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Your Loudspeaker history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Jonathan Ribee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Jonathan Ribee

    Jonathan Ribee Unavailable at present

    Mike missed this one - and when rodrat gets here I want to see what happens when a single post is greater than the length of a page on a thread...


    AR something
    Mission 731i
    Mission 760
    Kef Q35
    Celestion A3
    Quad ESL "57"
    Quad ESL 989
    And some little Quad 11L for the office

    Future: stacked 57s, 63s, 2905s - then maybe some really big stats. Stacked 989s???
  2. Michael L

    Michael L pfm Member

  3. Fox

    Fox The sound of one hoof clopping

    Mission 70mkII

    no future for me
    Hoopsontoast and Woodface like this.
  4. Michael L

    Michael L pfm Member

    What, not even AVI?
  5. darrenwm

    darrenwm pfm Member

    Dynaudio Contour 1.1 for ages... AVI ADM9 ( < you probably haven't heard of these.)
  6. MichaelC

    MichaelC pfm Member

    Heybrook HB1
    Linn Keilidh
    Naim SBL
    ??? to follow
  7. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    B&O Beovox 600's
    Audiomaster Image 1
    Audiomaster Image 2
    Spendor BC1
    Linn Isobarik Teak chipboard Scan
    Linn Isobarik Walnut MDF Hiq:
    Linn Isobarik Black Ash MDF Hiq: Quacky B110's - uggghhh!
    Snell Type "E" - God they're awful out of their comfort zone...
    Yamaha NS1000M's
    Epos ES14's - various Chesham built ones
    Harbeth HL5's
    Celef Studio Professional Monitor (or something hifi dave will correct)
    ATC SCM20's - lacquered red - mmmmmm!
    ATC SCM100A's - lacquered Black - I cried when I (had to) sold them...
    Musical Technology Harrier SE
    AVI Positron - lovely but not loud enough at the time...
    Linn Keilidhs
    Wilson Benesch Act 1 - the least said about these the better
    ATC SCM20SL 'Pro on Something Solid heavyweight 24" stands
    Hoopsontoast and clownfish like this.
  8. NRG

    NRG pfm Member

    Mission something stand mounted
    Celestion SL6
    Epos ES11
    Heybrook Sextets MKIV
    Dali Royal Menuet II (for the office)
    Spendor S6e - not looking to change
  9. Have Fun

    Have Fun pfm Member

    1971 Wharfedale Kit 2 driver version (lost on travels)
    Next a small cube 155mm each side, an unknown make from Tandy (had an M on it) thought these were wonderful ~ single driver paper cone & whizzer .. my son has them now
    Next Mission 760 i ~ good still have them in second system
    Next Diy Jordan JX92 ~ superb .. followed by JX53 linear array & JX125 bass units (not looking for anything else, but may redesign cabinets for the 53's & 125's)
  10. timpy

    timpy Speaker Abuser

    B&W DM100i
    Castle Trent
    Mission 760
    Kef C55
    Acoustic Energy AE100i
    Acoustic Energy AE109
    Castle Durhams
    Kef Q55
    Kef Q30
    Neat Mystique
    Linn Kaber
    Meadowlark Swift
    Castle Conway
    Wharfedale Diamond IV
    Wharfedale 504
    Audio Innovations Alto
    Mission 771
    Mission 774
    Ruark Broadswords
    Celestion DL4
    Celestion Ditton 11
    Gale Gold monitor
    B&W CDM2
    Tannoy MX1
    Tannoy 607
    Tannoy 638
    Tannoy E11 LE
    Tannoy DC2000
    Linn Helix
    Linn Keilidh

    I'll have to dig out the files for the rest.
  11. Music Lover

    Music Lover pfm Member

    Cabasse active
    Isobarik active
    Keltik active
    Akurate active/Artikulat sub
    Komri (passive but that is to change...)
  12. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    JR 149
    Kef 101
    Tannoy M20 Gold
    Gale 301
    Linn Kan II
    Linn Isobarik
    ProAc Tablette 50 Sig
    Linn Kan I
    Linn Kan II
    Heybrook Point 5*
    Harbeth Compact 7ES
    Heybrook HB2*
    Quad 11L*
    Klipsch Heresy*

    * second system.

    Others have passed through on lengthy dem / borrowed from friends such as AR14, white face Mission 770s, Linn Saras etc but no money changed hands.

  13. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    Mission -something
    NHT -something with built-in passive subwoofers that were more woof than sub
    Tannoy System 800 (passive studio monitors)
    Neat Elite SE (on Mana phase 2 right now)

    had at the house for extended periods: Kan I, Royd Minstrel SE, Royd Sorcerors, Royd Albions, Naim Credos, Linn Kabers, Epos 14s, LS35A, JMLab 950?, Totem Tabu


    p.s. if ross blackman posts here, tony will have to extend the maximum height of a PFM page.
  14. Jiiim

    Jiiim bodger extraordinaire

    Leak Sandwich
    Linn Kan
    Linn Sara
    Linn isobarik passive
    Linn isobarik split
    Linn isobarik active
  15. Freeform

    Freeform Registered User

    1975 Solavox - cheap things from Comet!
    1980 Kef Celeste
    1985 Gale 401a
    1992 Snell K
    2003 More Snell K
    2007 Tannoy System 1000 (Dual Concentric studio speaker)

  16. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    Some old Bolivar things with cone tweeters in about 1976.
    Goodmans RB20
    Heybrook HB2
    Spendor LS3/5a
    Warfdale Diamonds
    Celestion DL4
    Chartwell PM110
    Chartwell PM210
    Lowther Classic 400
    Celestion SL6 (the worst speaker in the world)
    Mission/Cyrus 780
    Gale 301
    Epos ES14
    Monitor Audio MA700GMD
    TDL Studio 1
    Rega ELA
    Mission 750LE
    Linn Kan II
    Naim SBL
    Naim IBL
    Graves Koronglay - Lowther EX2 drivers
    Impulse H2
    Rega R1
    Usher S520 - pants
    AVI Neutron IV
    Epos ES11

    Like Tony a fair few more have been borrowed and tried over the years.

    Now back with my H2s and it's like the return of old friends :)
  17. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod


    Luckily, a short cut is available.

  18. Martin D

    Martin D Libertarian Division

    Kan, Ruark Talisman, SBL's - thats it for the mo
  19. Lefty

    Lefty Trade: Amar Sood Photo

    I am surprisingly un-fussy about speakers and can acclimatise to different styles of presentation pretty quickly.

    Here's my list.

    KEF Cresta 2
    B&W 602 S2
    Tannoy Revolution R3
    AVI Neutron IV
    Naim Credo
    PMC GB1

  20. NeilK

    NeilK pfm Member

    Sony ....things....
    Mission 751s
    Mission 753s
    Big JBL things
    Tannoy 6s
    LS 5s
    ESL 57s (should have kept them.........)
    Audio Physic ??? - mid size floorstanders
    Dynaudio Contour 1.1
    Dynaudio Contour 1.3
    Dynaudio Foccus
    Merlin VSM (Bliss...............)

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