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Tone Poet Blue Notes

Discussion in 'music' started by poco a poco, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy Ausculta fili

    Blimey, maybe I should cancel my Blue Note Store preorders and reorder at the new price? I notice they already took the money so that might make it complicated. Whatever, it’s weird that they’ve done this.
  2. Natara

    Natara pfm Member

    I've ordered from the States and have overpaid by £15 to £20 on these new UK prices. I don't think I can be bothered with the cancelling and reordering as long as I get my copies I'm happy to leave the order in place.

    It does leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth though and I hope people who have ordered at the original price in the UK get a refund.
    paulfromcamden and Nagraboy like this.
  3. kjb

    kjb Losing my edge

    Looking at the "new in" listings at Honest Jons, the prices for a lot of jazz is now in line with where TPs were a year ago.

    Jazz : Honest Jon's Records (

    £35 seems to be rapidly becoming the default price for quite a lot of new editions of older recordings.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2022
  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I’m genuinely horrified just how much I’ve become conditioned to this pricing! Most new stuff if £30 by the time you’ve paid the postage for it to arrive. I can justify it with ultra-limited editions straight from the artist etc as they are making a living and I’m getting a collectable item that is likely an increasing asset. Tone Poets and the Impulse equivalent are getting harder to justify now. I’ll still be in for some of them, but only stuff I really want. As an example I definitely want the AS Pharoah Sanders even if it is £40 or so.
  5. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    The classic series has been very reasonable in this context - £24 posted for Dial "S" For Sonny last week. I wonder how much a Stoughton jacket and importing from the US really adds - I'm sure it's not cheap.
  6. Theo

    Theo pfm Member

    I spent a few months unemployed at the end of last year/beginning of this, and just stopped buying records. Now I'm working again, I've limited my wish lists: Bandcamp / direct from the band releases make the cut, but to nowhere near previous levels. Tone Poets are off. Seeing the Blue Train pricing, I'll stick with the AP 45.

    It was a good wake-up call in being more selective.
    mrlamonta, poco a poco and gavreid like this.
  7. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    This is already up for preorder from Amazon. I preordered at just over £37.
  8. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    Dealer price has changed again - gone down! Now only 8% higher than previous.
  9. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    Diverse were contacted by Universal and have dropped their prices to £39 mono single & £55 Complete. Juno has the mono single preorder at £39.50. So looks like dealers have now been told the new prices and are charging a £1 or £2 more than the BN store.
  10. vince rocker

    vince rocker pfm Member

  11. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    .. . and he makes but one demand —
    Lower price… through all the land

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah
    Theo likes this.
  12. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    Damn! It looks as if people are going off Tone Poets - just as I had managed to find the obligatory second-hand Ikea Kallax in which to store my Magnificent Three. And I had almost plucked up enough courage to join in the Common Room discussions about matrix numbers and infill, too.

    Swann36, Theo, Graham H and 1 other person like this.
  13. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Only when the titles become a bit ho-hum. But next year we are promised Dance With Death by Andrew Hill, so can’t complain too much.
  14. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    I’m undecided on Blue Train. Have the Music Matters 33 rpm mono, so will pass on the BN TP mono version. The stereo version might be fun, but I am usually mildly disappointed by alternate takes.
  15. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    Plating and pressing The Tone Poet Blue Note at RTI.
  16. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    Bobby Hutcherson- Stick Up & Harold Vick - Stepping Out are both now available to pre order on Amazon for November 8th delivery. Presently at £34.05 each.

    Not a Tone Poet but there is a three record set of a previously unreleased Elivin Jones recording “Revival, Live at Pookie Pub” . Mastering by Bernie Grundman. Looks interesting. I think already on Qobus for those who have that.

  17. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

  18. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Thanks for that. Playing Keiko's March on Qobuz - stunning! Joe Farrell very much on form.
  19. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    I only played the YouTube stream, but even on this the SQ seems to be excellent and the playing is stunning. Fabulous interplay intelligent between Elvin and Joe Farrell and although Elvin’s drum solo towards the end is a bit long it is all dammed good.

    I’ll be in for a vinyl copy of this. The CD is on Amazon at £10.99 as Decca Records? The Vinyl LP says Artist TBC and only one Disk at £21.07 and EGA music Group? Hope this doesn’t mean the European Pressing will be different as has happened before and not all analogue?,popular,155&ref=nb_sb_noss
  20. gavreid

    gavreid pfm Member

    Blue Train has landed - Juno honoured the lower price :) I only bought the mono and it's stunning...

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