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Moving from Naim

Discussion in 'audio' started by Octave Doctor, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Octave Doctor

    Octave Doctor Searching for the Spark

    A quick update.

    I've had a couple of dems and will have two more I think. I heard the Devialet 220 Expert Pro and the Vitus RI-100, the Devialet is fantastic value for money but I found it too cold and sterile sounding, the Vitus was less detailed but more musical I thought.

    Anyway it's hard work trying to change a Hi-fi system (if I change that is) and there's so much to choose from...bit of a minefield actually.

  2. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Try and hear the components in your own system and if possible at the same time, obvious advice I realise.
  3. lapman

    lapman Active Member

    I am going back to Naim, having moved to a Devialet set up. Good but nobody in the house could get it to work.

    Also have couple of UnitiQute's and a Unitiserve which are just what I need.
  4. Stemcor

    Stemcor I should be listening to music

    Apologies for the late reply. I don't know the answer but an email to Teddy will probably get you a quick reply. My first Teddy products were power supplies bought second hand so I was aware of their capabilities in a Naim system. Consequently, I had a good idea of what to expect with the "full Teddy" and was not disappointed.
  5. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    anyone familiar with Naim and Trigon?
  6. Cellofan

    Cellofan pfm Member

  7. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    tell me more please,,how do they compare?
  8. Cellofan

    Cellofan pfm Member

    You can not compare them, the one is a little dark, meaty with good PRaT the other more bright (sometimes to much),very controlled, airy, but also very neutral but less involving compared to Naim. I wouldn't buy a Trigon AMP anymore but also no Naim, I prefer Exposure from the Farlowe era.
  9. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    I was Naim through and through for 20 years owning just about every olive pre-power up to 52/250. Then returned to CB and a 32.5, Hicap and modded 110 monos which I found were the best of the lot. Then on a whim I bought a NAD M3 integrated and it all ended; the power and transparency of this thing just made me feel a little foolish.

    The Stereophile review measured it up with the very best regardless of cost, not that I knew that when I bought it. It just sounded right and I forgot about it.
  10. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    Thanks for that..was considering either Trigon or Densen and it appears Trigon may not be for ! Any experience of Densen amps?
  11. Mikeandvan

    Mikeandvan Banned

    Aren't you vinyl only?
  12. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

  13. Cellofan

    Cellofan pfm Member

    @bossjw: Densen wouldn't sound sound much different to Trigon. Trigon a bit more powerfull and Densen more refined.
  14. mbu

    mbu pfm Member

    Densen B330+ is a superb power amplifier. Very potent and transparent. No experience with the rest of their stuff.
  15. Octave Doctor

    Octave Doctor Searching for the Spark

    I have managed to listen to a couple of components at home...I won't be going for the Devialet...fantastic value for money but it's not for me.
  16. Octave Doctor

    Octave Doctor Searching for the Spark

    The Devialet can be a somewhat fiddly,, I was using the phono input (which is very good BTW) plus the USB input and line 1... switching between them was OK...once I got used to it that is.
  17. Cellofan

    Cellofan pfm Member

    Sorry if I may didn't see your speakers but if they don't need much power or you don't listen that loud I can give you the advice to hear a Audiomat Solfege Reference 20 oder Opera Reference for me these amps are sounding to good to belive, but they are not cheap.

    I owned a Audiomat Solfege Reference 20 but sold it because I needed money. Fantastic amplifier.
  18. bossjw

    bossjw pfm Member

    Densen seem to divide opinions but then so do Naim.
    Just about to commit to moving from Naim xs with Flatcap to Densen b-130XS.

    Any opinions appreciated.
  19. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    What speakers and source components do you have?
  20. nbaptista

    nbaptista pfm Member

    Both amplifiers does PRAT. However Densen is very diferente from Naim, you have to listen Densen and decide for yourself.I diid the path to move from Naim for Densen, and I am very happy, no regrets at all. I listened the Densen B 110, I liked it and then sold the Naim and bought the Densen. But Naim is a good brand, if you like the Naim sound, keep the Nait.Densen are not better than Naim, just different.

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