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£500-£1000 Turntable suggestions plz

Discussion in 'audio' started by jimmymcfarrell, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    del monaco,if you're referring to mine, it was sold for restoration, effectively for parts, no arm included. It had been bought new by the seller's father but hadn't been used for several years.

    Don't jump to conclusions.

    Also, Pro-ject budget models are a risky proposition. They hum, a problem with the motor mounting that has plagued them for many years. I sold mine for that reason - certainly the Debut, no matter how good the arm, is not really a HiFi deck.
  2. heidcase music

    heidcase music pfm Member

    Good advice i also have the Thorens 150 mk2 but kept the original arm and have fitted a good moving coil sounds sublime.
  3. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    If you bought an LP12 I'd be happy to set it up for you.
  4. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    Just thinking, I've a friend in Sussex with a clean LP12/Ittok which would come within budget - he doesn't have the original box but is the second owner, bought it from AudioT/Jeffries in Brighton after sharing a house with me and my LP12!
  5. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

  6. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

  7. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    Ok that's good to hear, thankyou.
    I guess I want an LP12 if for no other reason than because it'll 'look right' with the rest of my kit (lots of (soon to be serviced) Nytech amps, A&R A/SA60, A.R.C loudspeakers, active x-overs in the Nytechs / A&Rs, some 80s Musical Fidelity bits & IMF RSPM4s, amongst various other bits'n'pieces) so based on the obvious (borderline obsessive) desire to fill my home with British built relics from the 70s/80s, an LP12 really fits the bill! It would probably also spur me on to by some nackered Isobariks to fix up & put an active Naim system together, but all in good time.

    Technics 1200 - that's probably what the sensible part of my brain would say to buy.
    Michell Gyro - struggling to find these within budget actually, most are £1k+. How about the Michell Focus and Hydraulic Reference and the other similar models by Transcriptors? The look of the 'Clockwork Orange' deck appeals, and fits with the retro brit theme I've got going however I've not heard good things about how they sound....
  8. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    Sounds good, 2nd hand from someone on here or someone known to someone on here is def preferable.

    JezmondTutu you have PM
  9. oldius

    oldius Can pleasure be measured?

    The Thorens TD125 contains many of the features of the latest £12k Sondek and sounds fabulous. In its day was a truly high end deck but can now be had with arm for well under £500. Simply the biggest bargain in audio in my opinion.
  10. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    Is the TD124 that much better than the 125 so as to often sell for twice as much? Am i correct in thinking the 125 replaced the 124 & that the 124's higher value nowadays is based on rarity, age, collectability & possibly because any that are still worth using will have had time effort & money lavished on them, whereas newer 125s are yet to have had such investment? Or did Thorens get it wrong & update the 124 with an inferior product?
  11. Burrells Boy

    Burrells Boy pfm Member

    For me its a no brainer, an LP12 set up by Andrew sounds fabulous, with the side benefit of possible upgrade if you want to, also you will be able to sell on, with little or no financial loss, but I don't think that you would want to.
  12. CHE

    CHE pfm Member

    Get a Heybrook TT2 for peanuts, add a better power supply and a Basik Plus arm to start with. All for about £500.

  13. Dick Bowman

    Dick Bowman Well-Known Member

    Care to tell more?
  14. 337alant

    337alant Negatively Biased

    This does sound a very good deal ;)

  15. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco I wasn't referring to yours. Don't jump to was a general statement.
  16. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    Looking very seriously at an immaculate 2002 LP12 with basik psu and an Akito tonearm and AT95 for a grand. Is the Akito better than the Ittok?
  17. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    There's a really nice Thorens TD125 MK2 on TAOS at £425.

    Nothing to do with me just passing the info on.
  18. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    No it most certainly is not!

    That's waaay too much for that combo

    Any circussed LP12/Ittock/Valhalla would beat it and they can be had in decent condition for a lot less.

    for your budget you could have had a really minty well fettled example such as this

    J7's work would have moved that Ittock into Ekos territory.

    The LP12 with Ittock and Pinnk Linnk currently on the bay would be reasonable vfm. The pinnk linnk is as good or better than the Lingo2
  19. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    Ok tah for the advice. The £1k combo in question is advertised on here:-

    "Hi there

    bought this 2002 Rosenut LP12 from John Roberts in the summer

    since buying it, I've had it checked out by the Audio Works and bought it a nice new box and an AT95

    it's been in it's nice new box ever since and I've now decided that I don't need an LP12 in my life after all

    so up for a quick sale at £1,000

    Am based at Pink Fish towers north of Manchester and can deliver / meet half way for petrol


    Dave "

    What would be a reasonable price for this? It's new enough to have the cirkus bearing apparently so guessing it's the arm / psu that's letting it down.
    Can someone list the Linn arms that I'm going to be coming across in my search in order of goodness for me please. In fact a brief run down of basic variations between different standards of LP12s and expected prices would be very much appreciated. Valhalla and Basik are the two psu's, yes? Pre and post cirkus relates to the bearing upgrade? What else should I be aware of?
    I've seen good things about the Mission 774 (or is it 771??) arm, how does this compare to the Linn ones. Emporium have a hand painted (black) plinth'd example with the mission arm for (iirc) £600 which, as I'm not too fussy about looks, could be tempting if that's a reasonable price esp if it's had some £££s knocked off for the dodgy paint job. They've had it advertised for ages so wondering if open to offers...
    Thanks everybody for your thoughts & advice.
  20. Howdy

    Howdy pfm Member

    It's not super bargain, but the price seems more than fair to me,* if it's taken care of, everything in good condition and well setup.

    2002 LP12 + good Ittok + any PSU for GBP1000 is crazy cheap and I guess woudn't come around too often.

    *Absolutely no relation to the seller - milles apart :)

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