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Your turntable history

Discussion in 'audio' started by dave, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. audiogoose

    audiogoose pfm Member

    If memory serves:
    1968 Elac Miracord
    1970 Dual 1209
    1974 Thorens TD 125 II
    1985 Linn LP12 Valhalla, Ittok LV2, Karma
    1987 VPI HW19 MkII, Eminent Technology ET2, Audio Technica cart.
    1989 Linn LP12 eventually upgraded to Cirkus, Lingo 1, Ekos, K18 cart.
    2000 Clearaudio Master Reference, Tonearm, and Benz Ruby
    2002 Thorens TD124, SME 345, vandenHul rebuilt Lyra Lydian
    Garrard 301, SME V, Benz Ruby 2. (Became enamored of vintage
    vinyl reproduction, selling the expensive Clearaudio as a result)
    2005 Sold Thorens 124 and upgraded to a nicer 124 MkII with SME 3009
    Series II, Improved Tonearm.
    2007 EMT 930st, 929 arm, and TSD15 cartridge. Garrard sold.

    The EMT outshines every other TT I've had, and I will probably sell the Thorens fairly soon. I just can't justify keeping more than one TT. Our living space doesn't accomodate it.
  2. Beckypumps

    Beckypumps Member

    JVC LA100 with nagatoa mp11 boron

    Bought a new sme v never got round to fitting it ,as I was thinking about buying the new excalubar ,but due to poor customer service I aint sending townshend 2k for something I may or may not get. so I am now looking for some thing to stick the SME on.any suggestions would be welcome.
  3. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    See the TW Raven thread above!
  4. dsg

    dsg Bearded fellow

    1988 - 1990 NAD 5120 / NAD arm / Ortofon OM5 then Goldring Epic II
    1990 - 1992 Rega Planar 2 / RB250 / Bias
    1992 - 1992 Roksan Radius Mk 1 / Tabrizzi / Corus Black
    1992 - ? Roksan Xerxes / Tabrizzi then Artemiz / Corus Black then a few ATOC9s then Reson Etile

  5. AndyFelin

    AndyFelin You call that art?

    1969 -1973 Lenco GL75 Excellent deck but the arm was a bit agricultural - didn't like end of sides.

    1973 - 1984 Garrard 401/SME 3009 Shure V15 in a heavy-weight ply plinth I made myself. Loved this combo.

    1984 - 1987 LP12 Ittok Various MM cartridges. Got taken in by the flat earth nonsense being sprouted by the mags and sold my Garrard and bought a Linn, Naim Nait and some Kans and immediately regretted it. My old setup wasn't perfect, you had to wind the volume up to get it to come to life but it gave me a great deal of enjoyment, something my new gear didn't. And then...

    1987 - 2004 LP12 Ittok AT OC9s + change of amp and speakers.

    2005 On a whim bought a Garrard 401 off eBay and a week or so later a grease-bearing 301 with the intention of marrying them with 12" arms but they are still in boxes under a bed awaiting my attention.

    2004 - Present LP12 Ittok MC10
  6. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    Conossieur BD?/SME3009 IMP/Ortofon VMS20
    Revox B795/Ortofon LM20/OM20
    Thorens TD150 MkII/Rega RB250/Ortfon OM40
    LP12/Rega RB250/OM40
    New LP12/Ittok LVII (black)/Denon DL103R (Adikt)
  7. artist

    artist pfm Member

    Logic 101(review model)with pu2 gold & koetsu black
    traded for LP12,Aro,lingo 1,troika
    traded LP12 to newer model,prefix,armageddon Aro,Lingo 1,kieski purpleheart s and lyra helikon.
    replaced armageddon and hicap to psu's made by fox AMAZING this was the best LP12 combo
    Sold to pfm member
    Now Sme 20/2a with koetsu rosewood signature

    No more TT changes from now on
  8. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Oooh, I've not played this yet:

    Early 70s: a mono valve Bush Radiogram with a cream Garrard autochanger, a hand-me-down from my grandparents and a nice bit of kit, it had two 10" Celestian full range drivers.
    1978: Goldring Lenco GL75, still got fond memories of that one.
    1982: Leak 3001. Looked cool, was belt drive which the mags all liked, but something important was missing.
    1983: Ariston RD80, another turkey, first with the dreadful Linn LVV then a AT1120, not a bad deck, but not as good as my friend's P3 / RB200.
    1986: Roksan Xerxes / RB300. Now that's more like it - this was a good sounding deck.
    1988: Shit! The top plate's bent. A lengthy argument by snail mail ensues with Roksan, who eventually do absolutely nothing and forever loose a customer. I manage to keep the deck working, though azimuth is never quite right.
    1996: LP12 #1. It has an Ittok.
    1998: Rega P9.
    2001: Linn #2 through about #12 or so, I've lost count. I bought and sold many to get specific bits (plus to make a few quid) and ended up with a real stunner with a Zeta.
    2002: second system in the 'office' arrives with a Rega Planar 3.
    2003: The Linn's lack of 45 and the need to keep it tuned up (the Zeta is very heavy) sent it packing for a Spacedeck, first with a RB250, then a Spacearm.
    Now: Spacedeck / Hadcock 242 in main system plus two 1963 Lenco L70s, a Lenco 75 with buggered arm bearings, plus a Garrard 301 and SME 3009/II on the way. I currently own 5 turntables and 7 arms (I have a spare L70 arm)! Beat that!

  9. audiogoose

    audiogoose pfm Member

    And I thought I might need counseling to help me deal with my turntable fetish!!??
    Sounds as though you have had a lot of fun with analog through the years, Tony.


