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Your Song/Track of the Day

Discussion in 'music' started by Musicraft, May 25, 2015.

  1. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Isa Lei (Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt)

  2. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

  3. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works/Mrs Dalloway: War Anthem (Max Richter)

  4. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Hawkwind and Fire

    The medley of I’m a Believer and Sedan Delivery slap bang in the middle of the second set of this Feelies bootleg. The Velvet’s medley of Run Run Run/What Goes On that follows it isn’t bad either.
  5. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    "If I had a Heart" from the album Fever Ray by Fever Ray (CD res Bandcamp). The live version on Live at Troxy is also very good (Bandcamp 24/44).

    Amber Audio likes this.
  6. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Pictures Of You (The Cure)

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  7. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Cure parody by Les Inconnus

  8. oceanobsession

    oceanobsession pfm Member

  9. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

  10. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    "Serotonin" from the album if i could make it go quiet by girl in red (her choice of lower case)

  11. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Bella (Carlos Santana)

    nostromo and omega3 like this.
  12. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    From the album Bursting at the Seams by The Strawbs. To think they've been putting out albums for more than 50 years!

  13. omega3

    omega3 pfm Member

    Hey, maaan! - I was going to put this one up someday.
    My favourite mellow, octaves a la Montgomery/Benson, of all.
    I recorded this video years ago and our 1st grandaughter (now 8) was soothed to sleep with it as a baby when parents were in dire need.
    One of the top tracks of all in my collection.
    The B&W video and splashing ocean waves are wonderful, too.
    Great choice, by you!
    nostromo and Musicraft like this.
  14. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Busenfreund (Tosca)

  15. Muttley2

    Muttley2 pfm Member

  16. nostromo

    nostromo pfm Member

    If we were playing Poker, I'd raise you with these two:

    omega3 likes this.
  17. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Latest single from Ayla Nereo (downloaded from Bandcamp in 44/24)

  18. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Rescue (Lucinda Williams)

  19. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Path 5 - delta (Max Richter)

  20. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Latest single (released 19/1/22 on Bandcamp, CD-res) from Sevdaliza - "High Alone"


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