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Your Cartridge History

Discussion in 'audio' started by Miss Ariel, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. lencotweaker

    lencotweaker Mostly dreaming of record players

    These have all been and gone over the years:
    Audio Technica AT95e (x2), AT 3600L, AT120E/II, ATVM95ML, ATOC9 MLII (x2), AT150mlx, ATVM760SLC
    Benz Glider SL, Ruby 2
    Denon DL304, DL103, DL103R, DL103M, DL-S1
    Goldring G1042, G800
    Koetsu Rosewood Signature
    Linn K5
    Lyra Lydian (x2), Dorian, Helikon
    Nagaoka MP500
    Ortofon SPU GM, SPU Spirit, MC25e, 2M Red
    Phasetech P3
    Pickering XEV3001e, XV15-625e
    Roksan Corus Blue
    Shelter 501 II

    These are all the ones that I still have:
    Audio Technica AT95e, ATVM95ML, ATVM95 RigB/Paratrace, AT50ANV, AT33mono
    Clearaudio Accurate
    Hana SL
    Linn K5, K18 (x2), Klyde, Troika
    Lyra Titan
    Ortofon SPU Royal GM, MC Rohmann
    Pickering XEV3001e
    Shelter Model 90c
    Shure M75 (x2), Me95, V15 III (SAS), V15 IV
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  2. Mashman

    Mashman Member

    Linn K9
    Linn K18
    Denon DL-304 (4 or 5 of them)
    Lyra Lydia Beta
    Allaerts MC1B
    Benz Micro Ebony LP
    Ortofon Kontrpunkt (not memorable enough to remember which version)
    AT OC9 ii
    Transfiguration Axia
    ZYX R-100
    Goldring 1042
    Nagoaka MP-150
    Nagoaka MP-200
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  3. runforfree69

    runforfree69 Spinning vinyl

    AT oc7 1986
    AT oc9 1989
    Grace F9 Ruby 1990
    Koetsu Black 1992
    Koetsu Red K 1996
    Linn Troika 1996
    Kiseki Purpleheart 2000
    Lyra Clavis DC 2001
    Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum 2005
    Dynavector xv1s 2007
    Transfiguration Proteus 2007
    Reson Etile 2008
    Koetsu Onyx Signature Platinum 2010
    SPU Royal GM 2015
    Benz Ebony TR 2015
    AN io11 2015
    Miyajima Shilabe 2018
    Koetsu Urushi Vermillion 2020
    Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony 2020

    Still have SPU, the Shilabe two Koetsu's and an AN cartridge for serious listening ... few MM's for easy listening.

    Mostly all used with AN S6c and AN Japan vintage S9 SUT's but now Allnic.
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  4. MUTTY1

    MUTTY1 Waste of bandwidth

    I think adding a second wand to my player with a switch to swap output will keep me interested for a while.
  5. audiopile

    audiopile pfm Member

    Shure V-15-III
    Shure V-15-IV (the OEM G styli are special) and SAS boron
    Shure V-15 -V with JICO SAS (both boron and sapphire cantilevers) -(have never heard a OEM stylus for this cart that wasn't probably completely worn out)
    Shure M-110 with JICO SAS stylus
    Shure M35 with JICO SAS stylus
    Shure Ultra 500 with JICO SAS (both boron and sapphire cantilevers)=have never heard a good OEM stylus in this body
    Shure M97xE
    Pickering XSV-3000
    Stanton 881
    Stanton 681
    Grado MF3e
    Grado F-1
    Grado F3E
    Grado G-1
    Grado G2
    Grado MCX
    8MZ stylus in Prestige body
    Pmount Grado's (a couple)
    (probably another dozen models of Grado's i just don't remember)
    Ortofon MC-10
    Ortofon MC-20
    Ortofon MC-100
    Ortofon MC-200
    Ortofon M20FL
    Ortofon OM 10
    Ortofon OM30
    Ortofon Quintet Black S
    Ortofon 2M Red
    Ortofon 2M Blue
    B&O MMC-5 rebuilt with 3 stylus tip
    Soundsmith MMC-4
    Soundsmith SMMC-2
    Soundsmith Otello (old style)
    Soundsmith Otello SE (new style body)
    Grace f-9
    Grace F-9 with Soundsmith CL (red) stylus
    Grace F-8
    Audio technica AT-15xE
    AT-740 S
    (bunch of AT Pmounts) and some other AT carts I have yet to figure out what model no they are (even with Manfred's incredibly competent help :)
    Linn Asaka
    Denon DL-110
    DL-103 S
    DL-103 D
    Goldring 1042
    Roksan Corus with Goldring 1042 stylus (have never heard one with a OEM Roksan stylus)
    I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.
    Cut to the chase -best of the pile ?
    Decca London's in a Denon or Sony BioTracer arm -freaky just plain right.Makes every other cart sound like it suffers from dynamic constipation.
    Panasonic EPC-451 strain gauge -there is something just plain right about these -run in a SME IV arm - there is something NOT there with these carts that is part of all other carts I've heard ? Phase errors that the SG don't have ?? Have heard The Soundsmith SG briefly on two occasionas at shows -If I hadn't blown so much money on wine ,women and LP's - I'd buy one.
  6. DimitryZ

    DimitryZ pfm Member

    Fabulous history.

    I was going to list mine, but it's mostly a subset of above.

    Since I own Sony PS-B80, I guess I should investigate the Decca...
  7. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    In order;

    Ortofon MC10

    Linn K9

    Ortofon MC25FL

    Lyra Helikon

    Ortofon Cadenza Black

    Hana SL ( still)

    Hana ML.

