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Help: Where are DPA Digital?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Yeldarb, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    Good stuff.

    One correction, though: the mech in the Enlightment drive is definitely NOT a Philips. According to Tom, it's a "Yanyion".

    DPA_SERVICE Active Member

    As featured in the Goodmans Delta 800. Though the original mechanism for both the Enlightenment and Renaissance CD Players was a Philips, it was a dreadful affair costing $13; reliability 2 weeks after shipment. Though at least 2 still exist.

    The final CD Player mechanism was a Teac supplied from Germany by George Brunns (now deceased) German Distributor of DPA.

    Most Enlightenment and Renaissance CD Players featured DX Processors, but from 1997 onwards they were FPGA based 24 bit Pulse Array.

    The last Enlightenment Drive 24 bit was manufactured 5 weeks ago from spare parts I had left over. June 2007. Who say's DPA is gone?

    I can still manufacture the RF Filters versions 2 and 3; cables including a variant of Black 16 speaker cable and in the future a better quality of amplifier.

    I also offer a legacy repair function, and always free advice.
  3. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Tom, that's really helpful. I'll update the page soon.

    (My Enlightenment drive has the cheapy Philips drive in it...so that's three still running!)
  4. tomek

    tomek pfm Member

    In my DPA drive there is one Teac drive. I can check the exact type later.

    Checked !

    I opened my DPA drive and inside there is Philips CDM 12.1 drive !
    I don't know how i came on the idea that inside there is one Teac drive.
    Looking for one spare drive, on german ebay one can get new one for 20€.
    Thinking about buying two ...

    DPA_SERVICE Active Member

    Some Enlightenment Drives/ Renaissance CD players which were returned to DPA for repair had Teac mechanisms fitted. A quick fix you might say. But they are not 24 bit units because they do not have FPGA components.
  6. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    Good to see you back, Tom.

    I have problems with both my Drive and Dac.

    I could possibly send the DPA board of the Drive and the DAC over, or alternatively if you could supply the circuit diagrams I could get a local techie to have a look at them.
  7. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga


    DPA_SERVICE Active Member

    Unusual both dac and drive faulty?

    Please give further details via private message and we will try and resolve your problem.
  9. papytube

    papytube New Member

    Hi Tom,

    As a newbie on this forum, I tried for a long time to find some technical spec. on DPA PDM 1.2. Nothing on french forums and it's a real chance to speak to a DPA's Engineer. I bought it few weeks ago and unfortunately it doesn't work well. The serial number written by hand on the rear side is "PJ14 200V". inside the device, it is written "David BL17 10/06/92". It sounds really oriented in bass and low medium and no treble. After a quick investigation with a digital wave generator (20Hz -> 20kHz, constant peak to peak voltage), I fund that peak to peak voltage of the sinusoidal waveform decreases by 3 between 1000Hz and 20000Hz. It explains why it sounds oriented in bass. Do you encountered such a problem ? Do you have some ideas for more precise investigations ? I try to find the circuit diagrams, do you have it ? Sorry for poor English and hope you'll find an idea to investigate.

  10. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    The Deltec DAC's did have a rolled off response, in fact -3dB at 20K sounds about right.

    DPA_SERVICE Active Member

    Send me a private message and all shall be revealed. THe last series of PDM 1 series 2's were PL prefix; these were the most polished; some had coax and optical inputs.

    PDM 1 series 1 used the SAA7320; early PDM 1 series 2 used SAA 7321 (times 2) and final versions used SAA7350 devices.

    Tom :)
  12. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    Hi Tom. Any joy with the pdf's?
  13. papytube

    papytube New Member

    Hi Tom,
    Hope you received my yesterday private message (because your private mailbox seems to be full) and you had possibility to reach my web album...

  14. drrd

    drrd New Member

    Hey Tom, thought i'd say a quick hello. You might remember i came to see you a good few years ago and took delivery of quite a bundle of DPA gear. Believe it was 200 series pre, 2x power amps, 200s phono amp, 3 meter pair black slink and some black 16 speaker cable :) Most of it's in the loft now i have to say but i was always fond of the DPA sound. Really liked my Renaissance player until it died, somehow i always had the feeling that it was going to have a relatively short lifespan :)

    I recently sold off my 'proper' pre-amp and havent yet decided on a replacement. Dug out the 200s to fill in and surprisingly running single ended between an Esoteric D-70 and ATC 150 ASLs it sounds not bad at all!

    Also found a 200s power amp is very good for driving my sennheisers.

    Anyway good to see you're still busy on the scene.

  15. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    Glad your finding a use for the DPA Russell - keeping it in the loft is criminal! :eek:

    DPA_SERVICE Active Member

    Are you the Medical Doctor who was into Ambient Techno? That was dating a very pretty Nutitionist? If so are you still in Manchester?

    Regards your CD Player it may be repairable, I have a number of spares one might say.

    The loft is no place for DPA; better Ebay as demand is good.

    Anyone know who would like to buy a PDM 1024 Reference dac? This was the £6k gold thing that Hifi World raved about. This particular one sounds excellent!
  17. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    I might - drop me a pm please!
  18. drrd

    drrd New Member

    Yes that's me. The CD player got binned during a house move clear out. Was probably something really trivial gone wrong but thought DPA were long gone. Never mind.
    I do keep thinking i should sell the other stuff but i guess i'm quite attached to them really. I've certainly bought and sold a lot of hifi in the meantime.
  19. Peejay16

    Peejay16 Member

    see classified ads today or send me a PM for details.
  20. AlastairMB

    AlastairMB New Member

    Hopefully this thread is the right place to ask the question..

    Does anyone know where I can get spares for a DPA T1 transport?

    Specifically the bit I need is an orange gear wheel that drives the door open / closed.

    The gears are stripped from much use and is seems a shame to bin the unit which has worked well for more than a decade for such a small part.

    (I would be looking to buy the spare rather than have it serviced as i live in the Bush in Australia)

    Thanks in advance for any help


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