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Rega planar 3..... or RP6?

Discussion in 'audio' started by igor_xxxx, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    I am toying with the idea of getting a turntable, just for the fun of it.

    I have only few albums but I want to explore the vinyl possibilities and experience.

    Does it make sense to purchase something in the Rega Planar 3 range and can it rival or better my digital setup which is a Mytek 192 dac into Neumann KH310A monitors? Even if this is only for fun, I still would like to have good quality.

    Also in consideration is the "old" RP6 which is discounted by my dealer and it's only 200-300 euros more then the P3.I am leaning more towards the P3 since it's newer but still...

    Which phono stage from Rega is the best partner with each TT, or something else should be considered?

    The other options that I have is something from Thorens and Roksan.

    The Regas are the first choice due to heavy discounts from the dealer and I have no possibility for an audition to compare them.

  2. busb

    busb pfm Member

    Just for the fun of it? I'd go for a Rega P1. If you like it & want more, part ex it for something better.
    If I had £1500 or so to burn, I'd get the new P6, new phono stage & MC cartridge but I still have 300 or so records & loads of singles which I never sold when CDs came out.
    Something 2nd hand? If I went with the P3, I'd have to give some thought to what cartridge I'd start with - maybe not a Rega.
  3. Olsen

    Olsen Well-Known Member


    Go for a Planar 1
    The latest edition is very good
    Plug & play

    Far too many purchase higher up in hiearchy in their first TT adventure

    Quite silly
    because they have allmost zero records
    Because they have no experience in vinyl world and setup etc
    Because they often regret and need reselling with big loss
  4. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    Thanks for the advices guys... let's forget that "for the fun" phrase and let me know if any of these options can match my digital setup, or even exceed it?

    2nd hand is no option, there is almost no 2nd hand audio market here, and the Rega stuff is heavily discounted due to closing of this shop.We are speakig in the range of ~550eur for the Planar 3/Elys2 and ~800Eur for the RP6/Exact.

    Also the phono stages from Rega are on discount, so all of this is the reason why I am thinking if I should go with Rega right now, or wait for other options in the near future.
  5. PerF

    PerF Private

    Thats a bargain !

    Buy everything you can afford, first off the rp6, get the Fono too

    Great stuff !

    Enjoy, I much prefer vinyl playback to most digital but you need to try yourself
  6. hi-fi132

    hi-fi132 pfm Member

    Out of those choices I would buy the RP6 / Exact, especially if you're comparing to a digital source. The Exact is a far superior cartridge to the Elys2 supplied with the Planar 3.
  7. forester

    forester pfm Member

    The better the TT you buy the more you will enjoy it, although you need to have something left to buy a few records.
  8. dave charlton

    dave charlton cubist

    Like Per my preference is for vinyl also.

    TT choice for me would be the Planar 3 (if it's the new one) with the Elys2 + Fono of course :)
  9. misterc6

    misterc6 What's he building in there?

    The RP6 is a very fine turntable and the better bargain of the two you are considering at those prices. It has an Exact cartridge which is a big improvement on the Elys 2 that comes with the Planar 3 and also includes the TT-PSU (U.K. list price £198) which gives you better speed stability, lower motor noise and electronic speed change.
  10. Jason P

    Jason P pfm Member

    At that price if you can afford it I'd snap the RP6 up before anyone else does... in fact, see if he'll do you a better deal for both and sell one on!!
  11. hifi_dave

    hifi_dave Hi-Fi Retailer

    No brainer.

    Get the RP6/Exact.
  12. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    ^^^ RP6 is a great little player.
  13. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    As everybody else says, RP6/Exact is a no-brainer at that price. Also, get the Rega Phono stage while you're at it.
  14. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    RP6 -- it's a great turntable and you can sell it to someone else for little to no loss if you don't get infected with "vinyl flu". (But you will.)
  15. igor_xxxx

    igor_xxxx pfm Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I sent an email to my dealer and I will see if the RP6 is still availible, on friday it was, but with the clearance sales could be risky.

    Just to be sure, the new arm and improvements on the Planar 3 are still not enough to match the RP6 with the Exact? What about adding the new TTPSU later as an option?

    Regarding the phono stage, is the Fono MM good enough, considering the price, or I should opt for the RP6 only?

    There is an Aria availible also, but I don't know if it's much better from the Fono MM?
  16. PerF

    PerF Private

    Thats the thousand dollar question

    I ran a new Planar 3 while waiting for new Planar 6, and I thought it was mighty fine, also added the ttpsu I guess they are very close, old RP6 vs new Planar3/ttpsu.

    The Exact is the game changer there

    Must admit not beeing a great fan of the Bias/Elys even they are better now than before.
    Exact is quite special and stunning in some ways but not for everyone.

    Anyway, the mentioned prices are silly good so purchase whatever to afford

    The Rega Fono phonostage is mighty fine and superb match for Exact, not compared against Aria though, but this will secure you the day you go up to Apheta/Ania/Aphelion��
  17. misterc6

    misterc6 What's he building in there?

    PerF is absolutely correct here.

    The most important component in any audio reproduction system is the first one in the chain which in this case is the cartridge and the Exact easily beats the Elys2.

    The Exact is the deal breaker and the TT-PSU is the icing on the cake.

    Buying the Planar 3 and adding the TT-PSU later will cost you about the same as buying the RP6 now and you still won't have the Exact.

    UK prices are:

    Elys 2 - £119
    Exact - £255
    TT-PSU - £198
  18. fhsa8

    fhsa8 pfm Member

    Add TT PSU and you will love it. My nurse has this set up but using Brio-R phono stage. Amazingly good. (Also RX-1) , but I've not heard a RP-6

  19. dave charlton

    dave charlton cubist

    Not knocking the Exact but mine only really started to sing when I upgraded from a p25 to P9 way back when (source first and all that ;))
  20. daren_p

    daren_p pfm Member

    Like most others have already said, go RP6 if you can get it. If not, I haven't heard a direct comparison (RP6 owner) but I would guess a planar 3 with the TTPSU (using the same cartridge) will get you very close to the performance of the RP6.

    I have used both the Elys2 & Exact2 & the Exact2 is far superior, so I would go with that option for either table. Now if you have the option for a MC cartridge & a good dealer that can set it up for you, I'd also highly recommend checking out the Hana cartridges. Their E series will be in the price range of the exact (where I'm from it retails for less) & should be a noticeable jump up (I'm running their more expensive SL & its a much better cartridge then the exact).

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