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Your turntable history

Discussion in 'audio' started by dave, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    When it comes to turntable, I only ever owned three (3).

    1973 - ERA Mk4 / 444. Inherited it from my brother.
    1983 - Ariston RD80. After I finally figured out that the ERA sounded crap I bought this. Still the biggest improvement I had in HiFi.
    1986 - LP12. Several upgrades later and it's still around and in use.

    That's it!

  2. Laurie Saunders

    Laurie Saunders The Full Half-Hour

    Garrard SP25 ...didn`t last long as it rumbled like hell
    Pioneer PL12 D
    Systemdek IIX 900/RB300
    Michel Gyrodek /QC/RB300
    Michel Gyrodek /QC/SMEV/Ortophon MC
    Michel Orbe/SMEV/Rohmann then Lyra Helikon

  3. koi

    koi pfm Member

    Garrard DD75

  4. sandgrownun

    sandgrownun pfm Member

    Connoiseur BD2
    Linn Axis
  5. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord pfm Member

    1) Pink Triangle LPT, RB300, Shure VST-V
    2) LP12, Black Ittok LVII, K9
    3) As 2) but with Troika
    4) As 3) but with Lingo
    5) As 4) but with Aro and Armaggedon
    6) as 5) changed Troika for DV17D2 Mk1
    7) Back to 5)
    8) Phonosophie P3, Naim P3 PSU, Aro, Arkiv B
    9) Well Tempered Super, Well Tempered Ref Arm, Arkiv B
    10) LP12, Armageddon, Aro, Arkiv B
    11) As 10) but with DV XX2
    12) As 10) but with Ortofon SPU Royal N -- had this set up for 3 years now.


  6. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    Hi Dev!

    It's been a long time. Hows things?
  7. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord pfm Member

    Hi Rob, Nice to hear from you. Been working abroad a lot so a bit out of touch, will PM.
  8. TheSwam

    TheSwam Active Member

    1) Late 60s: All in one with speaker and amp, don't remember brand, with copy of psychedilic eye from inside cover of Cream "Wheels of Fire"
    2) Early 70s: AR XA with Shure M91ED cartridge
    3) Mid 70s: Transcriptors Saturn with matching unipivot arm and Shure V15 III. My first Brit hi-fi component. Not sure it was an upgrade.
    4) 1980ish: LP12 with Grace 707II arm and Asak cartridge
    5) 1981: LP12 with Mission 774 and Supex SD1000
    6) 1982: LP12/Valhalla with Ittok LVII and Asak
    7) 1983: LP12/Valhalla with Ittok LVII and Karma
    8) 1988: LP12/Valhalla with Ittok LVII and Karma sold my Afromosia and got a Black Ash unit.
    9) 1990: Stepdaughter breaks my cartridge (bad Karma) giving me excuse to upgrade to Troika. I happiny used this setup until I got the upgrade bug in 2000
    10) 2000: LP12/Cirkus/Lingo1 with Ekos 2 and Arkiv (the wonders of eBay)
    11) 2002: Upgraded Lingo1 to Lingo2 added Trampolin & Linto
    12) 2003: Upgraded Arkiv to Akiva added T.Kable
    13) 2006: Added 2nd Linto
    14) 2007: Upgraded to current setup: LP12/Cirkus/Keel/Lingo/Trampolin2 with Ekos SE, Akiva and 2 Lintos.

    Now looking at possibly replacing Black Ash plinth with something custom.
  9. kuma

    kuma Duchess of The Hustle


    What does running Linto in dual mono improve?
  10. TheSwam

    TheSwam Active Member

    Hi Kuma,

    I find that dual mono Lintos let you hear more of what is going on musically. More tuneful, more fine detail, cleaner and more open. Not a huge difference but certainly worthwhile.

    I was down to one for a few weeks late last year and when I went back to two it was a big sigh! The music was back to the way it should be. If your dealer will lend you one it is easy to try. I only ground the arm to one of them (the left out of habit) and I use the lower inputs/outputs. I haven't tried the upper inputs/outputs to see if there is any difference, I suppose I should try that some time.
  11. lindsayt

    lindsayt pfm Member

    Has anyone noticed that a lot of people still have LP12's, but not many Keels?
  12. Si74

    Si74 pfm Member

    magic:) & gives a lie to pt's being unreliable
  13. kuma

    kuma Duchess of The Hustle

    Thanks TheSwam,

    An interesting idea but wouldn't the two phonostages need to be matched or at least in a similar vintage for a better integration?