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  8. Enrae8

    Enrae8 pfm Member

    Ortofon FF15E mkII - first cartridge I noticed on my first ‘proper’ TT 1970s
    Fast forward to late 90s
    Goldring 1042
    AT F7
    AT 33EV
    AT 33PTG II
    Musicmaker III
    Ortofon Cadenza Black
    Transfiguration Spirit III
    Transfiguration Phoenix S
    Ortofon MC Anna
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  9. naimnut

    naimnut Deep in the Mines of Soul

    Excellent thread. Let's keep it going. I wish the OP had included this request in his original post - which cartridge(s) would you buy now if you needed one? And include some way of stratifying recommendations by price.

    Here's some of my history (IIRC):
    Coral (never knew any details. Undistinguished.)
    Blue point special - never really warmed to this cartridge due to it's steely, annoying top end. I wonder if that could have been addressed via more convenient arm-pillar adjustment. I find it a PITA to adjust the Ittok.
    Dynavector 10X4 Mk II - great all-rounder. Owned a couple of these in a row.
    Dynavector Karat 19a - OMG. First taste of the better things in life. Wore it out.
    Dyna 17D2 - great
    Dyna 17D3 - V. good. Can't afford it's replacement in the Dynavector line.
    Signet 3Ea - Wait. What? How can this thing sound so good? Has gotten me thinking about budget cartridges.
    Stanton 681EEE - Huh? Who knew. Great all-rounder. Probably will keep this one going for a while. Maybe pick up a JICO stylus for it. Already picked up one of the Pfanstiels. works good.

    I'm very curious about the Ortofon SPUs, the Denon DL103/103r varieties and would love to hear what experienced users have to say about them.
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  10. DimitryZ

    DimitryZ pfm Member

    If you like the Stanton, there are several cartridges in their lineup above the 681.

    They don't go bad...

    Here is their catalog from the golden age.

    I have the 981LZ and the 881.
  11. bruss

    bruss pfm Member

    Shure m95 ed
    Ortofon VMS 20e with cap 210
    Linn k5
    Linn k9
    Grado gold
    Nagoaka mp11
    Hana SL

    edit. I missed off the dl 110 (Denon)
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2021
  12. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Some very impressive lists :)
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  13. Orbe Chaser

    Orbe Chaser pfm Member

    I can't remember some of the first cartridges I had unfortunately but as I remember & roughly in order I have had the following...
    Ortofon Rohmann
    Goldring 1042
    Ortofon 2M Blue
    Dynavector 10x5
    Supex 900
    Benz Wood SL
    Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo
    Decca Gold
    Ortofon Rondo Bronze
    Zyx R50 Bloom
    Coral MC81 (still got)
    Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II
    A&R P77 (still got)
    Transfiguration Axia
    Koetsu Black Goldline (still got)
    Koetsu Urushi Vermillion (just bought)

    I have probably forgotten a few along the way but these are the main ones.
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  14. DGP

    DGP pfm Member

    This was right at the very beginning of the Decca revival in the very early 80s - I had to source my Gold from Valois Distribution in France as it was an Export only item and not sold in the UK at the time. I initially used it in a damped SME III and then in a Syrinx PU2 all in an effort to avoid the unipivot designs it was regularly used with (commonly the Haddock). I got a replacement LP12 with Ittok after my own t/t was stolen and used an Asak never going back to the Decca which was both the best and worst cartridge I'd ever used. DGP
  15. topoxforddoc

    topoxforddoc pfm Member

    Why did you avoid using unipivots in the early 1980s? Admittedly the unipivot choice was relatively slim at that time - Hadcock, Mayware, Audiocraft or Grace if my memory serves me correctly. I got hooked on Deccas in late 70s when I was KK's saturday boy at Canterbury Hi-Fi before he went into full time journalism. A trip for your Gold to the Garrott Brothers in Queensland would have changed your mind perhaps.
  16. DGP

    DGP pfm Member

    The whole Decca thing at that time (1979/80) was compromise - such and energetic cartridge with such a poor mounting system and arms that were either spoiled by damped or 'roughed-up' by the cartridge. I didn't think the Hadcock or Mayware up to the job (much like the SME III but for different reasons). The Garrotts Bros had only just come on the scene when I'd already sent the Decca to its new owners - I personally couldn't find an arm and turntable combination at the time to suit the Decca. I even bought a TD124 at the time with the thought of finding a suitable 60s arm. But the TD124 went to a bunch of visiting Japanese audiophiles shortly after I'd sold the Decca.
  17. ncp

    ncp pfm Member

    Wow!!! I'm going to show my wife some of these lists! Amazing and I feel so much better -
    AT Art-9 (the best by a country mile)
    brumjam likes this.
  18. Ron Ellis

    Ron Ellis Ronaudio

    Whatever came with parents’ radiogram
    Shure M75ED2
    Ortofon VMS20
    A & R P77
    Linn K15 (or was it 5?)
    Dynavector 10x5
    Linn Krystal

    Not a long list, cos I got my money’s worth/wore them out. I assume some cartridges in the long lists above were changed weekly!!
  19. kingston12

    kingston12 pfm Member

    I can't remember all of the older ones! There last four I've had are:

    Ortofon 2M Blue
    Denon DL110
    Denon DL103R
    Nagaoka MP500

    I can't see I'll move from the MP500 for a long time, at least whilst I can get replacement stylii from Japan for a relatively reasonable price!
  20. ColinC

    ColinC Active Member

    If I can remember:

    A&R P77
    Supex SM 100 /E. Loved it.
    Linn K9. Multiple stylus change.
    Orto MC 25FL. Lacked colour imo.
    Orto MC 30 Supreme. Loved it.
    Orto Rhomann. A bit analytical and cold in my system.
    Orto MC 30 Supreme. Bought another.
    Orto Rondo Blue. Good balance, plenty of Bass.
    Hana SL. Getting near the end, probably get another.

    Covers about 40 years.
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