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Repaired Meridian 508

Discussion in 'audio' started by AJSKI2fly, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. AJSKI2fly

    AJSKI2fly Member

    Well I purchased a 508 second hand about 8 months ago, to replace one that I sold some years ago and sorely missed. So I took a risk and all was fine until about 4 weeks ago and then it miss-tracked suddenly, this started to occur on certain older disks. The problem is a known issue with 508's, so panic set in but I came across Chris in my search for help, an ex Meridian engineer who has set up business doing repairs.

    He replied to my forum contact very quickly and after a discussion over the phone he thought it was the grease on the transport issue. So he arranged collection, ordered a replacement transport in case and and turned around the repair in less than a week, and I have a spare new transport in case it is needed in the future. Since connecting back up it has not miss-tracked and is performing beautifully.

    I have had several discussions with Chris over the past 2 weeks about various Meridian gear and the best way for me to upgrade my system, he has been extremely helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a repair or help with Meridian gear.

  2. Meridian Repair Shop

    Meridian Repair Shop Trade: Meridian Repair Shop

    Was a real pleasure, my favorite cd player. Happy listening Adrian

    Cheers Chris
  3. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    Happy to report my 10 year old 508.24 hasn't missed a beat ever.

    Viva la meridian!!
  4. AJSKI2fly

    AJSKI2fly Member

    My understanding is that for a period of about 2 years Philips who supplied the CD transports to Meridian, 12.4 and 12.5 models in particular, effectively used the wrong type of grease on the transport mechanism. It is affected by changes in temperature and eventually hardens causing the mechanism controlling the laser to miss-track. Chris sent me a photo when doing the repair that clearly showed this. Initially the problem shows itself on poorer quality or older CD's when the Meridian is re-reading the data several times to get as accurate data read as possible to then convert to analogue. This is exactly what happened with mine. Newer CD's, SHM's and MOFL ones and some older ones would be fine, and then others would just skip occasionally and not always in the same place.

    Chris J, of M Repair Shop, identified the fault and fixed very quickly. I am not sure if this is so simple with a later units with a 12.5 transport if the mechanism has totally failed as these transports are not available easily. Chris can advise on this.

    If you get any issues then Chris is your man, just look for Chris J on this forum.

    I love my 508 and hope to get many more happy years of use.



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