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Your turntable history

Discussion in 'audio' started by dave, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. gordon

    gordon formerly known as chainrule.

    jr/sr high: garrard, cheap and plastic
    college: yamaha, $100 model
    early 20's: b&o, cheapest model
    next 20 yrs: LP12, peaking at lingo/aro/cirkus
    last 4 yrs: sme 20/12a, stopping here unless fame and fortune knock down my door.
  2. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Lenco GL 99 (Dad's who got me into this- thanks Dad)
    Dual 505 (Mr serious audiophile)
    EB101(Hey, now we are talking!)
    LP12, Lingo 2,Ekos, Akiva & Mana (The Dude!!)
    Amadeaus GTA, Ortofon Cadenza Blue.

    All fantastic.
  3. Re-Joyce

    Re-Joyce ... Jason H that is.

    Revolver Rebel AR P77
    LP12 / Valhalla / Basik / Ortofon 510 then 530 stylus
    LP12 / Valhalla / Ittok / Dynavector 10x5
    LP12 / Homebrew Armageddon / Naim Aro / Dynavector 17D2, then DV Tekaitora
    Well Tempered Reference / DV Tekaitora, then DV XV-1s
    Well Tempered Amadeus GTA, then GTAA with Dynavector XV-1s

  4. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    I can't remember all the changes I've made in the last 23 years, but I've been using the same 1987 LP12. The only original bits left are the plinth, sub chassis, platter and pre-Cirkus bearing. It's got Naim Armageddon PSU and ARO tonearm, Lyra Clavis DC cart and DV P-75 phono stage. I'm considering the Green Street sub-chassis next.

    I've had only two other TTs before the Linn. An AR Legend/RB300 in my university days and a Pioneer PL-L1000A in my hifi discovery years.

  5. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Nice to see this thread resurrected - I think I contributed near the start but have a few more to add to the list - have given a star rating for what I thought of them, not relative to eachother but what I felt about them at the time.

    BSR BDS95 ** (my first stereo turntable so I was excited!)
    Sansui SR222 Mk2 ***
    Rega Planar 3 (R200) ****
    Rega Planar 3 (RB300) ****
    LP12/Basik Plus ****
    Manticore Mantra/Basik Plus ****
    Thorens TD166 Mk2 *
    Rega Planar 2 (RB250) ****
    AR EB101 **
    LP12/Akito ****
    Gyro/RB300 ***
    NAS Spacedeck/OL RB250 ****
    Spacedeck/Spacearm *****
    Technics SL1210 **** (had 3 of these in various specs)
    Pioneer PL71 *****
    Thorens TD150/3009 ***
    Rega P7 **

    I'm on the look out for something else now...I'm really not at all settled with my analogue front end.
  6. Robn

    Robn pfm Member

    Garrard SP25 MkIII
    Rega 3 with S shaped arm (stolen in burglary)
    Rega 3 with RB300
    Rega 25
    Thorens 150 Mk2/TP13a
    Thorens 150 Mk2 Nima
    Linn LP12/Ittok
    Linn Lp12/Nima
    Garrard 401/SME3009 Mk2 (not improved)
    Thorens TD160 with Mission 774 (not used yet, bought with a view to transfer arm to the 401)

    All were enjoyable at the time, would like to imagine there has been a linear progression but I think that would be wishful thinking. In retrospect feel that moving on from Rega was the best change I made.

    the LP12/Nima and 401 are both excellent in their respective ways. Looking forward to hearing the 401 with the Mission arm.
  7. Gromit

    Gromit Plasticine Dog

    Will be very interested to hear what you think of the Garrard/774 - quite a mouth-watering combination imho. I too very much like the Nima on the LP12 (I'm a unipivot fan anyway) having heard Lefty's old set up - for me, it's a very sweet combination. Still tempted to sell the P7, keep the TD150 and go for a Nima on that. :)
  8. Robn

    Robn pfm Member

    Not heard a P7, but lots of folk seem to like it. At the time of release it seemed like a sensible development of the 25, but personally I wasn't taken with the looks (I know that sounds trivial but I can't pretend otherwise).

    I was amazed how good the Nima with an AT 33PTG sounded on the replinthed serviced 150, not that far behind how it sounds on the LP12. When eventually I snap out of this happy to just listen mode (currently entranced by new to me NAC 32.5 NAP 160 + Hi Cap) and fit the 774 I'll try to express how it sounds on here. :)


    much difference Jason ?
  10. mimoser

    mimoser Active Member

    DUAL 1219, 1st Shure M95, then Stanton 681EEE MK2 (1980ies to 1995)
    DUAL 505-3, Ortofon OMB10 (2004)
    DUAL 704, Ortofon VMS 20e (2005)
    DUAL 601, Stanton 681EEE MK2 with Pickering 625e stylus (2007)
    Heybrook TT2, RB251, Stanton 681EEE MK2 with Pickering 625e stylus (2009)
    will add either a L78 or a DUAL 1229 for 78s …