    Technics SL-B21
    Technics SL1210 MkII
    Technics SL1700 MkII
    Technics SL1500 MkII/SMEIII
    Linn AXIS
    Dual CS505
    Rega Planar 3
    Well Tempered Amadeus GTA/Miyabi Standard
  11. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Beogram RG1200
    various mid fi midi system decks
    Sme 20 v Koetsu jade
    Technics 1200
    Project expression
    Rega p5
    Kuzma stab stogi s
    Lp12 Hercules troika aro
    Sme 10 v Benz lp
  12. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Forgot the goldring GL 99 and Sme 3009 after the Technics
  13. darrylfunk

    darrylfunk Banned

    first was a jukebox for 7's
    second was a fisher direct drive thing
    third & fourth was a pair of dual 505
    fifth & sixth was a pair of technics sl1200mkII
    seventh was an lp12
    eighth was a xerxes
    ninth was another xerxes
    tenth was audio labor
    and then i lose count as i started collecting decks....
    pink triangle pt too, pink triangle anni, another xerxes, strathclyde 305, jbe slate dd, more technics sl's (over 20 have passed through my hands), numerous regas, ar's suspended decks......

    arms i have owned....
    loads of regas, roksan tabriz and artemiz, eminent air bearing, sme IV with V bearings, morch up4, naim aro, various jelco's, infinity bw, linn ittok(s), kuzma stogi, mission mechanik and a few other weird bits.
  14. gordonscobie

    gordonscobie pfm Member

    1982 Akai "separates" turntable

    2005 ish LP 12 LVX Arm; (second hand) with LVX arm and Linn K9 cartridge. Then added Lingo 2; Cirkus; Dyanvector 10x5 and Trampolin later on.

    Very happy with the sound.

    Will keep the LP12 till I pop my cloggs or it passes into the great graveyard for turntables - whichever comes first.

    2009 2nd System - CJ Walker 55 turntable with Linn LVX arm and Dynavector 10/5 Cart
  15. Warren Day

    Warren Day pfm Member

    What a Happy thing to do on Xmas day.

    Linn Axis
    2nd hand with Basik Plus arm, Audio Technical F5 MC cartridge.
    AT-OC5 MC
    K18 mk1 MM with Mk2 stylus replacement

    24 August 1995
    Linn Sondek LP12
    new with Black Ash plinth, built by Laura Smith
    with cirkus bearing, Trampolin base (for the natural timing), Lingo psu (1991 spec), Japanese Akito arm, K18 mk1/mk2 stylus
    Asaka MC (sexy vocals)
    T.Kable & new plinth (later discovered had the new 4th bolt) rebuilt by Ray at Grahams (T.Kable a great upgrade, lets more of what the LP12 is actually doing out of the box for the first time)
    Klyde MC
    Linto phonostage (wow, finesse)
    Ekos Mk2 tonearm (not as huge as was expecting, more timing, stage wider, and also surprisingly a few inches further forward!)
    newer AC motor used since 2001, Trampolin Mk2 base and complete rebuild by Derek at Infidelity (wow, big overall sonic and musical improvement)
    Keel single subchassis/armboard/collar Al ingot (absorbs vibrations, loud sounds stop immediately revealing never before heard subsequent quiet notes)
    Akiva MC (I thought this was perhaps the best upgrade since getting LP12, until the cartridge had done its 100 hour run in and then it definitely was as my enjoyment levels went off the scale)
    newer 2005 Lingo '2' psu (big and cheap upgrade from 1991 Lingo 1, notes more focussed in time and space so better timing and instruments appear more real on stereostage)
    new plinth and a complete rebuild by Peter of Cymbiosis, his approach to structural integrity added about 60% more KEEL to the deck. One of the best upgrades I've ever done.

    Peter also pointed out the plastic lid stoppers react with the painted black ash plinth, the reason my plinths were getting damaged, so he removed them and I followed his recommendation of fashioning lid stoppers from cork feet bought in a DIY shop.

    Happy Xmas.
  16. __mark__

    __mark__ Is SET

    Numerous 1210's
    AR eb101/Basik
    Lenco gl59/Aro
    Lenco PTP/Aro
    PLC-590/3009 then IV
    1200/OL Silver II

    (last 4 current)
  17. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    SP25, Pioneer PL12D, LP12 with Ittok / Karma Sold in 1985/6
    Nothing then until 2000. From then on....
    Early LP!2 / moth arm. Later LP12, Musical Fidelity t/t, Rega P7, Rega P9, Technics SP10, EMT 948, EMT 950 wide body, Technics SL1000 (SP10 in Obsidian plinth) Luxman PD272, Revolver Replay.
  18. ariegur

    ariegur pfm Member

    When I was kid my mother had a GARRARD. The automatic model that could hold several records on a shaft and drop them one after one.
    Mine were BSR, PHILIPS electronics, Thorens TD 166, Linn lp 12, Thorens TD 160 and Linn lp12 again.

  19. Colin Wonfor

    Colin Wonfor pfm Member

    1966 Xmas, Sister got a Toy Electric Washing Machine Big Bruv me made it into a Turntable she still hate me for that.
    Garrad 100 somthing got it cheap from Plessey Shop 1970
    A Direct Drive Panasonic from Rayleigh Hi-Fi 1977
    Then I had a Tom Fletcher Dais from the 1980's lovely Man shame he is gone.
    With a Audio Technic and a Keosic Blue ( something like that) but a Tube Amp from Radford fell on that a wrecked it, (ex-wife)
    I sold it in 2005 wish I had not.
  20. simonbrown

    simonbrown The Dogfather

    LP12/Ittok/Clearaudio Delta
    (a long time without a turntable ...)
    Thorens TD125/Basik plus/DL110 later replinthed TD125/Syrinx PU2/DL110
    Now Lenco PTP + Jeremy Clark bearing, slate plinth, Syrinx PU2, rehoused DL103

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