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Your Cartridge History

Discussion in 'audio' started by Miss Ariel, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Miss Ariel

    Miss Ariel pfm Member

    For the vinyl PFM's - Heres mine in order of old to latest

    I can imagine theres going to be some long lists :)

    Ortofon VMS 20
    A yellow linn MM
    Linn K9
    Linn Asak
    Linn Karma
    Stanton DJ - Sounded horrible
    AT 95 E (lots of)
    AT 95 ML - Lovely
    Hana ML - Just brilliant - worth every penny.
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  2. MotelBlues

    MotelBlues pfm Member

    I’ll play:

    Ortofon VMS20E Mk II, later downgraded and upgraded with 10 and 30 styli.
    Linn K5
    Denon DL110
    Audio Technica ATOC5
    Audio Technica ATOC9
    Ortofon MC25E (I think)
    Dynavector DV20X
    Goldring Elite (I think)
    Lyra Dorian
    Lyra Delos
    Denon DL110 (so good I bought it twice)
    Ortofon Cadenza Black

    I like moving coils, I cannot lie.
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  3. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Ortofon FF15XE my first proper cartridge
    Shure M75ED
    Satin M117Z
    Shure V15IV
    Shure V15VMR
    Arcam P77 (awful)
    Rega Bias
    Goldring Eroica LX
    Goldring G1042 not as good as they say
    B&O MMC20CL
    B&O MMC20E
    Soundsmith SMMC20E
    Grado F1+
    Audio-Technica AT150SA
    Audio-Technica VM740ML
    Audio-Technica VM95E
    Audio-Technica AT3200XE
    Rega Carbon (amazing)
    Denon DL103
    … 2021
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  4. Shuggie

    Shuggie Trade: Ammonite Audio

    Scratching around in the dark recesses of my memory for cartridges I've owned, and possibly not quite in the correct order:

    JVC Z1
    Ortofon VMS20E
    A&R P77
    Linn K9
    Audio Technica OC5
    Ortofon Kontrapunkt B
    Benz Glider SL (this went the way of every Glider, with a cantilever mishap)
    Dynavector DV20X2 (a quick replacement for the Glider, but I hated it)
    Benz Wood SL
    Audio Technica AT33PTG
    Another Kontrapunkt B
    Miyajima Takumi
    Miyajima Shilabe
    Miyajima Saboten L
    Miyajima Zero Mono B - What a thing! Converted me overnight to the joys of mono playback.
    Ortofon SPUs, various
    Phasemation PP-300
    Phasemation PP-500
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  5. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    So many over 40 odd years but the significant ones would be:

    Ortofon FF15E (my first proper cartridge as a kid)
    ADC QLM36
    Shure M75ED
    Ortofon M25FL
    Signet TK5E (posh sub division of AT)
    Satin M11Z
    A&R P77 & P78
    Mission 773
    Supex SD900
    Goldring G900IGC

    Ortofon MC10
    Rega Bias (old Green one)
    Decca Super Gold
    Goldring 1040
    Linn K9
    Linn Troika
    Grado F1+
    Stanton 881
    Lyra Argo-i
    Decca Garrott Microscanner
    Goldring Elite
    Rega Ania Pro

    Currently in my nerdy cart collection box I have ATVM95SP, 95E, Golding G900, G910, Technics/Jico EPC202, Grado FTE, F3E, F1+, Z1 (low output) ADC XLM/3, AT440, 150mlx, 33ptg2, A&RP77.

    That's all I can remember this early in the day! :)
    Some didn't stick around for long so those aren't listed.
    Those in bold are particularly memorable/notable for performance.
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  6. MikeMA

    MikeMA pfm Member

    Long gone:

    Shure M75ED
    Shure 95ED
    Ortofon VMS20

    More recently gone:

    Grado Gold
    Audio Technica F2 (or F something else...)
    Goldring G1042

    Still have:

    Audio Technica VM95 ML
    Audio Technica AT33PTG

    I have no urge to change.
  7. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Quite a short list ,

    Goldring 1042 x 3
    Dynavector 23D (Ruby Cantilever)
    Roskan Chorus Black
    Dynavector 17D
    Wilson Benesch Ply
    Lyra Argo I
    Transfiguration Spirit
    Shure V15v-mxr
    (10+ year without any)
    Rega Elys2
    Rega Exact
    Mofi Ultratracker
    Shure V15v-mxr
    Hana ML
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  8. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    This could take a while…

    Shure M75EJ
    Grado F1+

    (Ariston RD80)
    Linn Basik (black one that came with the crappy LVV arm)
    Fidelity Research FR101 (changed arm to AT1120)
    Ortofon M25FL

    Linn K9 (yellow)
    Stilton Audio MM11 Boron
    Stilton Audio ATF5 MC

    (LP12s, various arms, various times)
    AT OC9
    Ortofon MC10 Supreme
    Denon DL103
    Ortofon MC25FL

    (Rega P9)
    Lyra Lydian B
    Dynavector XX1L

    Denon DL-110

    (Garrard 301)
    AT33 PTG
    Denon DL-103
    Ortofon 2M Black

    Pickering XV15/625E
    Denon DL-103
    Ortofon 540/II
    Nagaoka MP-500 (I’m on my second stylus now).

