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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part V)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Gaius, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Menace

    Menace pfm Member

    And thank you Peter
  2. Isobarik

    Isobarik pfm Member

    A big thank you to, Steve (bourney) for the Apollo Soprano Rack. Excellent!
  3. MotherSky

    MotherSky Member

    Bought an HDPlex LPS from @mfin today - very smooth transaction and a thoroughly nice chap - anyone considering the purchase of the other equipment he has for sale can proceed with confidence :) - MH
  4. Nye Samuel

    Nye Samuel Herr Katze

    I want to thank @laverda for his work reconstructing my NAIM 180 by replacing the innards with Avondale SE200 and Minicap 6 boards....He did this quickly, without fuss, provided a video of the work and it sounds wonderful.

    Graham you really are a star...thank me you are a credit to the PFM community.
    linnfomaniac83 likes this.
  5. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Thanks Nye :) Swift upfront payment apricated.
    George likes this.
  6. Zaiden

    Zaiden pfm Member

    @raysablade was very happy to talk the logistics through and patient throughout the whole process. Had my friend in Newcastle pick it up and my HD600s have never sounded better since. Amazing and understanding seller - buy with confidence.
  7. Evo

    Evo pfm Member

    Many thanks to 1000RPM for a smooth sale. The item was perfectly packaged.
  8. hamjam

    hamjam pfm Member

    Another big endorsement for @Nye Samuel for the WH speaker cables I bought from him. Impeccable transaction in all respects. One of the good guys!
    Nye Samuel likes this.
  9. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    Belated thanks to @mikeyb for allowing me to relieve him of his spare hifi rack. I now finally have somewhere to display my headphone amps! :)
    mikeyb likes this.
  10. mikeyb

    mikeyb pfm Member

    Thanks also to you for prompt payment, it's been a pleasure dealing with you and your dad :)
    ToTo Man likes this.
  11. Nye Samuel

    Nye Samuel Herr Katze

    @Hound ....Great chap ..modified my Naim Headline free of charge and added better quality cabling.

    Plus supplied two beautiful WH Morgana described.

    100% recommend him.
  12. Hound

    Hound pfm Member

  13. psi310398

    psi310398 pfm Member

    Thanks to @Dandy for a painless and swift sale of his NAS. Very helpful.

  14. psi310398

    psi310398 pfm Member

    Thanks to @gerlando for the phono stage. Prompt and painless, as well.

    gerlando likes this.
  15. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Thanks to @Dandy for the prompt payment.
  16. The Tin Man

    The Tin Man He who snoozes loses

    @Gerard124 one of the good Guys, just bought a Rega io off of Him and it was a smooth hassle free transaction, good communication, a very fair price, super fast delivery and the amp is pristine and as described, thanks again Gerard
    Gerard124 likes this.
  17. Gerard124

    Gerard124 Tempus fugit, memento mori

    @The Tin Man likewise, very smooth transaction with Mark, super quick payment and good communication - another Good Guy! Cheers Mark
    The Tin Man likes this.
  18. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    A big thanks to @Puggie (Bill)
    for his free HK amp.
    Great chap!
  19. Biggsy

    Biggsy Member

    Just bought some Naim gear from Rob Thomson (Thomsong).

    Really happy with the purchase and with Rob’s help and support. Cheers Rob
  20. alindsay

    alindsay pfm Member

    Many thanks to @Nye Samuel who responded to my WTD post so quickly with exactly what I was after.

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