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Your Cartridge History

Discussion in 'audio' started by Miss Ariel, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. mcleanmuir

    mcleanmuir pfm Member

    Linn Basic or K9 bought in 1989
    Troika 1989 sold with only 25% wear in 2020.
    Krystal 2020. Wished I had kept Troika.
    Kandid 2020.

    Should find more time to listen to music me thinks.
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  2. MUTTY1

    MUTTY1 Waste of bandwidth

    Cheap Ortofon and Nagaoka then..
    Len Gregory’s Music-maker times two over four years of intense hifi interest.
    AT-VM95SH to be fitted.
    Coming back to Hifi after fifteen years away I’m surprised the cart market has remained so buoyant. I left when there was still a distrust of digital but the classical market seems to have succumbed and the rest would follow.. FWIW, once I started handling my LPs and going through the turntable rituals I’m an analogue fan again….
  3. boon

    boon pfm Member

    Various Goldring and Shure carts in my Garrard and Technics years, to long ago to remember models but the good old G800 was a Goldring Fave.
    Planar 3 had a rega cart as std which was swapped for AT oc3.
    Lp12 AT oc3, AT oc5, AT oc7, Linn Krystal.
    I was going to go for the oc9 but was recommended the Krystal on my last upgrade, I tried it and it stayed.
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  4. deaf

    deaf pfm Member

    Goldring 1042
    Grado Gold
    Denon DL103
    Shure V15iii
    AT PTGii
    Hana ML
    Phasemation PS2000
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  5. Scimitar

    Scimitar pfm Member

    Shure m55e
    Nagaoka MP-110
    Linn k5
    Linn k9
    Goldring e3
    Audio Technica AT-VMN95SH
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  6. Charlie_1

    Charlie_1 pfm Member

    Starting from late 80s...
    1.) K9 > Arkiv B > Akiva > Krystal (couldn't afford Kandid) > Troika (Goldring rebuild)
    2.) Adikt
    3.) K9/VM95C/E > Adikt > Karma (Goldring rebuild)

    The first Akiva was my favourite cartridge upgrade
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  7. Andy1912

    Andy1912 pfm Member

    Not many here, though I have only had a couple of turntables, a gyro and sme 20/2

    Dynavector DV20 D2
    Dynavector DV17 D2
    Dynavector DV17 D3 Karat (still have it in a box)
    Koetus Black (currently using this)
    Koetsu Rosewood (needs some attention now I think but been fabulous for many years)
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  8. Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards pfm Member

    Since getting back to vinyl this year:

    Grado Gold2 (On Revolver)
    Rega Ania (On P6)
    AT VM95E
    AT VM95ML
    Grado Reference Sonata (came with current LP12)

    The OC9XML so far is the best sounding even not broken in. I could never shake myself of the feeling that the Ania was a bit bright (I know - tough to separate from the P6/RB330, just never quite sat right with me). Don't care for either Grado.
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  9. MUTTY1

    MUTTY1 Waste of bandwidth

  10. johnfromnorwich

    johnfromnorwich even my wife noticed the dif..

    Haven't posted here in years, or bought any new kit in a decade, but as I find myself searching for a new cartridge, it seems a good moment to jump back in.

    Linn K5 (Rega Planar 2) late 80s
    Rega Elys (Planar 3) 90s
    Rega Elys 2 (Planar 3) 90s - I just found it in a box. I may try it out with some Drum N Bass 12"s on my SL1200
    Denon DL110 (Gyrodec/Rega RB350 and later on an SL1200/Moth) - My 3 yr old trashed the suspension, trying to play the slip-mat 'just like Dad'.
    Denon DL304 (Gyrodec/Rega RB350 and later SME IV) - I trashed the suspension with a careless duster
    AT33/PTG/ii (Garrard 301/SME IV) - I trashed the suspension with a careless dressing gown sleeve but it was at end of life anyway.

