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Pinkfish blocked by OpenDNS ?

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Mark Grant, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables


    OpenDNS have been blocking access for about a week ?

    Makes access impossible from our network or laptops that uses OpenDNS Umbrella.

    If the admin is not aware then maybe check as if OpenDNS block a site there is usually a reason.
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I think OpenDNS have various 'net-nanny' type settings that can be configured to taste. What kind of environment are you in when having this issue, e.g. home, corporate or whatever? Many work environments ban discussion forums etc as a matter of policy, often blocking all vBulletin platforms.

    As a test I've just setup my router with the standard OpenDNS DNS IP address of and it's working fine for me, i.e. I'm not blocked. I'm obviously very interested to get to the bottom of this one, but it's something other than basic OpenDNS access. Anyone any ideas?
  3. russel

    russel ./_dazed_and_confused

    I use OpenDNS and have never had any problem accessing PFM, I think admin has specifically blocked PFM or forums/chat rooms has been selected on the block actions. If its recent, admin thinks you are spending too much time here:).
  4. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables

    :D I am the admin of my opendns account and our network.

    It is OpenDNS umbrella ' prosumer'

    (scroll down and look for 'Want a package for 1 to 5 users' for the prosumer ) The price was $20 a year per user when I signed up.

    I wouldn't browse the internet without it now :)

    A couple of screen grabs if it helps Tony.




  5. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    It's clearly incorrect as there is no malware or anything close to that here (I've checked). Has anyone any idea how to report a false positive to them? You'd think these companies would have the common decency to contact an admin before implementing something that is potentially financially damaging to a business.

    I've managed after much googling to find a web-form and file a support ticket. My advice in the meantime is to switch DNS to say Google's free or as that works properly.
  6. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Perhaps its registered the amount of times 'The Daily Mail' has been mentioned and had a melt down?
  7. russel

    russel ./_dazed_and_confused

    I am admin on mine, the free one, and its working now. If its just PFM and you are admin you just add PFM to the allowed list.
  8. cliffpatte

    cliffpatte Speed camera anarchist

    do you have access to your own Domain DNS settings? Or is this managed for you by your service provider ("Hosting for less"??) ? I suspect the problem is on your hosting service's settings ...
  9. RickyC6

    RickyC6 Infuriate the frog-men

    Premier Inn wifi don't like PFM neither!
  10. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables

    Although the free version of Open DNS appears to be using a different and not as thorough database as the professional paid for version.

    I could add the domain to the whitelist although that would only effect my whitelist and not the hundreds of thousands of other opendns professional users that will see the blocked as a security threat page if they try to visit this site.
    Also whitelisting a domain blocked as malware is not my default action ;)

    Hopefully Tony will get a response from opendns eventually.
    most likely a mistake.
  11. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    How can it be - the fault / error is 100% with OpenDNS, 0% with me or Hosting4Less? OpenDNS cite 'Malware' as a reason for a block and there is none. I've checked the site with the major online website scanners and it's clean. If the likes of Norton, AVG etc think it's clean then what right has some DNS provider got to claim otherwise? I'd consider setting a lawyer on them if I could afford such a thing as their actions are based on a falsehood and potentially financially damaging. I'd understand if they were blocking discussion content as part of some wussy net-nanny setting (may contain mild swearing etc), as many block all forums, but the accusation of 'malware' is entirely false. Their support is crap too, I filed a ticket at 16:09 (reference #121407)) and I've heard nothing back yet.
  12. Brian

    Brian Eating fat, staying slim

    A different thing and not a hijack but I would like to mention pfm gets blocked regularly from my iPad and iPhone by the EE 'age 18' filter regardless that I have it disabled.

    Very frustrating.
  13. Tw99

    Tw99 source last

    If you're on shared hosting, then it could be that some other site that shares the IP address has been compromised, so you're being tarred with the same brush. ~

    $ host www.pinkfishmedia.net
    www.pinkfishmedia.net is an alias for pinkfishmedia.net.
    pinkfishmedia.net has address

    However, it doesn't look like that's the case for PFM, it seems to be the only site hosted on

    Mind you, in Mark's log above, the suspicious address starts with 87.102 so maybe that has something to do with it (unless that's *his* external IP?). If he can post the IP address, you can do a reverse lookup and see what it is.
  14. cliffpatte

    cliffpatte Speed camera anarchist


    as I understand it, DNS is a client / server arrangement. So you and your domain name host own the right to publish an address to anything dot pinkfishmedia.net

    When you set www.pinkfishmedia.net to a specific IP address that can then be picked up by the "Client" as follows. The client sends the string "www.pinkfishmedia.net" to its DNS server - usually this would be someone like Btinternet or Zen Internet or whoever. Their DNS server interracts with the main Internet DNS servers (eg nominet) to resolve "www.pinkfishmedia.net" to the IP address.

    Whatever you publish should be resolved by the client, but it is potentially corrupted or obfuscated by the client DNS server or an IP obfuscation service like "Hola Unblocker". These intermediate service providers provide you with a service that either hides your real IP from the website or it helps to prevent you accessing something dodgy

    So, either end of the process could be corrupted. Is an address that resolves to your own server or is it a shared server operating a number of web sites so that there is a list of IP Names attached to etc ? As an example, I control a web address called www.xyz.co.uk and I redirect the remote.xyz.co.uk to their remote access server and www.xyz.co.uk to a holding page on a different server with a different IP address

    * xyz obviously not being the real name
  15. Mark EJ

    Mark EJ pfm Member

    Although I haven't had precisely the same problem, I can certainly confirm that EE's user controls on their filter are rubbish. Until recently, regardless of what setting you specified when logged into your account on their site, nothing would change at all. When returned to the summary page, everything would be as before.

    Now however, the default setting is 'Light', which should allow access to 'social forums, etc.', but if you want to turn it off completely, you get directed to a page where they want an entire set of personal details (which, as all this is happening under a password-protected login, they already have) for submission to Equifax "for age verification". There's a link on that page for "Why do I have answer all these questions", but it leads to a 404.

    All very Blairite.
  16. auric

    auric pfm Member

    ^^ More along the lines of "Well if you have nothing to hide..." :(
  17. cliffpatte

    cliffpatte Speed camera anarchist

  18. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I'm currently out at MOSI frightening total strangers with computer history and I find myself blocked from my own forum by this OpenDNS - I'm typing this via 3G rather than the museum's wi-fi. Seriously annoyed, and still no response to my support ticket. Anyone any idea how to get them to pay attention and resolve this issue? Can I request that anyone with an OpenDNS account here raises a ticket / complaint.
  19. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    This should hopefully be resolved now - I managed to get a dialogue going with OpenDNS via their pre-sales site and they escalated it through to support from there. A tech support guy has just phoned me and stated the issue was an error on their behalf and that the block is now lifted. May take a little time for caches to flush etc, but it should be fixed.
  20. Mark Grant

    Mark Grant Trade: Mark Grant Cables

    It's fixed here :) thanks :)

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