releases...

Discussion in 'music' started by windhoek, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

  2. RickyC6

    RickyC6 Infuriate the frog-men

  3. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

  4. Phil_AVI

    Phil_AVI Member

    It was an original LP in 1994 I seem to remember

    I would find out if this is simply another remaster from a CD source before parting with my money.

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    This is now available as I received my copy today (I've not had a chance to listen to it yet or compare it to the original).
  6. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Anyone know if that early Floyd box is going to be released as an all vinyl set? Even heavily edited it will still be well north of £500 I guess.
  7. andrew d

    andrew d pfm Member

    Not my cup of tea but may be of interest to some on here.

    "Elton John has produced a new vinyl box set, limited to 800 copies, produced in association with the British brand, Burberry. You’ll only be able to purchase this box set in Burberry Stores during November.
    The box includes six albums: Elton John, Madman Across The Water, 17-11-70, Captain Fantastic And the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Too Low For Zero and Songs From The West Coast – presented in a unique numbered gold glittered box, embossed with Elton’s signature in gold lettering.
    As you might imagine, a luxury brand has a luxury price and these come with a premium price tag og of £225… nice but expensive!"

  8. windhoek

    windhoek The Phoolosopher

    PF Animals is on its way...
  9. stackowax

    stackowax pfm Member

  10. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    Trainspotting double L.P. (orange vinyl - unavailable on Amazon) in Sainsburys - sound quality is excellent - £20 - amazingly no warp on either disc as well !
  11. Bertiebee

    Bertiebee pfm Member

    Didn't realise it would be quite so popular. I pre-ordered and didn't get a copy as the shop I ordered from only got 1 in 5 of their order.

    Anyone got a spare one?

  12. daytona600

    daytona600 Registered User

  13. Bertiebee

    Bertiebee pfm Member

  14. YNWOAN

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    Luke Haines has just released 'Smash the System' which is, I think, his best album in some time.
  15. Fudgemaster

    Fudgemaster pfm Member

    Apparently I was last on the pre-order list of my dealer for Abraxas, so quite lucky. I spent two hours cogitating, but as I bought it to hear it, on it went. I've listened to it in case of potential faults, but none found, and am now wishing I'd got a better system.
    Wish I hadn't seen those prices, though.
  16. Bertiebee

    Bertiebee pfm Member

    Good news, prices have halved on Discogs already. At this rate they'll be giving it away next week (and I might get one).
  17. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

  18. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

  19. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

  20. Hifinity

    Hifinity pfm Member

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