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Suppliers thread - Where to buy various parts (primarily UK/Europe)

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by sam_cat, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. laverda

    laverda pfm Member

    Used this company quite a few times, always been very helpful. Their mainly PA but do lots of hardware bits and bobs.
  2. daveofbradford

    daveofbradford Monica I said sack my cook

    Thanks Laverda I have just placed an order for some bits.
  3. jtrade

    jtrade pfm Member

    Forgive me if already posted, but I'm adding this supplier of speaker terminals for vintage amps (mentioned by @Whaleblue on his Yamaha thread) : quite a few of the vintage amps I've owned have had really flimsy speaker terminals and these look great :
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  4. 337alant

    337alant Negatively Biased

  5. Alexh

    Alexh pfm Member

    Another vote for Toroidy. They made me a 4KVA and 2KVA, 240 - 230v isolation transformer with 2 inrush limiters for my Balanced Mains Transformer project. Good quality and silent running all for £542.00
  6. heatherknight12

    heatherknight12 New Member

    have some discount guys
  7. heatherknight12

    heatherknight12 New Member

  8. OliveandBlack

    OliveandBlack Trade: Olive And Black

    Various Capacitors for servicing Naim equipment with genuine replacement parts.

    Sic Safco CO39s for Olive Nap250, NAP135, SuperCap, HiCap - 15,000uF / 63v - £40.00 each
    Sic Safco CO31 (the small gold axial capacitors) - 47uF / 40v - £4.99 each
    Kemet ALC10D1019DF - for NAP250.2, NAP300, NAP500 - 10,000uF / 63v - £16.99 each


    Kemet ALC20A472CB040 - 4,700uF / 40v - Radial Snap In - £8.99 each
    Kemet ALC20A103DC040 - 10,000uF / 40v - Radial Snap In - £12.99 each


    Kemet ALT22A103CB040 - 10,000uF / 40v - Solder Tag - £11.99 each
    Kemet ALT20A332BB040 - 3,300uF / 40v - Solder Tag - £8.99 each (for the pre PSU)

    Tantalum Capacitors

    We sell three values, they are all the highest tolerance versions that Kemet manufacture.

    100uF / 6.3v found in some NAP250s as opposed to two 47uF caps
    47uF / 6.3v used as described above
    10uF / 35v used in pre-amps, PSUs and crossovers

    We stock other parts as well, such as LEDs, switches and we also stock complete service packs fro various Naim products:

  9. Metalex

    Metalex New Member

  10. David W Brown

    David W Brown pfm Member

    Twiddly engineered bits including all types of nut, bolt, screw under the sun.
    Been using them for a few years now and they're very reliable.
  11. james1028

    james1028 New Member

  12. sam_cat

    sam_cat C'est Crounchifique!

    Translates as
    "I always buy PCBs at PCBGOGO, they have good quality, they always have a lot of discounts. Code = y"
  13. Barrymagrec

    Barrymagrec pfm Member

    I`m convinced............
  14. David W Brown

    David W Brown pfm Member

    A big shout out to who managed to supply a toroidal tx for an obsolete MF XRay CD Player in 5 days turnaround from just a spec sheet. Well impressed and great pricing. 10/10 - Would eat here again.
  15. Jeff Young

    Jeff Young pfm Member

    PCB house which manufactures in Europe: They also have some of the best on-line checking tools I've seen. (Considerably more expensive than the Chinese shops though.)

    A couple of sources for hard-to-find transistors: (ZTX653, MJE243, etc.), (BC239C, ZTX108, etc.).

    An ebay seller with genuine Toshiba JFETs: punky dawgs.

    Bakelite knobs, styroflex caps, tube stuff, etc.: (German, despite the Spanish-looking name and logo).

    The hardest company in the world to deal with (but they have Belleville washers):
  16. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

    Moderators please remove if not permitted - Much flak on DIYaudio about LittleDiode on eBay selling fake chinese semiconductors as genuine (expensive) NOS parts. Overseas buyers in particular suffer from non-refundable p&p costs both ways, assuming return is feasible.
  17. Jeff Young

    Jeff Young pfm Member

    Huh. LittleDiode is usually one of the more expensive outlets. Pay more and get less... great business plan.

    While we're on the topic of distributors, Rochester always has genuine parts, but they have high minimums.
    NJSemiconductors also sells genuine parts, with less onerous minimums, but with a much narrower stock.
    Quest Components has no minimums and online ordering, but they seem to good to be true. I've only ordered from them once, and I did get genuine parts. Dunno....

    Anyone know about Donberg? (Aside from the stratospheric prices.)
  18. james1028

    james1028 New Member

    This was the first PCB version of an innovative 2 stage DC-DC converter, intended to allow 180v LED arrays to operate from a 12v DC (nominal) supply. - The PCBgogo boards were, as usual, of exemplary quality and the first build (on these boards) has proceeded with no problems、
  19. chiily

    chiily PFM Special Builder

    These guys sell plenty of bulk cable used in some posh cables. The shipping can be expensive, but their service is excellent.
  20. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Evening.. Can't really plough through all of that and my need is not even audio. I'm re-wiring a brass table lamp with a brass lamp holder. It's a family thing... a sort of 1940's 'trench art style' brass lamp fronted by a brass silhouette of the famous cartoon character 'Jane'.who had an unfortunate habit of accidentally losing her clothes everywhere she went... It lived in my parent's bedroom for many years and I inherited it. It's a bit of old kitsch.. but fun.

    The lamp is currently unwired, but the original brass/ceramic lamp holder is in excellent condition. However.. the whole thing is not earthed, which I'm sure would be illegal now. So.. I've purchased a few metres of 'retro' fabric wrapped, but plastic insulated 3 core flex. Also a matching 'torpedo' switch. I'm going to create an earth by connecting the earth conductor of the flex to one of several structural bolts in the base of the lamp. ( And yes.. I will check the continuity from the bolt to the earth pin of the plug just to be 'super safe')

    But.. what I could do with. to prevent the fabric wrapping of the flex from fraying.. is some heat shrink sleeving. For a single core it needs to shrink to less than 2mm.
    I already have stuff which will shrink onto the full 3 core flex.
    Thing is.. I can't find anywhere which will sell me less than several miles of this stuff.. when all I need is maybe a maximum of 15cm for the whole job. Any suggestions where I might purchase small quantities?

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