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Living Voice Auditorium, DeVore, Audio Note AN-E

Discussion in 'audio' started by Old Shatterhand, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    currently I own a pair of Living Voice R3R. They can sound pretty good with music witch isn't that demanding and complex like Jazz, Singer Songwriter and so on but with Rock, Punkrock and other artificial music I have the feeling that there is something missing sometimes.

    I'm curious to know if the more expansive or newer models are worth the extra money?

    I also find DeVore and Audio Note AN-E speakers because of their higher sensitivity very interesting. Unfortunately I have never heard a DeVore speaker or a Audio Note AN-E.

    Voices are very important to me and a natural sound. I have liked Harbeth in the past very much also speakers from the German brand Odeon and my latest Rosso Fiorentino Volterra which I have owned before the LV R3R.

    If someone has compared or listened to these brands and speakers I'd appreciate advices and reports.:)
  2. Fatmarley

    Fatmarley Agnostic

    Heard AN-E at a show and didn't think much of them (dull with loose bass iirc). Much preferred the AN-K.

    DeVore measure well in Stereophile (on-axis at least), so I'd give them a listen.

    I always think of JBL when someone mentions rock, but I'm not really familiar with the various models. The latest Klipsch Heresy, Cornwall or Tannoy Legacy series could be worth a listen, but it depends on your budget.
  3. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    was enjoying a very good discussion about LV speakers here

    Certainly lovely speakers and when i have heard at shows , they really shine

    An-e take a lot of setting up but some very happy owners on here of audionote including marko and gintonic who will be along shortly !
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  4. daytona600

    daytona600 Registered User

    klipsch Forte/cormwall great with rock
  5. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    It seems to be that my post has left the impression that I'm looking for a Rock speaker. That isn't the case. I don't want to be rude but I'm interested in advices and reports/reviews of the speakers/brands listed in the topic not alternatives. Thank you anyway.:)
  6. notevenclose

    notevenclose pfm Member

    Hardt to comment. Can you expand any on what you feel is perhaps missing or lacking in some way?

    What's the system?

    Comment about value is difficult, that's very much a personal decision. That said, the range went into v4 at the beginning of September, so there probably aren't many of the latest production around as yet, but you may find dealers selling off older demo models at good prices.

    Historically the best-selling Auditoriums have always been the top of the range models, the OBX back in the day and the OBX-RW models since they were introduced. My personal view, based on older generations, is that the gap between them gets wider as you ascend the range.

    But the R25A may have upset the status quo (relative to the previous ranges) to some degree, it was clear talking to Kevin during development that the R25 was something special, and it's really ideas implemented for that model which have informed the R4 series.

    Of the other speakers you list, the only one I know is the AN-E, which I've heard sounding good, very good, and 'a bit off,' but never 'transcendent' in the way the RW can sometimes manage. I have owned a pair of AN-Ks, so I'm basically in my comfort zone with the Snell-derived ANs, but really you'd need to listen for yourself. I'd agree the DeVore models look potentially interesting, but they've scarcely registered in the UK, so no experience.

    Are you in Germany? If so, LV has an extremely capable distributor there. Perhaps they could help locate a pair of R25As for you, I understand they've been really keen on that model since day one. That's probably where I'd start if you want to audition newer models.

    NB. While I used LVs (Auditoriums, OBX-R2s and latterly OBX-RWs) for over a decade in 2 systems at home, they are clients of mine, so I may not be entirely neutral. ;-)
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  7. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    thank you for your feedback.

    It isn't that easy to describe but with Jazz it sounds clear and refined but with Rock the sound is smeared and wooly/cloudy and missing precision.
    I guess I hear the cabinet resonating and colouring the sound. The Rosso Fiorentino Volterra with the same amp in the same room sounded way clearer

    I use a Unison S6 MKII.

    I know dealers who have the current range speakers but as I plan to buy second hand I would find it unfair to listen at a dealer. Also I have heard different speakers at that dealer before but none sounded as good there as in my room(s) because I have acoustic treated the room.
  8. notevenclose

    notevenclose pfm Member

    Have you experimented much with positioning. LVs will sound decent just plonked down, but they do respond to quite small changes in position and toe-in.
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  9. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    Yes I have tried different positions but the problem stays the same.
    They also have a good distance from the wall behind the speakers (front-center to back wall: 116cm)
  10. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    Is here at this huge forum really nobody else with experience with Audio Note AN-E, Living Voice or DeVore speakers?
  11. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    The AN-E is really a "revamped" vintage Snell, and the Living Voice an "evolution" of an old Dali.
    Perhaps if you extend the scope of the thread to those old models.

    JA at Stereophile estimated the sensitivity of both the Snell, sorry the AN, and of the DeVore as much lower than specified. Not really hands-on experience but useful information nonetheless if you are considering partnering either pair with a low-powered SET.