    I do a similar thing with a Phonocube where I use double PSUs since the head unit is already in dual mono. ( same subtle improvements you've experienced with a dual Linto )
  14. Robn

    Robn pfm Member

    BSR autochanger in home made plinth
    Garrard SP25
    Rega Planar 3 with S shaped arm (stolen when burgled)
    Rega Planar 3 with RB300 arm
    Rega 25 with SRM tech mods and origin live counterweight
    Thorens TD150II out of curiosity as a reserve, sounds ok even with cheap 25 year old Shure cartridge in original arm, but unlikely to see off the Rega
  15. TheSwam

    TheSwam Active Member

    I would recommend keeping them the same vintage. The two I have now were ordered from Linn at the same time and arrived here on the same day. They appear to be of the same vintage although the serial numbers are over 1000 apart!? I'm guessing they had an older serial number sticker laying around somewhere, anyway the two units sound the same.

    It is also a good idea to make sure the internal power cable (from the SMPS to the phono board) both go the same direction as Linn don't always pay attention to that.
  16. kuma

    kuma Duchess of The Hustle

    Good heavens.

    They don't believe in a cable direction? :)
  17. MartinC

    MartinC pfm Member

    Pioneer PL12D
    Planar 3 (Original S shaped arm)
    Linn LP12 / Basic LVX / Valhalla
    Linn LP12 / Ittok / Valhalla
    Linn LP12 / Cirkus / Ittok /Valhalla
    Linn LP12 / Cirkus/ / Ittok / DIY Geddon
    Linn LP12 / Cirkus/ DIY Geddon / ARO
    Linn LP12 / Cirkus/ DIY Geddon / ARO / Corner Bolt Mod / Trampolin 2
  18. ACM

    ACM Vinyl Junkie

    Revolver / K9
    Roksan Xerxes / Tabriz-zi / ?
    Roksan Xerxes / SME Series IV / DL-304
    SME Model 20 / Series V / AT-OC9
    SME Model 20 / Series V / Ortofon MC20
    SME Model 20 / Series V / Lyra Clavis DC
    SME Model 20 / Series V / Koetsu Rosewood Signature
    SME Model 20 Mk2 / Series V / Koetsu Rosewood Signature

    No particular desire to change anything now, but it would be nice to try a Model 20/12 one day...
  19. Warren Day

    Warren Day pfm Member

    Linn Axis, Basic Plus arm, Audio Technica F5 MC
    Audio Technica OC5 MC
    Linn K18 MM Mk1 with Mk2 stylus replacement, also used on...

    Linn Trampolin suspended baseboard (a naturalness to timing you get from nothing else, even if you have a decent support) - yes I had one for a year before getting the turntable.
    1/2 LK size Lingo psu
    Linn Akito arm made in Japan
    1995 Linn Sondek LP12 (black ash plinth) with cirkus bearing
    Linn Asaka MC
    2002 new plinth with 4th bolt near motor
    T.Kable (best upgrade ever in terms of bang-per-buck)
    2007 Linto phonostage
    new motor, Trampolin Mk.2 SE and complete rebuild
    2008 very late Ekos 2 arm
    Klyde MC
  20. Klyde

    Klyde pfm Member

    1976 - Philips thingy
    1979 - Ariston Audio RD11 with SME 3009 mk. II and Shure cartridge
    1988 - DUAL 505-3
    1995 - Rega Planar 3
    1997 - LP12 with Armageddon, Akito II and Goldring 1042
    1998 - Changed the 1042 for a K9
    1999 - ARO replaced Akito
    2003 - Adikt replaced K9
    2004 - Klyde + Stageline + HiCap replaced Adikt
    2005 - Prefix replaced Stageline
    2007 - OC9 replaced Klyde

    Present: LP12/Armageddon/Aro/Prefix/OC9 + HiCap

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