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Which Sennheiser HD Headphones?

Discussion in 'headphones' started by Faux, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Faux

    Faux pfm Member

    With Christmas looming I’m thinking of asking the bearded guy for some new cans.

    Any recommendations? Especially around the HD range 598/599/560/650/660?

    These will be used through my NaimUniti.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    Depends what kind of listening experience.

    IMO the 58X, 600, 650 and 660S are a great choice of headphone for those who prioritise tone over 'soundstage'. They nail timbre arguably better than any other headphone but can sound a bit claustrophobic / narrow / 'in the head' particularly with solid state amplification.

    Ignoring sample-to-sample variations which can make one model sound less or more like another than it should, the 600 would be my go-to for a neutralish but very musical presentation with lush mids, a clear and forward presence and reasonably crisp/detailed highs.

    The 650/6XX makes things a little more cuddly with a more pronounced mid-bass and upper bass and slightly softer highs. The 650/6XX pairs really nicely with something like a Hugo 2.

    The 58X takes things in the opposite direction, pulling the upper-mid forwardness of the 600 and 650 back a bit, and providing slightly better bass extension without the relative 'wooliness' of the 650/6XX.

    The 660S is also a great choice and tonally is sort of a mix of the three models I've already mentioned, but there's something about it that leaves me a bit disappointed/underwhelmed given its higher price.

    I have no experience with the 598/599/560S but the consensus is they aren't on the same level as the 58X/600/650/660S in terms of resolution etc. The 560S appears to have a particularly bright balance (treble is lifted above 5kHz) which may prove fatiguing.

    Hope that summary helps. :)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2020
    Faux and Mike Reed like this.
  3. Faux

    Faux pfm Member

    I’m torn between the 6XX and the 58X but with the 58X being the cheaper of these at $150 at the moment, it sounds like this would be the ones to go for.
  4. Faux

    Faux pfm Member

    I take that back, they have just sold out!
  5. suzywong

    suzywong Wot, no electrons?

    I have 650s..... they're very, very good, but listening at various hifi shows, I have heard better.
    Faux likes this.
  6. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    The 58X is hard to beat for the money. If Drop is sold out you might be able to pick up a used or barely used pair in the UK. I bought both my 650 and 58X from @Shane2468, and I'm sure he's sold more on here since, so might be worth keeping an eye on the Classifieds.

    EDIT - I think Shane had a pair of 58X listed on here just last week, might be worth PM'ing him...
  7. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    I wouldn't use 600/650 with Uniti's, these cans need a dedicated amp ime.

    58x should be better for such purpose.
    A friend have these, purchased last year from drop, but reasons occured and they are still unpacked and unused.
    I think they were $200, competition are tight.
  8. narabdela

    narabdela who?

    600 are the most neutral imho.
    Faux likes this.
  9. Darren

    Darren Doin' the Southern Freeeez

    The new 560s is giving YouTube headphone reviewers a tingle in their trousers. Every time Amazon get the 560s into stock it seems to sell out within a day or two.
  10. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    An interesting, in-depth evaluation of the 560S here including comparisons
    with the 58X, 600, 650 and 660S.
    Darren likes this.
  11. Weiss-Man

    Weiss-Man pfm Member

    I’d say, remind the bearded guy how good you’ve been this year and get him to sort you a used pair of HD800s for not a lot more!!
  12. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    Surpriced if they'd work through a Uniti
  13. jimification

    jimification pfm Member

    HD800's aren't that fussy in my experience. I used them with a Unitiqute with no probs and even with my Ibasso dx90 and they were fine with that.
  14. Weiss-Man

    Weiss-Man pfm Member

    I agree with the above, I’ve used my 800S via Qute/MacBook Pro.
  15. Faux

    Faux pfm Member

    I really haven’t been that good. Buying them would definitely place me on the naughty list.
    Darren likes this.
  16. Faux

    Faux pfm Member

    Thanks. The 58X are $165 inc postage plus VAT @20% and import charge of £12.

    That is roughly £160. But they haven’t got any in stock so may be a wait until after Christmas.
  17. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    @Faux, if you can't wait then there's a pair of 580 and 600 in the Classifieds right now. I haven't heard the 580 but they are forefather to the 600 and are still very highly regarded. Also I reckon you'd be able to shift both onwards with no or very little loss if they aren't to your liking.
  18. ThELiZ

    ThELiZ pfm Member

    I might be selling my month old 58X very shortly (my 2nd pair). Depends if a deal goes thorough for a high end pair. IMO, I wouldn’t bother with any headphones under £500 other than the 58X.

    ToTo Man was spot on when he said you sacrifice soundstage for tonal accuracy. They just sound so ‘right’. It’s a very well rounded sound, never bright. I’d say just slightly to the warmer side of neutral. Bass is better than 600 & 650.
    RoA and Faux like this.
  19. Weiss-Man

    Weiss-Man pfm Member

    Seriously hold out for a pair of 800s, it’s respectfully the difference between having your head in a vice and having one of the best pair of headphones available. I’ve got Focal Utopia, Grado PS2000 (retuned), GS2000. HD800 (used/ex dem) and they are the sweet spot in (any) headphones.
  20. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    When choosing Sennheiser cans.. I'm inclined to go for the B&W ones...
    jandl100 and Faux like this.

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