    I spent some time (the whole of Beehoven's 9th and one of his piano sonatas) listening to an all-AN system with AN-Es and was disappointed. Can't really tell how much each of the components contributed to the end result though. But you'd probably rather hear from people who like them.
  12. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    I know that the AN-E is based on a Snell design and also that the Living Voice is based on an older Dali Design.:)

    I'm afraid to say that I'm not really interested in debating the measurements of these speakers because I know them and also any available review of the Audio Note AN-E, all (free) available LV and Devore reviews.;)

    I don't need "only fan" reports but I'd prefer to read were their strength are and what are the faults (but not based on measurements).

    Don't get me wrong, I always look for as much measurements I can get but the don't tell you everything.

    SET would be okay but I think I'm more a PP guy.:)

    What has disapointed you and which stuff do you use/prefer to listen with?
  13. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    Early AN-E speakers here. In the room - 16'x14', high-ish ceilings and solid walls - they work well and have a full, natural sound, including (importantly) at lower volumes. Sense of scale too, and energy - big and relaxed but certainly not dull. Higher volumes and with some music they can load the room somewhat, but never unpleasant. (Quite great actually for a big visceral immersive fix!). Contrast this with my previous ProAc D2 which sounded amazing far out in the room but led to a really unpleasant boom if placed anywhere near the walls or corners - ie the wrong kind of loading.

    Related, I've also heard AN-Js (smaller speakers) sound too boomy in larger rooms. Es too, in some show demos, with more overhanging bass than I hear elsewhere. So, very much depends on room/speaker relationship, unsurprisingly.

    Overall it's fair to say Es are never going to be a 'fast' speaker; though you can tighten the bottom end up a bit with a snappier SS amp. One thing they'll never sound though is thin and bloodless, which a lot of other speakers I hear now seem in comparison.

    Note I mostly play rock, singer/songwriter kind of music (eg Tom Waits, Neil Young, Laura Marling), but all kinds of stuff really - Mahler to Massive Attack. Just not any house/trip etc.
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  14. chris@panteg

    chris@panteg pfm Member

    I would suggest you listen to LV's with Border Patrol amp's, set up right they really make them sing.
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  15. jamesd

    jamesd pfm Member

    I've had Snell J's for a long time. i've run them with SET amps and 100+ watt solid state amps. They sound great with both, imo.
  16. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    rabski had his LV at the wigwam show if i recall , with a low powered Mr liang valve amp . it was simply delightful , the piano was just so compelling and musical. never forgotten it .
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  17. Jag Audio

    Jag Audio Trade: Jag Audio

    I have some Snell J/11 speakers (silver wired AN-SPe ) and they are surprisingly good sounding pulled further out away from the rear walls. In contrast I have Snell K MK-1 speakers again silver rewired and they have a certain clarity but lack the bass in a medium/larger room but do not disappoint. The larger speakers in my main system are AN-E SEC Signature with silver voice coils/alnico and all silver wired from the factory but much more expensive than the other speakers.

    What the AN-E SEC speakers do is all that the others do but much more transparent, nimble and such a wide tonal range that they do surprise and that is not just my opinion but others who have heard the system (prior to the COVID restrictions) have been very complimentary without any complaint whilst playing any type of music. I have not tried Heco Direct speakers at home but did listen to them at a show a few years ago and they were rather clear, punchy so might be worth trying too.
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  18. marktr

    marktr Registered User

    I recently heard a pair of LV’s (can’t remember which model) at Definitive with an SJS pre and 300B power amp. Well, the presentation was fabulous, very engaging, filling a very large room. However, I thought The LV’s lacked both warmth and bass, something we like.
    Of course, all things are relative in terms of one’s own preferences, room and equipment used. We use ANJ’s with our current KONDO amplifier. The presentation is rich and full, though no doubt, not too everyone’s taste. I don’t know how anything is ‘supposed’ to sound, but ANJ’s sound great to us. Some people find AN speakers to be coloured which to us is an attraction. We prefer ANJ’s to ANE’s, having owned many pair of each.
    I’d really like to hear a pair of Devore’s so maybe one day.
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  19. rescuest3ve

    rescuest3ve pfm Member

    Audio Note AN-E LX owner here.

    I'm a big rock and/or roll, metal, indie rock, electronica etc fan, and found that they weren't particularly wonderful with the OTO SE I had (albeit still very good!), when I upgraded to a 20w P/P New Audio Frontiers valve integrated with huge transformers, the upgrade to the bass, speed and finesse made me - honestly - giggle to myself. I thought I was listening to new speakers. The bass had real crunch and texture now, and felt like they went deeper, which was exactly what I was looking for. The kick drum on Deftones could knock your hat off; Nine Inch Nails had real venom now; Tool were mesmerising.

    To OP's point, I think you can get what you want with the AN-Es, but I dare say it'll take an amp with real heft to get there. As suggested elsewhere, perhaps a top-notch class A SS, or something like a powerful Class A PP valve amp.

    Saying that, all the speakers you listed are fabulous in their own ways, so Lord knows how you'll pick your way through 'em! Good luck
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  20. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    Thank you all for your responses and descriptions. :)

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