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Naim xps

Discussion in 'audio' started by worz, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. worz

    worz pfm Member

    Hi is it worth it thinking of adding one to my cdx ,anybody done it its seems a logical uplift to performance, regards
  2. Gusto

    Gusto New Member

    I can't comment directly because I have a CDX2 but I added a DIY power supply and the improvement was substantial. Better bass extension and control, much wider soundstage extending beyond the speakers and a smoother treble.

    I would say it was definitely worthwhile. Unless you particularly want a Naim, I would also consider the Teddy Pardo XPS which I believe is cheaper.
  3. Dinovector

    Dinovector pfm Member

    I heard an A/B demo at the Bristol HiFi show when the CDX was first launched. It was a 52SC 4x135 active SBL system so it would show up the differences well but the improvement was impressive. That was the demo that persuaded me to go the Naim route instead of valves

    Teddy Pardo does a version, I have his supercap and it out performs the Naim one slightly and is a lot cheaper, worth thinking about
  4. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    The XPS does improve the CDX in very predictable Naim PSU ways. The sound has more weight and body to it which is exactly what the CDX lacks. If you like the CDX you will almost certainly like what the XPS does.

    Value is another matter, I don't know what an XPS costs these days. I can't even remember what I paid for mine! Rem they are now old and full of big capacitors. Mine had been recapped.
  5. worz

    worz pfm Member

    Tomtom has one in unserviced £875 2002 vintage 6 month warranty, can supply naim service at £350
  6. MJS

    MJS Technical Tinkerer

    Don't buy an unserviced one - the capacitors run at the rated voltage, often higher, and you end with a badly (if at all) regulated supply and rattly cans inside.
  7. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Yeah, but TomTom's prices are ridiculous. I think mine was somewhere between £500 and £600 with new caps in it. £900 for one that needs caps? Don't think so. Very poor value for what it does.

    Put it this way, that's what it would cost for an entire Rega Saturn-R which I preferred over the CDX/XPS. Over a grand to make a CDX slightly better is nuts.
  8. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    Wonder if he ever sell any of those NDX on that weird website
  9. worz

    worz pfm Member

    I've looked around cant find any serviced xps for 600 quid be nice
  10. suzywong

    suzywong Wot, no electrons?

    i have a CDX, i also have an XPS. both "olive".

    Does the XPS improve the sound of the CDX. Answer is yes.

    Olive XPSs currently go for up to a grand on eBay. XPS2 (black case) are around 1200. XPS-DR are from 1700 upwards, and mostly above 2000.

    Is it worth the expense? .....well, that's up to you to decide.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2020
    david1111 likes this.
  11. worz

    worz pfm Member

    Its logical step really, I really enjoy my cdx so to realise it full potential would be great and source first was also a consideration as I'm happy with my 72 250 upstream
  12. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    If the CDX works in your system and you enjoy it then I'd say yes, get an XPS. I think it's too expensive for the difference it makes but heck, that's Naim for you. Importantly, there aren't any down sides. It doesn't make the CDX sound slower or worse in any way, it's just an improvement. You'll like it.
    lagavullin10y likes this.
  13. duckworp

    duckworp pfm Member

    Yes it makes a big difference but the Teddy Pardo XPS is even better than a straight XPS. Naim XPS DR sounded marginally better still. And teddy p is cheaper and smaller and doesn’t require servicing. I sold my TP XPS for £600 recently which is so much better value than a serviced Naim.
    Stuart Frazer and Mr Pig like this.
  14. Featsdont

    Featsdont Well-Known Member

    I have a Teddy Pardo XPS on my NAC272 having previously had an XP5 XS. The TP is very good value and shouldn’t require recap etc. The LED light failed after 6 months but that doesn’t affect the sound.
    FWIW I did audition a bare NDX2 against one powered by Naim XPS DR and then a 555 power supply and concluded that the biggest change came from the addition of the XPS. Haven’t heard a CDx so can’t comment on that specifically.
    Mr Pig likes this.
  15. HiFiman

    HiFiman Don't tell him Pike

    I preferred the old CDPS (modified to work) on my CDX over the olive XPS, warmer presentation to the sound. These you can pickup cheap and with a service from Witch Hat restored to former glory.
    Mr Pig likes this.
  16. worz

    worz pfm Member

    Who modified it mukka
  17. Stuart Frazer

    Stuart Frazer pfm Member

    As above, the Teddy XPS offers very good value for money. It will make a nice improvement and upgrade on your CDX.
  18. HiFiman

    HiFiman Don't tell him Pike

    Back in the day the naim factory but I guess Witch Hat or similar will be able to mod. The modified versions had a white dot near the burndy output (illustrate it has been modified)to make these compatible with CDX or CDS2, I ran the CDPS with a CDX then CDS2 for many years. Tried the olive XPS but always preferred the CDPS.
    Manket likes this.
  19. MJS

    MJS Technical Tinkerer

    The XPS is effectively a dual-polarity Supercap. With a poor choice of capacitors.
    The CDPS has two transformers and is effectively a digital power supply and a dual-polarity Hicap in one box. It's no surprise that it should sound better.
    Manket, Mr Pig and HiFiman like this.
  20. aion1944

    aion1944 pfm Member

    I will have one for sale as soon as my spare comes back from avondale if you are interested ?

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