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System pics 2017

Discussion in 'audio' started by Tony L, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

  2. topa

    topa Sans CDPs

    A Nima and a Super XV.
    Stop teasing me.
  3. Jonathan Ribee

    Jonathan Ribee Unavailable at present

    Well I'm glad you're having fun!

    Pop in again if passing - I've stuck an Ortofon Cadenza Blue on the Dais/Spacearm and it is back to sounding as it should now.
  4. torstoi

    torstoi pfm Member

    Thank you Mark, that's very interesting experience both about the arms and the drive concept.
    As most belt drives will have been suspended it's hard to figure how much of the Aro's performance you perceived was the belt and how much the suspension, but no doubt the idlers have a quality on their own.
    With potential for breathtaking bass performance according to some reports I saw..

    I assume a little info exchange about and around the items shown is tolerated as long as it doesn't become an excessively blown up discussion..?
  5. torstoi

    torstoi pfm Member

  6. John

    John pfm Member

    Thanks, under the speakers are Symposium Svelte Plus and Rollerblock Jr.
  7. coredump

    coredump Press to continue.

    Came across a NOS plinth a few months ago and decided to build the table from parts available on eBay, including a few reversible mods. When nearly finished, the table came across nicely, as the sound was much more defined und less "fuzzy" than the original.

    Decided to go the whole way and mount an SME309 that I had kept stored for years. This arm made a big difference, as now the bass is more than impressive. It is not only powerful, but also well-defined and deep.

    The setup gels much nicer than I normally would have thought. The Adikt is brisk enough to give some welcome edge to the sound.

    I seem to remember our friendly host complaining about the clean looks of some hifi systems, so I thought I'd try to cover my lacking expertise in taking proper pictures behind a powerful filter that makes things look old and used. :)


    Best regards,
  8. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Yes, he's good at that isn't he. :cool:
  9. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Thank you - one does one's best. :)
  10. i.j.russell

    i.j.russell pfm Member

  11. drummerman

    drummerman pfm Member

    Have you sold the cyrus' on?
  12. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Nope - still here. :)
  13. coupe-sport

    coupe-sport pfm Member

    Cracking work Gromit - Love the exposure amp. :cool:
  14. coupe-sport

    coupe-sport pfm Member

    Nice job there on the Ebay special TT !
  15. torstoi

    torstoi pfm Member

    Very nice project...is that a Rega P3..?
    Covering your lacking expertise was quite successful, I'd say..the pics are great ! :)
  16. torstoi

    torstoi pfm Member

    ...yeah, good doesn't come close.. :)
    No matter how good any setup I have will sound, I know I'll never get any picture of it made that comes even remotely close to this..
  17. jy3

    jy3 pfm Member

    Coredump - Lovely tt, well done. What mat are you using?
  18. Mr Tibbs

    Mr Tibbs Infinitely Baffled Member

    A bit more chrome introduced since last pic and another step in the right direction in the 'new' room. Olive HiCap placed on phono card duties and the CB HiCap now powering the preamp. Both PSU are modified for lower noise, the Olive having TPR4 regs and the CB having my own low-noise mods.


    Mr Tibbs
  19. coredump

    coredump Press to continue.

    Thank you for your nice comments - very much appreciated!

    I was quite amazed at the variety of offers of parts for Rega turntables. Similarly to the LP12, you can build a Rega clone hardly using any original Rega parts nowerdays. I was intrigued by some custom plinth designs, some of them following a more "conservative" approach (same shape, different material) and some of them being rather radical.

    You are right, it i an old Planar 3 plinth. It came in perfect shape and totally unused, but the laminate had become dull and grey-ish. So I tried a few drips of cockpit spray (the stuff used for cars' interiors), and the result was a shiny spot. So whole plinth was done at least three times, using a soft cloth, and now it looks like it did in the 90ies. :)

    Compared to these elegant and stylish images exposed on this site, my humble tries to take decent pictures have to appear rather clumsy. I take your nice feedback as an incentive to get better at this.

    Ahh, one of my favourite topics - thanks for asking! :D

    So far I have tried the original LP12 mat (nope), an Acromat (nope), the original Rega mat (yes) and finally came across this eBay seller, who stores Rega compatible mats in a variety of colours. That "pepper and salt" appearance of grey suited my SWMBO very much, as she did not like that all "black-in-black" appearance. So I ordered it and for my ears it was hardly discernible from the original Rega mat.

    Please let me use this post to point out the three single mods with the most impact on sound. First of all this subplatter damping kit has to be mentioned. I quite liked the idea of getting one of these shiny, metal subplatters at first, but then this seemed... somehow against the spirit of this turntable. Keeping things light, but properly damped, felt much better. After all, this forum has his roots in the flat earth. :)

    The sonic effect was instantly there: quietness and better bass definition.

    Then this motor damping kit. Following the same philosophy, it's application results in much less motor noise.

    And last, but not least - these feet. I did not like the rubber feet at all, and to my ears they are very much responsible for the perceived fuzzyness of the Planar sound. Put the table on a solid base using three spikes, and the sound will have proper definition.

    A proper PSU gives deeper bass with even better definition, but I guess that most Rega users know that anyway.

    Thanks for your patience & best regards,
  20. jy3

    jy3 pfm Member

    Thanks for the mini write up Coredump, I did read on Vinyl Engine good reports on the SRM isolation platform under the Rega tt. Found the feet you linked to interesting because I have just purchased oak cones to place under the plinth of my PTtoo. I am going to purchase a bamboo chopping board and place sorbothane feet under that (although I have just been recommended Newplast, a non hardening plasticine with a higher damping factor) and place the tt on the chopping board.

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