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No more internet contracts

Discussion in 'off topic' started by richardg, Mar 17, 2023 at 6:11 AM.

  1. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    everyone i know has a phone, so if they come round, they don't need my wifi.
  2. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    everyone i know has a phone, but i have a guest wifi network, and they all ask to use my wifi as many have data restrictions on their phone
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  3. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    ...but the point was, OP is running a business, and someone said if he takes his phone away from the premises, others in the business are stuck for access.

    So I said - the OP keeps a business phone at the garage to do this, separate from his personal phone. Which he takes away with him.

    That's what I took from it.
  4. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    I have zero phone reception at home, absolutely nothing. And that is three different networks I've tried so a home internet connection is a must here.
  5. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    It won't be long before that lack of coverage will start devaluing house prices
  6. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Good. Maybe I'll be able to buy one then lol
    richardg and Darmok like this.
  7. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Its fascinating that people moan what we pay for broadband, have you seen what they pay in the US?
    I pay 62 quid a month for 1gig broadband from virgin.

    On the basis its where 70% of my work emanates, 100% of where my wifes work come from and transfers circa 50 gigs a day of entertainment via youtube, amazon, netflix, tidal etc for 4 of us, I thinks its bloody great value.
  8. dan m

    dan m pfm Member

    50 G a day! Impressive. When I am away from home for extended periods (up to 10 weeks) I rely on a cellular data and don’t think I use half that a month. But I don’t try to stream video content. I either simply use my phone as a hotspot or a giffgaff SIM in a tiny wifi dongle thingy. Upside: “I’m on cell data” is a good excuse to not have to turn on my camera on zoom.
  9. richardg

    richardg Admonishtrator

    I've not noticed any moaning.
  10. Durmbo

    Durmbo sister

    I’ve done exactly this for years. It gives me unlimited internet access anywhere there’s coverage. A fixed connection would cost the same & I see no point in paying for a phone plan as well. The phone plan is throttled after I’ve exhausted my generous full speed data allocation but I normally don’t get that far, & the reduced speed only affects video anyway.

    When in the very rare instances the mobile network has gone down it’s always been a consequence of the land network shitting itself one way or another, as mobile is connected to it.

    It’s trivial to have a cheap backup phone in case of the main one being lost, & free wifi is everywhere. I was in this situation a few weeks ago in fact & coped just fine with my laptop until I could replace my phone.
  11. Darren

    Darren Doin' the Southern Freeeez

    For business use, I gave up my landlines and 'business' Internet a good while back. I pay Tamar Telecom twelve pounds a month to port what were my two landlines numbers through to a mobile. I have two mobiles on two different networks. One provides a mobile hotspot for my laptop and work chromecast also a card payment terminal.
    I save around thousand pounds per year on what BT Business were charging me.

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