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Thea Gilmore - Liejacker album - it's brilliant

Discussion in 'music' started by Linds, May 26, 2008.

  1. Linds

    Linds pfm Member


    If you're a Thea fan (or you're not yet), this is another cracking album from Thea Gilmore. I find it a bit less intense than Harpo's Ghost, with some fantastic ballads and foot-tappin' tunes. I love all her albums and this is another gem for the collection. Only had it a few days and must have played it 20 times!
  2. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I like her stuff and enjoyed the tracks she played on R2 last week, the Radcliffe/Maconie show being a fixture in my grotty midweek pied-a terre.

    I haven't bought any of her stuff for a bit, I should do. I think she plays in Bristol soon, as I work in Cardiff that's a must-see.
  3. nightcleaner

    nightcleaner pfm Member

    I agree we like track 1 and 3 all of it very good think it will be a classic in time.

  4. nightcleaner

    nightcleaner pfm Member


    Just dowloaded her first album Harpos Ghost its even better than the one we are talking about here. Its brilliant mate.

  5. nightcleaner

    nightcleaner pfm Member

  6. Linds

    Linds pfm Member

    nightcleaner — Harpo's Ghost is not her first album, it's the album prior to Liejacker! Prior to that was Avalanche, preceded by Rules For Jokers, preceded by Lipstick Conspiracies, preceded by Burrning Dorothy, not to mention the As If EP somewhere in the middle and Loft Music, etc. I've got 'em all and every album is superb!
  7. nightcleaner

    nightcleaner pfm Member

    Thanks for that
  8. Mick P

    Mick P Retired and content


    I saw her in Swindon a few years ago and she was exceptional.


  9. nightcleaner

    nightcleaner pfm Member


    i listen two both albums mention here lots of Times now. We like them both very much. There is only one itsy bitsy criticism.

    I Do not know why they all seem to do this but with all the modern recording equipment there is. Why do they have to have one track where they sing through a bog roll. track nine is a good example I think. Forgive me for being dence i do not know why they have do that.

    Have you tried Devon Spoule album Keep the silver shined. It is equally as good in its on right. But gets better and more commercial with every play.

    Devon has a wonderful charm about her.

    Here she is.

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