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Fanthorpes HiFi At The North West Audio Show 2019

Discussion in 'trade sales' started by FanthorpesHifi, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. FanthorpesHifi

    FanthorpesHifi Trade: Fanthorpes Hi-fi


    Fanthorpes HiFi At The North West Audio Show 2019

    After a successful show last year, we are making the trip across to Cranage Hall again for 2019 to exhibit at the North West Show. Spread over the weekend of 29th and 30th June, product wise we've got something of a big coup for the show, plus interesting listening sessions, and some special guest from several manufacturers making an appearance. If your heading to the show, make sure to pop in and see us in the Bentley Suite!


    Fresh from their release at the High-End Munich show this year, we are set to have the PMC Fact 12 Signature Speakers on demonstration at the North West Audio Show.

    PMC used the same attention to detail employed during the Fact Fenestria design process to further improve the performance to the rest of the Fact range. The new Fact 12 Signature sets a new benchmark at its price point.



    Amplification wise we are taking the flagship integrated from Luxman, the beastly L-509X. A real store favourite. Well-built Japanese tech, we can't wait to show it off.

    For our systems digital source, we are taking the reference Innuos Zenith Statement to the North West Audio Show. Innuos products are the go-to streaming solution for our store, combining ease of use and fantastic sound quality, we are excited to show you what their top boy can do . We will also have Anthony from Innuos with us to answer any technical questions you may have.

    The Zenith Statement will be fed into the Chord Electronics DAVE DAC and BLU MK2 Upscaling CD Transport to deliver maximum performance.



    Don't worry, we've not forgotten about all you vinyl lovers. For the analogue source we a taking the Pro-Ject Signature 10 turntable with the Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge, this will connect up to the Musical Fidelity NU-Vista Vinyl Phono Stage.

    We are also hoping to deliver Ortofon Cartridge demos over the weekend with the help of our industry colleague Kieran Pickaver from Henley Audio. We ran a similar demonstration in our store to great success. This is a great chance to hear & learn what a cartridge can bring to a system. We will also have some special offer available over the weekend too.

    Lastly, we will be using Chord Company Signature cables throughout the system.



    Tickets for the show are free and can be booked here

    North West Audio Show

    Cranage Holmes Chapel

    Byley Lane

    Cranage, Crewe CW4 8EW

    We hope to see you all at the show, remember to pop into the Bentley Suite and say hi.

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