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Exposure Bi Amping Question

Discussion in 'audio' started by Allaboutmusic, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member


    currently have exposure 3010S2D integrated. What would be the benefit of adding the 3010 stereo power amplifier? Not that I am unhappy with my setup, far from it, but may upgrade speakers at some point to higher end model.

    Additionally my current speakers are single wire only, do you need bi wireable speakers to work?

    How best to connect, one amp per speaker or one amp per tweeters and woofers? If speakers are Bi wireable and if not.

    Many thanks
  2. eevo1969

    eevo1969 pfm Member

    Same power rating so passive biamping shouldn’t be a problem if the speakers are bi-wireable.
    I recently did this with 2 sets of nc400 mono’s and a pre with 4 outputs there was a noticeable improvement imo, not big but noticeable. Improved all round. sold one pair to fund a purchase but intend to do it again when funds allow. Good luck.
  3. White Zombie

    White Zombie pfm Member

    I have the 2010s integrated with the power amp. I’ve got the integrated powering the tweeters and the power amp doing the rest. You would need bi-wirable speakers for that. To be honest I can’t tell the difference from when I just had to the integrated doing it all. Maybe if I compared them side by side I could but certainly nothing obvious.

    You can also run the integrated just as a pre amp and the power amp doing it all.
    deebster likes this.
  4. Curtis

    Curtis pfm Member

    What are your current speakers and what are the nominal impedance and efficiency ratings?
  5. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    Neat momentum sx3i, 87db min 4 ohm though I read a review which measured around 3.5
  6. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    Do your speakers first. You need biwireable speakers anyway. It would be better, all other things being equal but it all depends on whether or not you find anything that you like speaker wise that will allow it. Of course, your money, your choice but I certainly wouldn’t choose speakers based on whether or not they’re biwireable.

    Mono blocks, I.e. one amp per speaker makes more sense if you keep the Neats but then you need 2 power amps, not one!
  7. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    Is one amp doing the tweeters and the other doing the mid/bass wasteful? Assuming tweeters are easier to drive.

    thus is the power better used with one amp per speaker?
  8. White Zombie

    White Zombie pfm Member

    I've always thought that a bit, but then I'd find using the integrated purely as a pre amp is a bit of a waste as well. In which case what you're really after is a pre amp with 2 mono amps.
    Curtis likes this.
  9. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    Yeah agreed. Could probably trade in the integrate and get the pre amp at no cost if buying the monos. More expensive though.
  10. htm_1968

    htm_1968 pfm Member

    There are no gains from passive bi-amping. A quick search of PFM will reveal a fair number of threads discussing the topic and explaining the ins and outs of the issue. The OP would be better advised to use his funds to buy the best possible ample and passively amplify his speakers accordingly. There are potentially gains to be had from active bi-amping but this would involve bypassing the passive crossover network in the OP's speakers with an appropriate active crossover which is not a trivial exercise.
    MVV and torstoi like this.
  11. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    I’ll have a search as part of me thinks surely two amps are better than one for control, but on the other hand it’s still the same number of watts per channel.

    however regardless of that I would still expect the pre amp plus monos to be better than the integrated, even if it’s just a lower noise floor.
  12. PerF

    PerF Member

    I wouldn't bother with biamp, never got real improvement trying this myself.
    Biwire speakers has become a no-go for me.

    Your speakers need a beefier amp, it could be 3010 pre/power if staying with Exposure.
    I have my SN2 on Momentum SX5i with no issues, lots of power reserves.
  13. Curtis

    Curtis pfm Member

    Depends how loud you want to listen.
  14. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    I have the 3010S2D defo don’t need a beefier amp in my view. Question was regarding jumping up to bigger speakers.
    Curtis likes this.
  15. eevo1969

    eevo1969 pfm Member

    Sorry I don’t agree, there’s not my experience.
    A night and day difference no but a small improvement can be had. Best way to describe would probably be a little more effortless, bass a tad tighter. Considering what you could spend elsewhere for no improvement I was impressed.
    Active xovers etc are a bit above my pay grade. Exposure sell active xovers or they did until relatively recently.
  16. Curtis

    Curtis pfm Member

    Unless you are listening at ridiculous levels you have plenty of headroom.
    Most of us won’t exceed 87db as an average.
    Spend your money elsewhere or even better “don’t worry, be happy”
    White Zombie likes this.
  17. mega lord

    mega lord Centre tapped

    I too have experienced some improvement from biamping. Plus if your speakers have a simple xover like mine (just a first order high pass filter on the tweeter) then you can implement the passive filters at line level in the input stage of the power amplifier. No active xover and power supply required, just single capacitor swap in most cases. It was a major improvement over the speaker level equivalent in my case / opinion.
  18. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    I started a thread years ago about passive bi-amping, the replies and explanations I got convinced me it does nothing. So decided to buy a better amp. Having said that I know that Bob at Neat used to do it with a Supernait, and a 250; he admits it's marginal though.
  19. PerF

    PerF Member

    arh ok, missed that point, sorry
    If your happy with 3010 why not try same version pre/power ?
  20. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    I did this in the past, with 2 x IVDR into Gale 302 after modifying the paxos to accept it.
    I tried vertical first, in different configurations but settled on horizontal.
    The improvement was disappointingly marginal but enough to not revert.
    I ran this only for a shortish time as I had landed some SBLs and ordered a V from Exposure.

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