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Moving from Naim

Discussion in 'audio' started by Octave Doctor, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    Thanks for that..currently running two systems, both with Naim amps...fancied a change in oneand Elite Audio/Audio Emotion recommending both Densen and Trigon with Densen being the closer of the two to Naim sound.

    Sources are Gyrodec with technoarm and ortofon black and Naim cd5si. Speakers include Focal Aria 906, Totem Arros, Piega T5 and Kef q500
  2. drummerman

    drummerman pfm Member

    Many years ago, around 20 (though I like to think I am still 25) I had a Densen Beat Integrated, the one with Gold Knobs, at home for trial.

    It didn't last long and back it went. I then went on to get a AudioInnovation Integrated and was happy but not before making a mistake with another integrated much praised at the time.

    I wont pretend to remember how the Densen sounded but although I did dislike the big gold knobs the rest seemed built well.

    Others have more experience but BelCanto has a somewhat dark, slightly warm but propulsive sound. May be worth checking out. They use Hypex modules as does Nord which is perhaps another option.
  3. nbaptista

    nbaptista pfm Member

    Densen has a more lively sound. It share with Naim rythm and timing, but it sounds very diferente.I guess Densen is more similar to Rega sound.
  4. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    strangely i liked rega elex-r but not as keen on elicit-r which i found a bit less exciting
  5. Mikeandvan

    Mikeandvan Banned

    I noticed the M3 has its own MM input, do you use that or a separate phono amp? Just wondering, much as I like my Nac 72, always feel could move on to something better. Tried the JVC AX Z1010, but couldn't notice an improvement with vinyl over the 72. Not sure whether this is the 72 main boards or its own phono boards, both I guess.
  6. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Have you tried Exposure?
  7. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Ah, I see. I use a Arkless turbo plus phono stage and an Ortofon Cadenza Blue. Like the NAD it just works. The longer I'm in this hobby the more it is about removing irritation. (Stuff thar draws attention away from whatever you are listening to)

    Had both TEAD and Icon before settling on the Arkless.
  8. Mikeandvan

    Mikeandvan Banned

    I'm on the loaner list over on AOS, for the Arkless phono stage (the basic one that he builds from the Cambridge 651), so I'll see how I get on with that. Looking forward to it, as I see many peeps ditch much more expensive stages for it!
  9. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    not tried exposure...n ireland a limited country for trying gear...depend a lot on knowledgable dealers and PFM advice!
  10. mbu

    mbu pfm Member

    My Densen B330+ saw off my old olive Nap 135's. It was very obvious. And Im a big fan of the olive 135's. That was my 3rd pair before I sold them. They were late and fully serviced. I so wanted to keep them as I have no immediate plans to change my Nac 52 and CDS3. The speakers were Neat 3is + Rel Storm 3. Used Nac A5. The Densen was amazing. Massive slam. Massive sound. Transparency was superb.Heard more of what the source was offering. Speed and grip. Sense of much more power. More of everything really. One box and only the weight of about one 135. The Nap 135's still sounded very good by the way. But the Densens performance and the thought of a service a few years down the line - decision made.
    There are downsides to the Densen. Its not cheap. Last rrp I think was around the £3500 mark. They are rare if your thinking of a used unit.There is no short cct protection. Found out the hard way. Got my speaker leads round the wrong way. Wouldn't normally matter but the Rel is at speaker level with one negative to REL GND. Bang ! Off for repair. Silliness like this not covered by the lifetime warranty. Also, after switching amp off must be left for around 10 minutes before switching on again. Otherwise you'll get the speaker 'switch on' thump/crack from hell. Sounds superb though. Offers serious competition to considerably more expensive amps. Its a cracker - literally :D.

    I also second the Exposure suggestion. A full 3010s2 system would be worth a check out. Looks to be good value. If I was looking for a current production one make set up in that price range I would certainly be getting a demonstration - if possible.
  11. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    your input is greatly appeciated
  12. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Give me a call. I could send you some Exposure kit to try. If you are just looking to change amp then a 3010S2-D with moving magnet board may be a good place to start.
  13. bob atherton

    bob atherton pfm Member

    Could not agree more, sage words.

    I'm not knocking people who want to swap/change/tinker, that is also a kind of hobby in itself.

    If I turned the clock back quite a few years I was probably in that camp myself, but not now.

    All I want now is to put on the CD or record and for great music to fill the room. I know this sounds very simple but it took quite a few years of tinkering, learning and, above all else, listening.

    I not trying in any way to sound smug or that I have reached some sort of enlightened Nirvana, I'm just happy for the hi-fi demons, for use of a better word, to have been exorcised.
  14. hockman

    hockman pfm Member


    Am happiest when just enjoying the music and occasionally dancing around or playing air guitar or drums.

    Have little interest in tinkering, changing gear, upgrading etc. Like to get the system to work properly and leaving it alone unless something breaks.

    The hifi years were the worst and a waste of time for me although I learned a lot of useless stuff along the way...;)
  15. abbydog

    abbydog pfm Member

    Did I you decide yet, Hockman?
  16. hockman

    hockman pfm Member

    Hi, not sure where the quote came from but I must have said it somewhere.

    Yes I am still keen but am having problems with availability in my part of the world. May have to go to Japan and buy one next time :D. I saw it recently there - it's about US$3000, cheaper than in other markets.
  17. Octave Doctor

    Octave Doctor Searching for the Spark

    Hi-fi demons....haha...we've all been there I think. It's hard work tinkering or changing a hi-fi...as I've discovered over the last few weeks.
  18. carruthersesq

    carruthersesq pfm Member

    I had Naim for 20years when I decided I needed a change (can't tell you why), I went Dynavector with Shainian speakers, at first thought it was great but over time it didn't convince me. My listening time became less and less. So then went Denson with Shahinian. Still wasn't convinced, sold the lot and went full Rega, again after a while wasn't convinced. Now, full Naim system again with the SuperNait2 at the heart of it feeding a pair of SBL's mk2 and I listen to music more than ever.

    It cost me lots and I ended up almost where I started. Lesson learnt, if it ain't broke......
  19. Simon

    Simon Skeptic

    Have you considered tubes. After 20 odd years with Naim, I currently have an 8w single ended triode (SET) amp that just sings beautifully. Highly efficient speakers are required.

    Having a tube based system adds the endless fun of tube rolling : )

    There is a chap on ebay that sells interesting looking tube systems out of Japan. If I were starting in tubes again, I would look at one of his SET amps based on the 300B or 2A3 tubes.


  20. nbaptista

    nbaptista pfm Member

    Hi Fi is expensive.

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