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Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital DAC

Discussion in 'audio' started by miero, May 9, 2017.

  1. MisterJK

    MisterJK Member

    I was finally able to try this out.

    On USB, I was able to make it fault again.
    Then changed to OPT, and played the same songs thru Roon that made the USB input distort. No problems.
    Changed back to USB and the songs still played distorted.

    Odd problem to have.
  2. MisterJK

    MisterJK Member

    Aaaand while just connected to my PC again, the S2 Digital distorted, going from a HQ stream to a 44.1 one, something I tried for an hour to do before and I deemed the PC -> S2 Digital connection a success.

    Looks like I'm wrong, and indeed this S2D is a dud.
  3. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    Worth checking that it is up to date on firmware before anything else? Is it possible to reload the firmware anyway? Not tried anything like this on mine, so I am unsure.

    Mine has a separate small operating problem. I power it from the USB signal from the Mac Mini it is attached to. The separate power adapter is out of use as the socket on the DAC has come adrift. No way are my soldering skills good enough to fix that myself. I can't hear a detriment powered from USB this way so no problem. After several hours of non use the Mac goes to sleep. The DAC does not power down, so the 5V must still be up but the rate readout goes off (makes sense, the Mac is asleep). When I wake up the Mac, the DAC does not always pick up the new signal and sits there. Switching inputs back and forth backs no difference. I have to pull out the USB to power cycle the DAC and then all is well. Minor inconvenience but still slightly odd behaviour.
  4. MisterJK

    MisterJK Member

    Yup I updated the firmware even though it was already on 2.12.
  5. MisterJK

    MisterJK Member

    Today I had a other thought, and set Roon to upsample all music to DSD 256. That way, the Pre Box S2 Digital would never receive 44.1 khz signals.

    And it worked for a while, I just had Roon Radio on for about an hour, as it cycled between MQA and FLAC files of varying quality. But then it finally started distorting, albeit in a different way than the usual distort. This one had the scratchy, muffled sound, but no chipmunk voices.

    I think I've exhausted every way I can try to incorporate this DAC into my system. If you are thinking about purchasing the ProJect Pre Box S2 Digital, I'd think twice. Mine is a dud and I can't get Sumiko to respond for two days now.
  6. Napzca

    Napzca Active Member

    Is the volume control lossless ie do you lose resolution when reducing the volume on the DAC?
  7. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    I use the DAC volume control. No loss of resolution or anything else to me.
  8. MisterJK

    MisterJK Member

    I've been talking to ProJect thru their Facebook messenger. They say my 44.1 khz clock generator needs to be fixed, and that it should be an easy fix. But it has to go through Sumiko, and Sumiko hasn't responded for 2 weeks. This is turning out to be a joke company with a joke product. $400 down the drain.
  9. FrancescoC69

    FrancescoC69 New Member

    Hi all,
    sorry for the newbie question, but I just bought an S2D and struggling to make it properly work with MQA (I know it's quite an old story :()
    Firmware rel. 2.12 (most recent), working fine with local DSD and MQA files played via good old Foobar2k (after various configuration attempts...).
    But when going into the Tidal thing... OMG... no way to make it apparently recognize MQA from the 'Master' files (no sign of the MQA label + blue dot on the S2D display); if I disable the 1* SW unfold on Tidal desktop app, I can't get more than 44,1/48KHz. By enabling SW unfold on Tidal, I manage to get 88/96KHz - 192KHz if I disable the exclusive mode, but MQA label not popping up in any of the cases).
    Even worse, when I'm tired of Tidal and I revert back to FB2K, well, seems like the S2D is back to a piece of crap, not able to manage MQA (no unfold, just 48KHz) and DSD files are almost in all cases mute :(
    So, I have to disconnect the USB connection, and then plug it back. This way, S2D sometimes again works fine with Foobar on DSD and MQA... sometimes not, and I have to restart PC..
    everything looks so random, is my unit defective and should I ask for a change??
    Whatever advice is more than welcome!!
  10. ewok200909

    ewok200909 New Member


    I've joined this forum in hope to track down the 2.10 firmware from someone.

    I upgraded the firmware to 2.12 but to me it doesn't sound the same. Its my only dac/amp and I (badly) want to roll it back.

    It would be doing me a huge favour, I only use FLAC files and wasn't encountering any bugs.

    If anyone can help please let me know.

  11. Anatman

    Anatman New Member

    Hello! Well, maybe a strange question, but:

    In Audirvana I use WASAPI, and Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 control panels says ASIO is not active, but there is different settings there in relation to the ASIO settings. Safe mode etc, hmmm.

    I think that Audirvanas choice of driver is the correct here, but will the PB S2 settings relate to ASIO cause any problems, maybe deactivate?

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