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Govt to tackle obesity..apparently

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Brian, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Brian

    Brian Eating fat, staying slim

    Could be interesting given the power of the food industry is reminiscent of the tobacco industry in days gone by, advertising and arguing that tabs were of benefit to health. Who would believe that nowadays?

    If a general clamp down on the promotion of unhealthy food, drinks and snacks in the UK comes out of coronavirus, well that can’t be a bad thing, imo.

    Analysis by BBC health editor:
    If implemented this will mean radical changes to the way food is marketed.

    Most of the proposals were first set out in a policy paper in 2018 and put out to consultation before getting stalled.

    The key is how businesses react this time, having previously been against the measures. The Food and Drink Federation has again given a hostile response.

    Source: BBC
  2. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    I suspect the junk food industry will ask for a definition of what constitutes junk food, and then they’ll do the absolute minimum to conform to healthy food.

    Education hasn’t worked so far, because relentless advertising has overpowered it.

    It’d be nice just to cycle through countryside that isn’t littered with McD packaging.
  3. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Given a Tory government, I can easily imagine a BMI tax.
    Or a Fatwah on lardasses...
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  4. calorgas

    calorgas Ratty bumpkin

    Good. There was a group of five young lads swimming the river near me yesterday, every one of them was pretty flabby / straight-out fat. It'll take years to change people's habits though, and the food industry will fight (rotten) tooth and nail.

    Most of the teachers at my kids primary school were insanely overweight. Maybe that waters down the message. Plus 'the parents' etc.

    Agree with this though at least McD's mainly use biodegradable packaging these days, and it's not just trash food consumers who drop litter as I see as many empty water bottles as I do anything else. Plus I've also seen an increase in discarded energy sachets lately, as used by runners and cyclists.
  5. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    I am pleased that the calorie count will be printed on the menu in restaurants, although I think this is proposed legislation, rather than actual law yet.
    I think the same is proposed for alcoholic beverages.
  6. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    They will be very worried about stress on NHS with Covid, cancer etc. and where to make savings.It’s a key focus on the Public rather than themselves, quite rightly. ,though there’s likely method here.This will be a strategy as they progress. Minimising hospital visits will be key. They will also work that extended stays at home since Covid will likely cause greater obesity as people eat more, drink more and exercise less.was always going to be a problem. I’m fortunate as a very physical temporary job these last two months have led to a weight loss of 10kg or so taking me much nearer to my BMI.
  7. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    The way some foods are marketed definitely doesn't help, whether it's fast food or in the supermarkets, super-size, perceived VFM etc but I don't think this tackles the root causes of obesity.
  8. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    Government thinking on this issue is confused. We have an overweight PM telling us to lose weight and a suggestion for doctors to prescribe cycling without a system of decent cycle lanes to enable as a any people as possible to cycle to work
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  9. Barrymagrec

    Barrymagrec pfm Member

    Govt to tackle obesity..

    Fat chance.
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  10. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    Not true.

    He has lost weight. About a stone I think.
  11. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    Thank you, Post edited
    Big Tabs likes this.
  12. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    I think the policy is to reduce the number of 'buy one get one free' offers on junk food, and move confectionary away from the till area.

    What annoys me is that the own brand value products are often soo low I cannot read the labels, or see the price easily. Never mind being difficult to pick up.
    I think they put high value product at eye height. Swines.
  13. Kirk

    Kirk pfm Member

    Don't you need to be fairly well-off to eat healthily these days?
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  14. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    My guess is they realise that with more imported American food-like products, the UK population will accelerate the trend towards a more, um, American profile. Hence a half-hearted attempt to trim a few pounds before the blubberfest begins.
    TheDecameron, roman and Tony Lockhart like this.
  15. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    How does a doc prescribe cycling?
    Do I get a free bike?
  16. timH

    timH pfm Member

    That’s what a spell in Intensive Care will do for you. I was in for a couple of weeks four years ago and lost two stone. All back now of course.
  17. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    What are you basing your comment on? Probably sensible to establish what you regard as healthy eating?

    I think it is easy to eat healthy these days.

    There are many factors I think.

    People thinking they are 'time-poor,' and therefore buying processed or fast food, this is a common media pushed excuse.

    Also, people are lazy and cannot be bothered to cook.

    Parents haven't taught their kids how to cook (shameful)

    Kids who get spoiled by their parents. "Our Henry will not eat vegetables, he will only eat chicken nuggets..."

    (Probably more obvious comments, but I am on a mission)
    christray likes this.
  18. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs pants up, knee down

    Me to. (12 yrs. ago)
  19. richardkendell

    richardkendell pfm Member

    If crisps, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars are bad for you why do they still sell them in hospitals?
  20. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK I had amnesia once or twice...

    Because they're not bad for you per se. Only if you consume in excess and / or don't exercise to compensate.
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