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New Albarry Moving Coil Amp

Discussion in 'audio' started by trio leo, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. trio leo

    trio leo pfm Member

    Hi Fellas,

    One of my cartridges is the Ortofon MC 30 Super, I have used this cartridge with several pre-amps and always thought it was delicate and articulate but lacking in bass and musical involvement, so I haven't used it a great deal,
    however this weekend I had the pleasure of auditioning the new Albarry MCA 11 head amp, WOW!! I was up till 4am because I was enjoying the the experience so much, this cartridge is fantastic!, delicate and articulate yes, but now with a beautifully tuneful bass and a wonderful overall musical delivery.
    The MCA 11 is battery powered giving approximately 150 hours of use per charge.
    Hopefully those of you interested in vinyl will give yourselves the chance to hear your cartridges through such a lovely little amp.

    regards Alan

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