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Nov 5, 2008
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    Rega P8 - Exact 2/AT33PTGII/Ebony Denon DL103
    Sculpture A Discrete Mini Phono/Mini Nano SUT
    Rega Apollo CDP
    Audiolab CD Transport
    Soncoz SGD1 DAC/Pre
    Hattor Big Passive/active Preamp
    Hattor NC500MB Ultimate Mono blocks
    Hattor Tube Active Stage
    Interconnects: Van Damme Star quad Balanced XLR Cabling & Van Den Hul MCD102 III RCA’
    Tannoy Dmt12 II - Audio Note AN/E Stands & Isoacoustics Puck 76’ -
    Van Damme UP-OFC 6mm Shotgun Speaker Cable
    Proac Tablette 10 Signature - Solidsteel SS-6 stands & Mini Pucks -
    Van Den Hul CS122 Speaker Cables

    Clone FW F5 Mono blocks
    Quad 303 (Amplabs control panel upgrade & Joe Henry rebuild)
    Sony CDP 303ES CDP
    Ash Design Cosmic 4 Stands
    Quadraspire QAVM AV Stand

    Main interest is Experimental / Electronic leaning music but I try to get along with most types of music. Sounds corny but I find something of interest in just about any Genre / Style of music I encounter so my collection reflects this.


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