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What concert have you last been to #3

Discussion in 'music' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. NigelP

    NigelP pfm Member

    Well Richard Thompson was a real treat last night in Whitley Bay, postponed from last year. Man can he play that acoustic guitar, it sounded like there must have been someone else in the wings. Loved it, and he has such a great singing voice.
  2. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    Took my other half to see the Bohman Brothers play in the back room of a pub in New Cross last week. I loved it but I'd forgotten that she'd not seen them before and she was somewhat lost for words afterwards.

    I quite like this description of what they do:

    “It's hard to describe the raw, explosive audio art they perpetrate.Everyday objects and sounds are worked on until they become saturated with lurid suggestion, resulting in a bizarre, hysterical immediacy. The convulsive beauty bears comparison to both composers Helmut Lachemann and James Dillon and to sound terrorisers Bark! and Furt. Nevertheless, in the traditions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the Bohman Brothers kitchen-sink realism laughs at the grand claims of lofty art.They will show you fear in a sponge from a drainer.”Ben Watson,The Wire Magazine, March 2002.
    Not only do they show you `fear in a sponge', they'll more than likely play the sponge jacked-up through a crusty amp-combo. The use of amplified and unamplified objects is a distinctive feature of their work and it's a pleasing coincidence that their Grandparents were antiques dealers, since the Bohman Brothers live set-up often resembles a hard-wired flea market.
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  3. yentone

    yentone pfm Member

    Pole and Ekoplekz at Cafe Oto last night. Great dubby, spacy electronica, with some top sonic mangling going on from Ekoplekz. Only marginally marred by public transport fails at both ends of the gig. I should live nearer this place!
  4. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    I have a white label promo of Ekoplekz – Intrusive Incidentalz Vol.1 in my charity shop pile which you're welcome to if it's of any interest and you're OK to pay £3.50 postage.
    klfrs likes this.
  5. yentone

    yentone pfm Member

    That's very kind! I'll give that a go - I'll pm you.
  6. bigjonny

    bigjonny pfm Member

    Went to see Anaïs Mitchell last night, I hadn’t listened to any of her music other than playing Bonny Light Horseman last week, she was very good and I’m annoyed with myself for missing out previously :(.
  7. NigelP

    NigelP pfm Member

    Great Agnes Obel gig at the Whitley bay playhouse. Big sound from only 4 people with 2 of those being cellists
  8. Sonority

    Sonority pfm Member

    Agnes at Symphony hall last night.
    Rather good I thought.
    Just deffed out Olafur Arnalds at Hammersmith on Saturday as could not face that level of traffic chaos and zero parking (tried to pre book at loads of places) as following night its Steve Hackett @ Symphony hall once more.
  9. pqpq

    pqpq pfm Member

    The Comet Is Coming at the Bikini in Toulouse last Friday. Apart from being, as expected, a stupendous gig, it was my first in more than 9 years. Since I became a Dad and moving to a very remote place in France, gigs have been impossible, so this was a fitting return for me. Looking forward to the new album out in a few days.
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  10. NigelP

    NigelP pfm Member

    Steve Hackett at the sage last night, doing Foxtrot in full ( hard to believe this album is 50 years old). It was to me the closest you could get to heaven on earth, I loved it. His other songs were good too, catch him if you can.
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  11. Operajulian

    Operajulian Opera Julian

    It’s a Friday night in Toronto and I am waiting for Heaven 17 to start. Lots of other older grey haired men hoping that we get a blast of Facist Groove Thang some 40 years later. Fingers crossed and ears open.

    Edit: They were pretty darn good. Opened the set with Facist Groove Thangs and rolled out a number of songs from their first two albums, with good stage repartee between songs. Clearly enjoying themselves. Turns out to be their first H17 concert in Canada ever, though Glenn sang in a band with Tony Visconti covering Bowie songs. Great duet version of You've lost that loving feeling. Plus for the encore Bowie's Lets Dance and my fav from early Human League - Being Boiled. Glenn could hit the notes ( unlike Elvis Costello a few weeks ago).
    Fairly basic set up - budget touring but very worthwhile night out.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2022 at 4:56 PM
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  12. MarkL56

    MarkL56 pfm Member

  13. Sonority

    Sonority pfm Member

    Indeed, as was Symphony.
    I really enjoyed the (slightly shortened) version of hierophant, and the always classic - Firth of Fifth. Never tire of those live, so much power and emotion in them.
  14. CTank

    CTank pfm Member

    Heading off to see Morrissey shortly. Last time I tried to see him, was just before lockdown, so we bailed. Gig went ahead, so we didn’t even get our money back.

    No support tonight, the rumour is he’ll start with an animal rights film.
  15. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    Heinner Goebbels last night. Performing Black On White but with visual 'art' thrown in.

    Not very interesting at all.
  16. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Hot Chip last night at the Brixton Academy, excellent gig, with a guest appearance by Jarvis Cocker.
    I've been avoiding gigs there, as the sound is usually dreadful; but it was OK last night (last night of the run, so I guess it was good as it was going to get).
  17. I went to Brixton earlier this year, first time for about 4 years, I thought the sound was better than I remembered.

    Cheers BB

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