  11. Blurboy

    Blurboy pfm Member

    Garrard of some sort lol
    Thorens TD160/SME 309/ADC
    Linn LP12/Ittok LVII/Asaka
    Linn LP12/Zeta/Koetsu Black
    Linn LP12/LVX/K9
    Rega P3/RB300/Denon DL110
    Linn LP12/OL Silver Mk2/Denon DL110
    Michell Orbe/SME V/Koetsu Black

    Mine changed (went downhill) when I sold my hifi as my priorities in life changed hence the downgrade to an LP12/LVX/K9 set-up and then I had a few years away completely from properly listening to music.
  12. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Hi Jason,

    What is the difference between the GTA and the GTAA? I can't see it referenced on the WT site.
    My GTA is aluminium, has no isolation board and has a lift lower.
  13. el34eh

    el34eh pfm Member

    ('83) Rega Planar 2 w/. RB 100

    ('84) Rega Planar 3 w/. Elys

    ('84/88 ) Linn Axis w/. K9

    ('89/93 ) Linn Sondek LP12 w/. Akito and K18

    ( '94 ) Oracle Delphi MK III w/. Grado Signature Tonearm and 8MZ

    ( '95/ 97 ) Well Tempered Turntable w/. Monster Alpha 2 or Lyra Lyrian Beta

    ( 2002/09 ) Well Tempered Classic MK III w/. Lyra Dorian Mono

    ( 2010 ) Well Tempered Classic MK V w/. Dynavector DV - 20x2L or Clearaudio Maestro Wood

    It goes without saying, the Well Tempered have become a constant over the years, and for good reason - for the money they're simple hard to beat!, and to my ears the WTA is the best bang for the buck here in the U.S.A. until you're considering something like a TW Acustics Raven One ( $6.5000 ) w/. Wheaton Triplanar MK IV or Graham Phantom B - 44, and this is based upon actually listening sessions and you know what?, if I was looking at replacing my WTC!, it wouldn't be a hard call to me, as to my mind the WTA is the shit!. Period - Nuff Said.

    Happier New Year everybody,
  14. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    I've found the answer in 'Trade Announcements' GTA(a) is one slab of Aluminium and one slab of Acrylic, the rest of the gubbins is the same. I'd be interested in hearing a view on how it sounds.
  15. Klyde

    Klyde pfm Member

    Philips GH 212 (actually the Aristona-version)
    Ariston Audio RD11/SME 309/Stanton 681 EEE (I wanted to give up on vinyl when I sold this in 1984)
    DUAL 505-IV/Ortofon (but then I still had about a 100 dear records)
    Rega Planar 3 (and many new records to come with it)
    LP12/Armageddon/Akito/K9 (vinyl now my main source again)
    ARO (greatest upgrade I ever made)
    Prefix/HiCap (bit of a let down)
    Klyde (fine cart)
    OC9 (better cart)
    Rega P9/Apheta and Nagra BPS (after I saw the vulnerability of LP12 (dealer went away). Sounds and handles like nothing I've ever had before.
  16. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    Interesting TT history Klyde.

    How would you rate LP12/Armageddon/ARO vs Rega P9?

  17. Klyde

    Klyde pfm Member

    P9 is much more detailed, a tad 'cooler' sounding, very upfront, but a little less than LP12. You hear many more things in the music, Cecil Taylor singing with his piano playing. P9 is easy to work (it has an armlift!) and very simple to set up. There is also the cartridge and pre-amp to consider. Apheta is one great cart and the Nagra makes the Prefix sound compressed and distorted. Don't think this will help, will it?

    Regards, Klyde


    get rid of it :)


    Yep, exactly. I actually find it really surprising that here on PFM - the so called home of the cognoscenti - that people are still fiddling with their ittoks, their DIY hercules, their old Karmas and spending thousands on upgrading their LP12s when the fact is any number of simple, easy to setup and use modern day decks which are available at anywhere between £1200 and £2500 (P9, WTA, ORBE, RAVEN1 etc..) will not only trounce a 1990's flagship linn with considerable ease (Cirkus/Geddon/Aro) but also go on to at the very least MATCH an £8000+ RadiKEEled Linn. Times have moved on.
  20. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Sansui sr222 mkV
    Roksan xerxes rb300 at oc5
    Roksan xerxes ittok asakT
    Lp12 Valhalla ittok asakT
    Lp12 Valhalla ittok troika
    Lp12 Valhalla ekos troika
    Lp12 lingo ekos troika
    Lp12 lingo2 ekos2 arkiv
    Lp12 radikal keel ekos2 arkiv b urika

    Somewhat condensed history as I have owned four Lp12s and three ekos, three troikas and four arkivs

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