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Your turntable history

Discussion in 'audio' started by dave, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Gerontius

    Gerontius Forever dreaming...

    Something awful by BSR
    Garrard SP25
    Another cheap Garrard integrated machine
    Connoisseur BD3
    A Thorens of some sort, with SME series 3
    Linn Sondek LP12 with Ittok -
    - now with Cirkus and Lingo
  2. Setting Son

    Setting Son Karma, ne?

    Mine is:

    Amstrad music centre thing..... bedroom anarchy.
    Rega 3
    Pink Triangle Export
    NAS Spacedeck
    NAS Interspace
  3. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I've never owned a Rega, 2 or 3, that sounded better than a TD160. TD166, yes, and probably a TD165 too, they weren't great with their plastic subplatter.

    The decent Thorens decks deserve a decent reputation, they weren't ever cheap items and are well built. I think it's the very successful marketing of the LP12 as The Only One in the 70s and 80s that made people neglect the thorens items, and the fact that Thorens went downmarket post TD160, that meant that TD150s/160s etc were landfill until a few years ago. I'm glad to see people waking up to how good they are, they will still see off something like an Axis, Basik or Pink LPT.
  4. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Hawkwind and Fire

    Technics sl-1610 mk2
    Rotel RP-855
    Manticore Mantra
    Manticore Mantra Electronic
    Acoustic Signature Challenger
  5. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    You didn't sell (or lust after) the stuff first time round my friend...

    ...or have to set up a TD160/Hadcock/Entre one Christmas Eve afternoon. I surfaced at five fifteen to find all the other shops had closed and all the mince pies and booze had been eaten and drunk...:mad:

    Rega's only took a quarter of an hour or so to fit the cartridge, check for lubricant and tightness and play a track to check it out...
  6. Furyous

    Furyous pfm Member

    2002 - ProJect Debut II and ProJect Phonobox SE, Ortofon OM5E cart
    2004 - ProJect 6.9 and ProJect Phonobox SE, Ortofon 540Mk2 cart
    2006 - Technics 1210 with RB250, Tecnoweight and MF X-LPS, Ortofon 540Mk2 cart
    2008 - Technics 1210 with TecnoArm 'a', SDS Isoplatmat, Isonoe Feet, Puresound P10, Ortofon 540Mk2 cart
  7. Re-Joyce

    Re-Joyce ... Jason H that is.

    Revolver Rebel
    LP12 / Valhalla / Basik
    LP12 / Valhalla / Ittok
    LP12 / Homebrew Armageddon / Naim Aro
    Well Tempered Reference
  8. bhoage

    bhoage Member

    Lets see...

    1980 - My sister gave me her "system" which included a Yorxx, (not sure of the spelling on that one), turntable.
    1984 - Acquired a Sony turntable, (don't know the model)
    Ditched vinyl in 85 when I got my first CD player, (what a fool I was)
    2003 - VPI Scout with JMW-9 arm, (back into vinyl.. older and wiser)
    2005 - VPI Scoutmaster with JMW-9 arm
    2006 - upgraded to JMW-9 Signature arm
    2008 - TW Acustic Raven AC with Ortofon AS-309s arm and Graham Phantom on its way.

    and that's it for now. I'm ecstatic with the table and arm, (as well as the rest of my system), and think my future audio spend will likely be on cartridges and music.

  9. smegger68

    smegger68 Mango Enthusiast

    BSR Autochanger
    Goldring Lenco GL78
    Thorens TD 166MkII
    Revolver Rebel
    Revolver 'The Turntable'
    Pro-ject 6.0
    Pro-ject 6.9 (Still Have)
    Thorens TD 280 MkII (Still Have)
    Thorens TD 160B MkII
  10. PigletsDad

    PigletsDad pfm Member

    An idler drive Dual (can't remember which), nasty mid-range Shure
    Dual 710 (or 701?) with various mm cartridges, last was a Stanton 881
    Rega 3/Grace 707/Supex 900 (retipped by Garrett brothers)
    LP12/Ittok/Supex 900 - same one
    LP12/Ittok/Audio Technica OC9
    Reference Point/Ittok/OC9 (currently in bits, but soon back in service).
  11. Alex M

    Alex M pfm Member

    1980-1987: Decent Rotel deck
    1987-1988: Crappy Sony music system
    1988-1989: Rega Planar 3/AT95E
    1989-1990: Pink Triangle PT TOO/RB300/Nagaoka MP11
    1990-1992: Pink Triangle PT TOO/RB300/Roksan Corus Black
    1992-1993: Pink Triangle PT TOO/RB300/Milltek Olympia
    1993-1994: Pink Triangle PT TOO/SME IV/Milltek Olympia
    1994-1999: Pink Triangle PT TOO/SME IV/Ortofon MC30 Supreme
    1999-2006: Pink Triangle PT TOO/SME IV/Lyra Lydian Beta
    2006- : Pink Triangle Anniversary Vector/SME IV/Lyra Lydian Beta

  12. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    DSJR, I sympathise with your having to set up a hadcock on Xmas Eve. :( Not easy. In comparison the TD160 is surely child's play, no? Bolt the arm on, spirit level, twiddle springs till level, bounce it about a bit and tweak it to the last gnat's cock, put the base back on.