    (Others/second systems etc)
    Rega R100
    Ortofon VMS20E
    Shure M3D
    Shure M55E
    Shure M95ED

    The DL-103 appears several times and I have had three (I killed one with a yellow duster, as I did the Ort MC10 Supreme (which was a really nice cart)).
  9. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    From memory:

    Empire something or other
    Ortofon F15
    Ortofon VMS20
    Linn K9
    Rega something or other
    Various Grados
    Dynavector XX2
    Ortofon MC10 Supreme
    Van den Hul Frog Gold
    Hana ML

    And possibly more that I've forgotten about
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  10. daytona600

    daytona600 Registered User

    Ortofon OM5E
    A&R P77
    Linn Asak
    AT OC9
    Ortofon MC30
    Koetsu KRS
    Ortofon MC A95
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  11. narabdela

    narabdela who?

    Short list.

    EMI EPU100
    Shure M55E
    Shure M75ED type2
    Shure V15-III

    Nothing more recent. Vinyl long gone.
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  12. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    A&R P77
    AT440 MLB
    AT33PTG II
    Benz ACE H
    Benz Glider L
    Benz Ebony
    Denon DL103/DL103R
    Denon DL110
    Dynavector 10x5
    Dynavector DV20X H
    Dynavector DV Karat 17D
    Empire 4000
    Goldring Elektra
    Goldring Elite
    Goldring E3
    Goldring 1012
    Goldring 1022
    Goldring 1042
    Grado Prestige Gold
    Hana EH
    Linn K5
    Linn K9
    Linn Adikt
    Linn Asaka
    Linn Karma
    Linn Klyde
    Linn Troika
    Koetsu Black
    London Decca Super Gold
    Lyra Dorian
    Lyra Argo
    Lyra Delos
    Nagaoka MP-11
    Nagaoka MP-110
    Nagaoka MP150
    Ortofon VMS20
    Ortofon 2M Red, Blue, Bronze, Black
    Ortofon Rondo Red
    Ortofon Quintet Red
    Pickering XV15-625E
    Rega Bias
    Rega Elys
    Rega Exact
    Rega Carbon
    Roksan Corus Blue, Black
    Shure V15 II, III, IV
    Shure M91 ED
    Shure M75 ED
    Shure M44G
    Shure M55E
    Stanton 500
    Stanton 681 EEE
    Sumiko Pearl
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  13. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

  14. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    From the time I had a proper TT ...

    Ortofon MC20
    Ortofon MC30
    Ortofon MC30 mkII
    Ortofon MC30 Super
    Sumiko Blue Point Special
    Lyra Lydian Beta
    Lyra Clavis DC
    Lyra Kleos
    Ortofon 2M Bronze
    Hana ML
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  15. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    Very short cart history due to my cd/streaming, but here goes:
    AT 95
    Goldring 1042
    Clearaudio Aurum Beta Wood
    Clearaudio Concept Metal MM
    Ortofon VMSE MK 11 to match the vintage Thorens and TP63 arm.
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  16. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…”
  17. Euan

    Euan pfm Member

    Short list for me.

    Sumiko BPS (twice)
    Reson Aciore (twice)
    Shelter 901
    Shelter 9000 (retipped twice)
    Hana Umami Red
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  18. cctaylor

    cctaylor pfm Member

    Very short list here:

    Shure V15/3
    Supex ?
    Asak T

    Still got the last two, the T inherited from my father.

    I'm sure I had Supex/Grace combo before the Asak Ittok.
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  19. DGP

    DGP pfm Member

    Leaving aside the cartridges I reviewed my own list is surprisingly short
    Shure M95ED
    Shure V15III
    Decca London Gold
    Linn Asak
    FR MC201
    Koetsu Black
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  20. wylton

    wylton Naim and Mana member

    Trio V-47
    Empire 200 E/III
    Goldring G900 IGC
    Rega R100
    Rega Carbon
    Ortofon SPU G/T
    Linn Basik
    Linn Asak
    Linn Asak-T
    Linn Troika
    Dynavector 17D2
    Dynavector DV20XL
    Dynavector XX2MkII
    Denon DL-103
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