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Your Loudspeaker history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Jonathan Ribee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    If you are not a dealer, I presume you must live in a mansion.
  2. JTWzen

    JTWzen pfm Member

    Wharfedale Denton - my first speakers in 1971
    AR6 in 1975
    A friend had some KEF 104s which were used for a while in my system in in our shared house, he then moved out so AR6s back in place.
    I then inherited a pair of B&W DM70s (rebadged as Sony), in about 1979. These were far too big for the shared house I lived in but were lovely. When I got married and we moved into a tiny semi my wife wouldn't have them in the house so they lived in the garage for a couple of years. Then we moved to a larger place and I did use them briefly but they needed serious work doing on the electrostatic tweeters. Also my wife still hated them. I always shudder when I think of their fate in that skip.
    Mission 770 Freedom in the mid 80s- Yuk there's bright and there is glaring.
    Next came Castle Chester- kept them for ages.
    replaced a few years ago by Spendor D7s, and other than possibly for Spendor D9s which I can't justify , I can't see these changing.

    I have some KEF eggs for a surround system, always mean to upgrade this but can't be bothered
    Also 2 pairs of Monitor audio Radius 90s in second and third systems.

    So quite a modest list.
  3. lAmBoY

    lAmBoY pfm Member

    Tannoy dc2000 about 30 years ago.
    Amphion Xenon2 about 15 years ago.
    QAcoustics Concept 40 about 5 years ago.
    ATC SCM19v2 about 2 years ago.
    Currently running Monitor Audio Gold 300 latest gen.

    Had a few on demo over the years but it was ATC and Totem that tend to have given me the fondest memories. Those QAcoustics were particularly good and one of the lower cost speakers I have had, I put that down to the Hegel h160 amp and the room at the time.
    Darren likes this.

    JOHN VAN BAVEL pfm Member

    1973-ish Kef Chorales good beginning
    Mission 774
    Magneplanar ?? model ? lovely but no bass
    Elac CL 112 surpringly good but couldn't sell them -- no takers
    2006 Living Voice Avatar Pricey , perhaps a tad laid back
  5. leevinyl

    leevinyl Member

    Starts early 90’s
    Tannoy 609MK2 beautiful. Still going in my friends living room.
    Tannoy 636 suited my needs at the time with fuller bass than above but not as good in other areas. Still going in other friends living room!
    Neat Motive 1 & 2 excellent with some music, a bit much with others.
    Spendor S5e like a warm blanket and a surprisingly full bass. Still own.
    Spendor A6 natural sounding all rounder that solved the bad habits of some of the above.
    Proac D18 not as natural as the A6 in my set up but impressive with some recordings.
    Living Voice IBXR2 the best speakers I’ll ever own?
    Falcon Ls3/5a magic in the right scenario.

    There are others that didn’t stay for long but didn’t want to appear too much of a hoar. We have moved house about seven times in that period and it’s incredible how different the same speaker can sound going from one room to another when dimensions and materials are similar. Room/speaker matching is everything imo. Dealers that will happily sell you thousands of pounds of loudspeaker based on you carting your own gear to their demo rooms for the pleasure, well...
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  6. G.smith310

    G.smith310 pfm Member

    Mordaunt short 902i (loved and had for years)
    KEF q100 (liked but wanted to upgrade)
    KEF q300 (too big for my room)
    Q acoustics 3020 (too small for my room)
    Monitor Audio Bronze 2 (too sharp)
    Monitor Audio Silver 1 (don’t love but they seem to do everything well)
    KEF LS50 (very good but too shiny)
    Proac Tablette 2000 (my favourites and regret selling)
    Mordaunt Short Pageant (love)
    Spendor A5 (newbies)
  7. Komarfamily

    Komarfamily pfm Member

    Jamo c803
    Quad 22l2
    Sonus faber grand piano
    Jamo concert 11
    Jamo concert 8
    Harbeth shl5+
    Harbeth m40.1
    Monitor audio gold
    Monitor audio platinu 200
    Harbeth m40.2
    Harbeth p3esr
  8. wezzywest

    wezzywest Hell hath no Fury like a Bitter Remainer.

    Royd Minstrels.
    Neat Motive SX2.
    Dynaudio Special 40.
    gavreid likes this.
  9. Countryman

    Countryman Semi-reformed box-swapper

    Mordant Short MS10
    Mission 731i
    QAcoustics 3020i
    Monitor Audio Bronze 5
    KEF R100
    Quad 10L - best speaker I’ve ever owned….
    KEF R300
    B & W 606 S2 Anniversary Special - Brilliant little speaker
  10. Darren

    Darren Doin' the Southern Freeeez

    We seem to share some history here. Can I please ask what you liked in particular about the Concept 40s? I've never heard them. What size room did you have them in?
  11. Started off in 2015? Maybe 2016 I think
    B&O C75s
    Monitor Audio Silver 100 (I think I must have got these in 2017?)
    Q acoustics 1010i 5.1 system for the av setup
    Kef 104/2 (rebuilt these myself think this was 2018)
    Kef cantor III (still own these, dad is using them picked em up in a trade for my old yamaha amp)
    Tannoy 607 (same story as above)
    Another pair of 104/2 (also rebuilt these)
    Kef reference model one (currently still have these awaiting new drivers)
    Bronze 50/FX/AMS surround setup
    Now I'm hifi speaker-less!
    Currently demoing some options considering:
    MA gold 200,
    Acoustic energy 509
    And maybe L100s
    Or if I can find a nice pair of 107 then them!