    I've never found TDs or LP12s difficult to set up. You have to set up roughly to start then iterate your way in while counting turns in or out, but that's all. My first LP12 was miles out and I still had it running in 20 minutes and bang on in under an hour. Maybe I was lucky but I've tweaked my later ones for minor out of level issues with decent results.

    I think I've said elsewhere that dealers preferred Regas as they were very simple to set up. Let's face it once you have put a cart on you can practically just punt them out of the door. There's nothing to go wrong - belt, oil, cart, box it up and there goes another £200-300 and a satisfied customer.:)
  13. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    sorry double post
  14. johnfromnorwich

    johnfromnorwich even my wife noticed the dif..

    Akai APB21c (amazing that I can still remember the model number)
    Rega Planar 2 / Linn K5
    Rega Planar 3 (Yellow Plinth - looked ace) / Elys.
    Rega Planar 3 as above w/ OL modded RB300 arm / Elys2
    Michell Gyro SE w/ all the Orbe upgrades / VC power supply / OL RB300 arm and Denon DL110

    May switch cartridges when the stylus wears out but the player is a keeper
  15. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    Systemdek 11x
    Linn Sondek LP12 in various guises
  16. Si-P

    Si-P pfm Member

    1983: Revolver - Linn LV X - Linn K9
    I was 15 at the time and assembling my first Hifi. Got a red Hammer-crackle one with the arm and cart on it for £120.

    1988: Linn Sondek - Linn LV X - Linn K9
    Finished college and dutifully bought what you were supposed to buy, transferring the arm and cart off the Revolver.

    1992: Roksan Xerxes - Roksan Tabriz - Audio Technica AT-F5 occ
    Did the only decent thing after a night/day demo against my recently serviced and upgraded Linn. PX'd the Linn and went to the dark side.

    2002: Systemdek IIX - Roksan Tabriz - Audio Technica AT-F5 occ
    The Roksan broke, transferred arm and cart to girlfriend's deck.

    2008: Roksan Xerxes - Roksan Tabriz - Audio Technica AT-F5 occ (again)
    Finally got round to fixing the Roksan. Vinyl sounds like music again...

    Presently enjoying exploring the merits of a DV XX2 mk1 on loan from a kind PFM member against a Lyra Helikon. Upgrading the arm-wire on the Tabriz to Audio Note Silver this weekend!
  17. Joco

    Joco pfm Member

    LP12 Valhalla Akito K9
    LP12 Valhalla Ittok K9
    LP12 Valhalla Ittok Cirkus, Trampolin, Goldring 1042
    LP12 Valhalla Ittok Cirkus, Trampolin, Benz The Glider
    Origin Live Sovereign, Illustrious, Benz The Glider
  18. tertonmike

    tertonmike Member

    1970s/schooldays: Alba with built-in amp and own speakers;
    1980/student upgrade: Trio KD(?)-1033
    1985/respectability: Planar 3
    2006/sybaritism: Acoustic Signature Final Tool Mk.II/OL Silver
  19. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    Almost full circle...

    >Marantz tt221. Really nasty!
    >Dual CS505 II. Oh, records do sound ok. Added Nag. MP11boron, even better.
    >Manticore Mantra/Rega 250/ATF5 Stilton. Holy #@#*!
    >Roksan Xerxes/Aphason HR100mcs/Lyra Lydian. Orgasmic
    >switched jobs to Linn outlet, enter the LP12 which eventually had Ittok/lingo/cirkus/Lyra. I thought my set-up skills had failed me, "no" my colleagues said, "that's perfect". Well what a mistake, the biggest pile of over-priced junk I ever owned, Marantz, all is forgiven! It had to go.
    >Went abroad for a few years (had the Linn effected me that badly?).
    >Project "Classic Cherry"/Sumiko BP2, nice but...
    >Back to, Manticore Mantra/Alphason Xenon mcs/ATOC9, ahhhhh, thats better!

    In the words of Metallica "Sad but True"
  20. aybee

    aybee pfm Member

    Oh well may as well join in...

    Sansui SR-222
    Thorens TD-160
    Logic DM101/Syrinx PU2
    Linn Sondek LP12/Ittok since 1985.

    That's it.

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