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[FS] Fujifilm X-T4

Discussion in 'photo classifieds' started by ewencummins, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. ewencummins

    ewencummins pfm Member

    Fujifilm X-T4.

    Excellent condition. Screen protector on from new. The photo showing the screen is with the matt screen protector on. The screen underneath is perfect. In original packaging.

    Briliant camera. Just too large for me. It's my X-E3 that I reach for pretty much all of the time.

    £1k + P&P

    Images here:

    Can't seem to link them directly into the post. May need to scroll down for the X-T4 pics.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2022
  2. jimsmy

    jimsmy pfm Member

    You have pm.
  3. ewencummins

    ewencummins pfm Member

    Jim's bowed out. Think I might have managed to convince him to stick with his X-T2, or even move to an X-E3 :confused:. But if you need IBIS or 4K60P maybe have a look at the pics. Thought IBIS would be handy with the 90mm, but since I'm photographing horse racing with a high shutter speed even with the 90mm it's not critical to me. Probably slightly faster autofocus and rumour has it better weatherproofing. You pays your money... the X-E3 really is a peach.
  4. ewencummins

    ewencummins pfm Member

    Now sold.

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