    I replaced it with another one and may do the same again. It's nearly at end of life. Curious about a 2M Black though.
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  11. Conster

    Conster pfm Member

    AT K5
    Grado 8mz
    Sumiko Blue Point
    Monster Cable 500
    Monster Cable 1000 (magic)
    AT OC9
    Grado Sonata Platinum
    Linn Karma
    Dynavector 10x5
    Hana SL
    Ania (did not live up to the hype)
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  12. Pkay

    Pkay pfm Member

    What do you think of the Decca Gold? What Tonearm have you paired it with?
  13. Pkay

    Pkay pfm Member

    I had the 2M black and found it to be a bit bland.
    Dirkster likes this.
  14. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    I seem to have forgotten a Dynavector/Ultimo 10X just after the Stanton.
    In those days there where stores where you could do a home loan of exotic MC's, one I remember as stunningly good was a Nakamichi 500, why on earth didn't I buy that one? Just lately it has struck me it must have been a rebadged Denon 103. Are they still being made?
    Miss Ariel likes this.
  15. johnfromnorwich

    johnfromnorwich even my wife noticed the dif..

    In the end I just got yet another AT33. I can't find a reason to dislike it and I think it basically gets everything important right. I think I'd need to significantly improve my phono stage to get the most out of anything better too.
  16. Yank

    Yank Bulbous Also Tapered

    There was a Nakamichi step-up transformer too, wasn't there? I wonder if they outsourced that one too?
  17. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    Don't know. I remember a more expensive Nak MC, possibly called MC 1000, that was a traditional low output one, so there should have been a matching transformer. The MC 500 was quasi high output, just like the Denon(?).

    Always fun with a bit of HiFi archeology :)
  18. RossB

    RossB Member

    I'm probably missing a few, but from memory ...

    Linn Troika (x2)
    Goldring 1042
    Audio Technica OC5 and OC9
    Audio Technica AT33
    Van den Hul Frog, Black Beauty and Colibri
    Ortofon Rohmann
    Koetsu Rosewood
    Sumiko Blue Point and Blue Point Special
    Dynavector 20x2L, XX2 and XV-1S
    Benz Glider (x2), L2, L0.4, Ruby Z (x2) and LPS (x2)
    Rega Apheta 2
    Ortofon M25FL
    Nagaoka MP300 and MP500
    Hana SL
    Denon DL103 and 103R
    Lyra Clavis DC and Clavis Evolve 99, Helikon, Kleos, Delos, and Etna SL
    AMG Teatro
    Transfiguration Proteus
    Phasemation PP-1000
    Kuzma Car 40
    Ortofon Jubilee, Cadenza Black, Bronze and WIndfeld Ti

    Currently using the Windfeld Ti on the PTP Solid 9/Audio Origami PU7, and the Cadenza Black on the Rega P8, with a Cadenza Bronze and re-built Jubilee as back up.

    Recently I have become more and more converted to the Ortofon "sound", with their combination of tonal neutrality and accuracy, and consistency of production.
  19. topoxforddoc

    topoxforddoc pfm Member

    Ortofon VMS20
    Grace FCE+
    ADC QLM 36/III
    Stanton 500E
    Decca Maroon
    Decca Gold -sent to Queensland for Garrott Brothers mods *
    Ortofon MC10 Super
    Dynavector Karat Ruby
    Supex SD900E
    Micro Seiki LC80w (I would love to get one of these again - so if anyone knows of one for sale, please let me know)
    Grado FTE+ *
    Decca FFSS Mk IV C4e - John Wright rebuilt with Paratrace **
    Ortofon M20FL*
    Ortofon VMS30**
    Ortofon SL15Ell with ESCo Paratrace *
    Denon 103C1 with ESCo Sapphire cantilever/Paratrace **
    Garrott P77i *
    AKG P8ES Supernova *
    Allaerts MC1B **

    * Still have these, but not currently mounted
    ** Currently mounted and playing regularly
  20. Debs

    Debs pfm Member

    Ortofon VMS20 Mk II
    Linn Basik
    Supex SM-100
    Linn Asaka
    Linn Troika
    Linn Krystal

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