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Speaker kit - how about this one?

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by horace, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. horace

    horace pfm Member


    I fancy building a pair of speakers and feel drawn to these ones (I have a KT88 valve integrated gathering dust and wondered if they might be a good match).


    The price of the kit is £370 including flat pack MDF cabinets.

    I'm a beginner, though I have just about enough DIY experience to cope with putting them together.

    £370 will buy a pretty good pair of used speakers these days, so is this kit likely to be worth the outlay in sound per pound terms?

    Any other recommendations (similar cost or less)?


  2. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

  3. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    I've heard those a few times.

    Bloody good for the money and designed by Peter Comeau, ex head of Heybrook and with more speakers designs for the industry biggies under his belt than I've had hot dinners - well, you know what I mean :)
  4. stueyh

    stueyh pfm Member

    have a look at IPL, I use the S4. Being a true tranny line they have a very easy load.
  5. ron

    ron Tweaker

  6. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

    How would you describe the sound using your valve amp, and do they need a lot of space behind them.
  7. stueyh

    stueyh pfm Member

  8. ron

    ron Tweaker

    The sound is wide, deep and very detailed although I've done a lot of upgrades to the Kit88, those stone each Sowters made a big difference,with the standard transformers the sound was smaller and not as controlled in the bass although I found it sounded like that with other speakers I tried them with.

    I have the IPL's about a foot away from the rear wall and don't have any problems.
    BTW when new they sounded awful for about a week and seemed to keep improving, I really like these speakers and don't feel the need to upgrade yet, they sound very good with the UCD and NCC200 amp

    Only thing with the Ribbons is that they sound best sat in the listening position

    Ivans a nice chap, I got chance to have a listen to his speakers when we spent a fortnight at Ilfracombe
  9. cliveastro

    cliveastro pfm Member

    Re. Wilmslow speaker kits, they are easy to put together with only basic tools.
    I built one for a friend and they didnt require any special tools.
    The only thing I would say is dont use quick drying wood glue as the parts will take a long time to assemble. Most of the time is taken squeezing out the glue, so pour a load into a jar and use a brush to put it on with.
    So have a dry run first.

  10. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

    Sounds interesting, I am looking for something thats detailed and musical but a bit less lean than my Rega Ela 1.5's, they need to be no more than a foot from the rear wall thats why the world-design appealed.
    btw whats Sowters upgrade?
  11. ron

    ron Tweaker

    Sowter sells custom transformers, the ones I brought replaced the supplied WAD output transformers for my Kit88 valve amp, not cheap but made a worthwhile improvement IMO.
  12. Have Fun

    Have Fun pfm Member

    You mean contact adhesive here? .. if so not a good idea to use it
    vapour can also affect drivers btw
    Quick drying to me means a glue sets in 1-2 hours or so but still cures after for about 24hrs eg Evo Stick still allows for manouvre on joining
    MDF edges should be sealed before glueing as they are absorbent
  13. YNWOAN

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    I'm sure he doesn't mean contact adhesive; though, as you say, that would be a bad idea.

    PVA can go off surprisingly quickly if the joints are tight and its easy to waste time 'faffing' about. A dry (no glue) run is essential - as Clive states.
  14. julian2002

    julian2002 pfm Member

    here's a link to my speaker build diary for a pair of ipl s5tl's over on zerogain.


    there's a bit of prevarication at the start but it follows my build from start to end.

    i'm still using them after 2 years and feel no need to change them. i looked at some of the wilmslow kits but i wanted 10+ inch bass drivers and all of wilmslows were too expensive. also every review i could find of the ipls was complimentary saying that they were fun yet revealing, something i'd definately agree with.

    still haven;t painted them though.

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