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Old Technics SL1200 vs New version?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Alex S, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Erocka2000

    Erocka2000 pfm Member

    I had the standard A23 mat when I had my Well Tempered Amadeus GTA a few years ago. I liked it, but I feel the Hommage is better. I like that it's rigid.
  2. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    The A23 seems well liked by WT owners (Mike Pranka imports both to the US). Did you go straight from the Amadeus to the Technics? I went from the WT Classic to the SL1200, so at a lower tier but I guess similar.
  3. Erocka2000

    Erocka2000 pfm Member

    No, I went from the Well Tempered to a Rega P9 to a Linn LP12 to a Thorens TD-124, then to the Technics.
  4. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Time to settle down then :)
  5. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    That’s an interesting little trip. What did you learn?
  6. deebster

    deebster Half Man Half Biscuit

    The Hommage does a grand job on my Amadeus GTAa, both on sound quality and removing static issues, which I very often had with the stock mat.
  7. Erocka2000

    Erocka2000 pfm Member

    That all turntables sound different and that there is no one best drive method. Each table has their pluses and minuses. I'd love to eventually try a Technics SP10R or restored Garrard 301/401 with a 12" arm.
    Tarzan likes this.
  8. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    So, I’ve had the fluid damper for 24 hrs. It helps a little with noise floor and timbre and a lot with imaging and separation. I filled it just beyond 1/3rd with gunk.

    It makes the Technics more nuanced and overall quieter in a good way. I’d advise it’s purchase. I did get done by customs but only to the tune of £13.
  9. rtrt

    rtrt pfm Member

  10. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    These are basically plastic fakes of the KAB damper. Avoid on moral grounds if not others.
    Konteebos likes this.
  11. Konteebos

    Konteebos Traitor Re-joiner

    Sounds promising, I ordered one last week and I'm looking forwards to trying it out.

    One really good thing about the 1200G is its resistance to footfall vibration with a suspended floor. I have the bounciest floor ever in my listening room and unless I stamp I never get any skipping. Unlike my old LP12 which had to go on a wall shelf.
  12. Simon s

    Simon s pfm Member

    Thats great news. Will order one of those then.
  13. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    I can’t imagine anyone not being pleased with it but there are a few ‘it did nothing’ reports on the web. My guess is it wasn’t set up properly or the cart was such a mismatch in the first place that it was beyond hope.

    For reference, I’m using an AT 440mlb and every single record has seen an improvement. I should have done it sooner.
  14. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    So in recent days I’ve stuck the VM 540 ML, the KAB damper and the A23 mat on the Technics. I think they are all well worth the price of admission.

    The newer AT is better balanced than the 440 MLB, the damper is a no brainer, here at least, and the mat looks lovely and makes it easier to decipher ridiculous vocal samples buried deep in the Carbon Based Lifeforms type stuff I like. Leonard Cohen sounds good too, as do most violins and pianos - pitch stability is a wonderful thing.

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