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Edward Colston: Bristol slave trader statue 'was an affront'

Discussion in 'off topic' started by ks.234, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Kirk

    Kirk pfm Member

    I was hoping there may have been a deeper meaning than just "dogs" but...maybe it is just a simple case of WYSIWYG.
    Seeker_UK likes this.
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    My hope is they actually commission Marc Quinn to do a proper solid bronze one, my suspicion is this was only ever designed to be a quick and temporary installation and wouldn’t survive the weather etc for long.

    I certainly hope the existing one is placed on public display (in a museum, art gallery or whatever) somewhere as it is a truly wonderful statue that captures a significant moment in history so perfectly. Quinn really is a superb sculptor IMHO. I’ve seen a lot of his work up close (I went to the PV for the Tate Liverpool exhibition best part of 20 years ago). He captures far more than form, as all good art should do.
    ff1d1l, Sue Pertwee-Tyr and Darmok like this.
  3. roman

    roman pfm Member

    That's a good point, it's actually a very good sculpture. It could so easily have been well meaning but cringy, as so much worthy art tends to be, but this is strong and accomplished and borne of something important.

    If Bristol doesn't want it, we'll have it in that London.
  4. Darmok

    Darmok "Didactic Prophylaxes"

    The elected mayor said yesterday, "The people of Bristol will decide whether it remains or otherwise."

    Today the Bristol merchant ventures made that decision.

    Cretins! Crawl back under the crag / crevice they inhabit, imv.
  5. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    bourgeois values?
  6. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    What is that thing called? I want too see a better picture as I can’t tell what the dogs are being sick on!
  7. Kirk

    Kirk pfm Member

    A quick Google confirms the fountain really is just about dogs (and a cat, sort of).

    TUCKED BEHIND TORONTO’S FLATIRON building (yes, New York isn’t the only one), is a whimsical, ornate fountain honoring humankind’s best friend. The fountain honors the four-legged visitors who frequent this neighborhood spot.

    The three tiers of fountain include sculptures of beloved pooches, including a Great Dane puppy, a Bernese Mountain Dog, a giant Schnauzer, and a West Highland Terrier, gleefully spitting spurts of water. But dogs aren’t the only creatures you’ll find here—keep an eye out for a cat, too.

    The dogs all have their eyes glued to the giant bone that crowns the fountain. Meanwhile, the cat stares off into the distance, its gazed fixed on the two bird sculptures perched on a lampost.

    The cheery fountain is part of the park’s playful redesign by Claude Cormier and Associates. Unfortunately for the cat, the name of its breed isn’t said on the architect’s website, making it clear that this fountain really is for the dogs. The cat, which sits with a fearful expression on its face near a German Shepherd, also doesn’t partake in the water-spitting festivities.

    A few of the 27 dog breeds featured at the fountain are:

    Fox Terrier, St.Bernard, Dalmatian, West Highland Terrier, Great Dane, Jack Russell Terrier, St.Bernard, Giant Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Pug, and the Bernese Mountain Dog just to name a few. Puppy sculptures of a few of the aforementioned breeds are also prominent at the fountain.
  8. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Booyakashah, check out my avatar...

    Clearly you've never had the pleasure of owning a dog and a hose.
  9. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    There’s a flat iron building in Paris btw.

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