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£500-£1000 Turntable suggestions plz

Discussion in 'audio' started by jimmymcfarrell, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. jimmymcfarrell

    jimmymcfarrell pfm Member

    I've recently found myself, for the first time since I was a young child, in the horrible position of not having a turntable.
    This obviously needs to be rectified so I'm looking for suggestions of what to buy. Thinking around the £500 mark but this isn't set in stone, I'll happily pay less if for example: something (of amazing value for money 2nd hand) is good enough at say £350 to require an outlay of £1500 to significantly better it; however I'd consider upping budget from £500 to £700-£1000 if something really good (both in performance terms & value for money terms) really takes my fancy! Rather buy second hand & would like it to be something I can prove is in good order and worth buying without having to study tonnes of literature and ask loads of questions. I'm talking about the Linn LP12, which looks both tempting & an absolute mine-field. There's so much info about the LP12 i don't know where to start, what spec should I go for, what is within my budget, is it better to spend a bit more & get a better spec'd one right from the off or should I look at cheaper ones with a view to some upgrades later as and when I can? Or is it not worth buying one in this sort of price range, is something else noticeably better when one is only spending up to a grand. What are the differences between the various 'versions' of the LP12 & what can I expect to get as the price increases.
    Also any suggestions for alternatives will be gratefully received. Looking for best value really, been looking at Transcriptors decks but they always seem rather expensive, also Ariston, Thorens, Strathclyde Transcription Developments etc. As you can see I don't mind how old the deck is do long as it's reliable and also wondering if I'm better looking for a complete deck and arm together or if better value buying them separate.
    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    Linns are great value for money in that they hold their value and parts are readily available. For me the minimum spec would be a Valhalla PS with a good arm. I have an Akito upon which Audio Origami has performed some magic, so something like that or better.

    Also worth considering is the Thorens TD 150, but you need to be handy as the stock arm, while not bad, is not up to the standard of the rest of the deck. I replaced mine with an RB 300 and it's now a lovely-sounding deck.
  3. wino2020

    wino2020 pfm Member

    To me the LP12 is a difficult road to go down because of the variety of upgrades. a badly set up LP12 also sounds bad. You could get a good quality Xerxes for that money with a Tabriz zi which is easier to set up and maintain. The sag which critics describe is over-estimated in frequency and importance.
  4. PaulMB

    PaulMB pfm Member

    Thorens 125 or 126 MkI or MkII
  5. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    I'd also consider the Xerxes route (watch for sagging top plates though), maybe a WTA if in budget or perhaps a new Rega?

    Of course, there are many other viable options including Garrard and Technics.
  6. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

    I've had a top of the range LP12 now a Amadeus GTA. I would never consider another 12 it is just too coloured. In your shoes I would get a Rega RP6 which is probably what I will get next as my Faf tolerance is reducing with age,
  7. paskinn

    paskinn pfm Member

    I think I would approach this from the opposite route: simply ask, what is the best deck around for me to buy at that price. I would not look for any particular model of deck, just the best all-round value on the current market.
    Doubt that it matters whether it's a Linn, Roksan, Michell or whatever. Just get the best value available. All of the major decks offer good sound quality. Go for condition and the best arm for the money. These days, there are real bargains to be had.
  8. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    A new Rega would be a good choice. Clearaudio.
  9. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    I've seen some new design RP3s for £350 at Moorgate Acoustics in Sheffield. Slight seconds but probably so slight you can't really see a problem.Great value I think.
  10. sazalirazak

    sazalirazak pfm Member

    Project debut carbon + ortofon salsa..imo hard to go wrong
  11. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    Except for the Pro-ject hum...
  12. spedey_74

    spedey_74 pfm Member

    Ariston RD11?
    But as LP12, are difficult set turntable... :(

    OT: for you experience, what's are the entry set turntable/arm (to buy new) for start with a MC cartridges?
  13. antonio1

    antonio1 pfm Member

    noticed a not so slight bending of the plinth ,but if that affected performance somehow I wouldn't have guessed.
    For that sort of money I'd turn to a Roksan , thorens 125 , better still LP12 if well set-up
  14. Mike g

    Mike g pfm Member

    Where are you based? If you are for example near Glasgow then it would be worth speaking to someone like Jonny at audio origami if you fancy an lp12. I know he sell them secondhand and he would get it all set up properly so would be just plug in and play for you.
  15. krenzler

    krenzler pfm Member

    Rega RP3 or RP6 with Ortofon 2M or Nagaoka MP range of carts?
  16. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    I think for that money you'll only get a minimal LP12 set up and this will be bettered by many of the alternatives listed above. You could get a 2nd hand Clearaudio Concept though you might struggle to find one for that price.
  17. antonio1

    antonio1 pfm Member

    absolutely not, an LP12 proves a better base and wins hands down even equipped with a basic akito and at cart .
    Been there, done that.
  18. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    As above, TD150 sounds superb. I had a Linn LVX on mine and it worked really well.
  19. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    That's been my experience. I have a Clearaudio, a Lenco, and had a Technics SL 1200. The only turntables that come close to the LP12 are the Thorens and maybe (haven't made a direct comparison) the SL-10. The Garrard 401 i have may be better, but haven't got it running yet.
  20. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    I'd steer well clear of the Clearaudio (ha!).

    Simple plug and play get new Rega RP3, keep it a bit, you will always be able too sell it on.

    Find someone who knows what they are doing to put an LP12 together for you which can be done at the top of your budget no problem.

    This is something we do quite a lot of as there are always spares around from upgrades.

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