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Space Tech Super Rectifier

Discussion in 'audio' started by Greyandy, May 3, 2023.

  1. Greyandy

    Greyandy pfm Member

    Has anyone actually heard one of these in the wild?
    Rave reviews etc. and the rest of the offerings from Space Tech look interesting in a boutiquey kinda way...

    Space Tech Lab Super Rectifier
  2. Greyandy

    Greyandy pfm Member

    Well... I've ordered one of these so will report back in a few months when it's turned up and has been plummed into the system.
  3. Invalid

    Invalid Member

    I have been using a super rectifier for over 5 years now, it makes a huge difference with my space tech Labs qa112 preamp and my space tech Labs dac. I can hear more details, but not in an etched bright kind of way, also way bigger soundstage. I'm going to get another super rectifier this year so I have one for my preamp and my dac.
  4. Juancho

    Juancho pfm Member

    What is this super rectifier? Can't be arsed to watch a You Tube video I'm afraid
  5. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Look like a valve rectifier
  6. Juancho

    Juancho pfm Member

    As far as I can see it's not listed on their site so I can't see any details. Personally I'd be ultra careful about high voltage cables going to an off board rectifier + the issue of whether it's directly or indirectly heated for ht delay
  7. Juancho

    Juancho pfm Member

    Found it under accessories. Seems to be a rectifier /capacitor /choke /capacitor in a box. Probably would improve non choke psus, could lead to some resonance with an existing choke psu
  8. Disarmamant

    Disarmamant Certified foo free

    Looks like it’s just a metal box with a filament transformer and a pair of UX4 sockets for a pair of 3B22 xenon arc rectifier valves. US$952 only!

    The super version has an additional choke. US$1104 only!

    Easy to build for yourself, but beware if you use the mercury vapour rectifiers, not a nice result if you break one!

    Both rectifier types need to be pre heated before AC voltage is applied. You may need to check the bias on the power valves in the amplifier if your replacing a valve rectifier, 5U4G, GZ34, GZ37 etc, with one of these as the forward voltage drop is much less.

  9. Invalid

    Invalid Member

    I know in my space tech Labs equipment the super rectifier supplies the B+ to my preamp, but the filament supply for the signal tubes is supplied by the preamp, so it's like having a separate filament supply as well. The models in the YouTube videos also have a switch for solid state diode or tube. Also all the units available have a standby switch for preheating of tubes, especially necessary for mercury vapor tubes, which need about 30 minutes when first installed or removed and reinstalled, after the initial 30 minute warm up if left in the sockets in an upright position only about 1 minute is needed for warm up.
  10. Greyandy

    Greyandy pfm Member

    Mine is due to arrive in a few weeks so will report back. I'm going to be using it with a Don Sachs Line Stage pre.
    The few internet reviews available all rave about it so obviously I'm ratcheting my expectational-bias up to 11...
  11. Invalid

    Invalid Member

    What model did you order? Make sure you try different tube types in it, it makes a difference. I have the 104 MK2 with switchable choke, I've used many different tubes such as 3b22, 866, 866a, 1616, 3b28, I haven't tried the 5 volt tubes yet though.
  12. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    Is this something to do with the Fireball XL5 thread?
    Snufkin likes this.
  13. Dan K

    Dan K pfm Member

    What voltage are we talking here?

    Low voltage = LT4320 active rectifier with carefully designed snubber. Nothing better - beware of ringing MOSFETs
  14. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    I'm surprised that it is legal to sell them to domestic users in the UK!

  15. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    Essentially all discharge lamps, and that includes fluorescents, contain mercury, albeit mostly, but not entirely, in tiny quantities.
  16. Greyandy

    Greyandy pfm Member

    I've ordered the STR-1001 Mk.2 Super. I was thinking of kicking off with a Psvane 805 as reasonably priced 'starter-tube'. Lineal make a few more eye-waveringly priced 211's, 805's and 845's that they only sell in pairs unfortunately.
  17. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Understood. I'd assumed that a mercury rectifier would require more than a lamp tube. The ones I've seen in the past had a pool of liquid. Not something I notice in a domestic light tube.
  18. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    I had sort of asumed that valves might contain something of a lake - way before mercury vapour was taken "seriously", but very little mercury liquid is required to give a very unhealthy vapour concentration in even a large room.
    In older lamps, the same applied - whack some in, it will give the correct VP at temperatuire no matter what the total amount. In more recent times, mercury was/is dosed into lamps using a syringe, in many cases, a microlitre one.
  19. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    It isn't. The mercury vapour valves/tubes would not meet CE.
  20. Invalid

    Invalid Member

    You don't have to use mercury vapor tubes with these units, although they do make for a different sound. I've been using mercury rectifier tubes for about 5 years, the real danger is if you plan on breaking the glass on one while it's in operation, highly unlikely.

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