    Wow I didn't realise I owned so many on such a short space of time.
  12. smee

    smee Flightcased Member

    12 years on, (and despite buying a house and getting married) the only change has been that I got the Goodmans back from my sister and they now form part of my workshop hifi!
  13. cruster

    cruster pfm Member

    Paradigm 7SEMK3. My first "real" speaker.
    Vandersteen 2CE
    Tannoy Saturn S8LR
    Meadowlark Swift
    Rega RS5
    ProAc Tablette 10

    Some changes due to moving, either from house to house or room to room. Still have the RS5s, but am really enjoying what the Tablette 10s do.
  14. lAmBoY

    lAmBoY pfm Member

    Well, divorce forced an unexpected move to a flat for a couple of years and I treated myself to a Hegel h160 ampdac and my local dealer in Shrewsbury were doing a great deal on the qacoustics, I took my amp in for a demo and really liked what I heard. That room was about 4 X 7m, my room at the flat was about 3.5 X 4.5. the only word I can use is 'energy'. They just had a lovely bounce to them along with a sparkling top end. They just were a joy to listen to and an amazing bargain to boot at the 700 I paid new.
    Darren likes this.
  15. RichardA

    RichardA pfm Member

    Perfect thread for when insomnia kicks in.

    My Quirky list:

    Acoustic Research AR18s - part of classic first system with Rega 3 and NAD 3020. Fun sounds.

    Proac Tablette EBTs - unusual tablette with 2 bass/midrange units. Big step up in quality from AR Literally stolen by idiot brother (along with my record collection) to pay off debts or some such. Water under the bridge.

    Rega Ela mk1 - used with Naim Nait 2. Cracking combo. Great entertainment. Stupidly decided they were too cheap and I could get something a lot better.

    Celestion SL600 - read too many magazines and expected some kind of mega upgrade on the Ela’s. Stereo image was impressive but the sound was very constrained and artificial. Very short acquaintance.

    Shahinian Obelisks mk1 - Demoed at Graham’s in North London. Wanted something less hifi and more musical. These fitted the bill nicely. Kept them for a long time but I eventually found them to be lacking some transparency. Sold on for a great price - Shahinian used to hold there value well (current prices seem a bit mad to me though)

    Rhedeko 125 - absolute shocker. Another one where I was believing too many magazine reviews. Bought blind (ebay special). As soon as I got them home I knew they weren’t for me but persisted for months. Changed amps, cables etc. but all to no avail. Dreadful sound - thin, edgy, fatiguing. Eventually sold them on at a chunky loss to someone who loved them. All the proof I needed that we all hear and value different aspects of sound.

    Kibri Naima - went to see the guys at Walrus in London looking for help. They offered these which were a Huge relief. Musical, transparent and easy to drive. Daughter has them now. Rarely seen and a strange looking standmount but high quality. Super cheap if you can find them as the company (which was Danish) went bust.

    Gradient Revolution - Passive. Another quirky design. I had heard them at a hifi show years before (Heathrow?). They were the single best demonstration sound there so when a saw a used pair I had to have them. Retained for a good few years. Lovely sounding and with real heft.

    Gradient Revolution - Active. Couldn’t leave well enough alone (wanted more detail/transparency) and upgraded from passive to active with a separate powered gradient electronic crossover. Ran with a DNM pre amp plus it’s separate Ps plus 2 stereo DNM power amps (and their 2 separate PS). So many audio boxes that I had to buy another equipment stand but eventually got tired of the cable jungle and decided to simplify.

    Harbeth SHL5 Plus - sourced from Radlett audio. Not quite as good as the gradients but still great and allowed me to clear out lots of “stuff” and have a system that was much easier to live with.

    Yamaha NS1000 - snapped up a cheap pair as a gamble and, blow me, I found I preferred them to the Harbeths. Sold the harbeths and pocketed the extra money. Kicked myself for not trying these years before. Easy to drive, great with valves, punchy bass and hear through clarity.

    Quad ESL 63 - the result with NS1000 got me wondering about other older classics to try ….. so the Quads were obvious contenders. Kicked myself even harder. I could have saved myself a fortune over the years. In truth the Yams were quite close (and more punchy) but felt the Quads were purer sounding so sold the yams. Subsequently tried to get the same punchiness for the Quads with latest Gradient subs. That did work but I was back in a cable and system mess so decided to let the subs go after a while.

    Gradient 1.4. - bought for a second system. Really clear and very unusual styling. No bigger than a small speaker on stands but with much better bass. Gets v close to the Quads. Excellent but in retrospect should have gone for a high efficiency design to match with a small Leben valve amp that I have kept. Still will do that if I see the right opportunity.

    Famous last words but the Quads may see me out - unless I have to downsize to smaller place/listening room.

    Then again, I haven’t tried any big Tannoys …… or some of the classic linn designs …..

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  16. Gza

    Gza pfm Member

    First had some mission standmounts at uni, think they were the 771's(1999 -2001 ) .
    Kef cresta 2 from about 2001-2005
    B&W DM601 S1 (2005 - 2015)
    Proac D2 (2015 - present day)
    Dynaudio Excite X12 2016 - present (2nd system)

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