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One rack for everything…

Discussion in 'audio' started by RoyleBlue, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. RoyleBlue

    RoyleBlue pfm Member

    …whilst still loving my music, the hi-fi has taken somewhat of a backseat. So, looking at reinvigorating my love of the system, have “downgraded “ to a Devialet 120, which will be accompanied by my LP12 / Aro / Lingo, Bluesound Node 2i, Naim HDX (although may put all files on a Nas).

    So, instead of 2 racks, what should I be looking at to house it all on 1 but still being good for the LP12 - a wall shelf is not possible btw.

    Thanks again in anticipation of your thoughts.
  2. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    I've recently put my 9 boxes on a three-shelf Quadraspire SV3T. They do the rack in double and single width as well as my triple width version.
    It suits my SME 20 really well since it's very stable. The black bamboo and silver columns I chose are much easier on the eye than the 3 grey Atacama Equinoxes it replaced. Sounds better too.
    chris@panteg and Amber Audio like this.
  3. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    +! for Quadraspire, I have the SVT black shelves/columns with the Bronze top shelves with my TTs on. Saw a pic on another forum with Naim on it, I got them to supply black end caps for the top shelves. Was a toss up between Fraim and SVT, the SVT is easier to work with.

  4. John

    John Rack’em Up!

    A Mana rack if you have a solid floor.

    MusicMiles, Mr Pig and Amber Audio like this.
  5. RoyleBlue

    RoyleBlue pfm Member

    Thanks so far. LP12 is currently sat on a 7 stage Mana - that will go but not considered a multi shelf one. Any for sale?
  6. John

    John Rack’em Up!

    I thought I saw somewhere that Mana was still available. Maybe someone else can chime in.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2022
  7. Knipester

    Knipester pfm Member

    Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to build a bespoke rack to house your kit
    cruster, Spiderous, cnocmoy10 and 3 others like this.
  8. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    There was a six-tier in the sales section for a good price.
  9. Joolzdee

    Joolzdee pfm Member

    Another vote for the Quadraspire SVT.
    My LP12 sits on a bronze upgrade spiked top shelf with Lingo 4 power supply, Supernait 3 and CD5I on the shelves below.
    Neat and attractive solution IMO.
    Amber Audio likes this.
  10. Frizzy

    Frizzy Liberal anarchist

    No idea of budget but, box furniture look and sound stunning, at a price. Music works are a musical delight, styling is matter of taste. I had quadraspire acrylic music works ref, not won over,but plenty around, I found they lacked musical energy.
    Mana always a safe bet for Linn, there’s a six tier one on eBay for good price.
  11. John

    John Rack’em Up!

  12. LinnMan

    LinnMan Active Member

    I have always rated Quadraspire but now I have looked at the site I think they have found a rival.
  13. Knipester

    Knipester pfm Member

    thank you!

    i hope to reconsider that I offer something different to larger manufacturers in that I’m keen to offer you a solution that’s completely bespoke and tailored to your circumstances & kit.

    Ps. Did I mention that I too am Obsessed with my system?
    Mr Magoo likes this.
  14. tobermory

    tobermory pfm Member

    Mr Knipester, do you ship to the US?
  15. Knipester

    Knipester pfm Member

    Hi, I gave lots of customers the US but shipping larger items is not really viable
  16. tpetsch

    tpetsch pfm Member

    One rack for everything can be ok I guess as long as a turntable isn't on top, the TT is the one piece that should be pretty much on it's own, IMO.

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