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Audiolab m DAC internal fuse

Discussion in 'audio' started by Michaelwheeldon, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Michaelwheeldon

    Michaelwheeldon New Member

    Just a quick enquiry, does the original audiolab m DAC have an internal fuse either in the unit or the power supply other than the plug top fuse.
    I,m in the united kingdom so unfortunately we have a fuse in our plug sockets.
  2. Barrymagrec

    Barrymagrec pfm Member

    Why is it unfortunate? - and the fuse is in the BS1363A plug, not the socket.
    Arkless Electronics and George J like this.
  3. Michaelwheeldon

    Michaelwheeldon New Member

    Found out from someone who knows the answer rather than trying to start an argument.
  4. Barrymagrec

    Barrymagrec pfm Member

    Well I`m sorry you were upset by my admittedly terse answer but if you make a contentious statement "unfortunately we have a fuse in our plug sockets" and meaningless terminology "plug sockets" what do you expect?

    The plug fuse is there to protect the cable , not the equipment, it is connected to a 30 amp circuit.

    As "someone who knows " may have told you any device sold legally in the UK will have protection, fuses replaceable or fixed, thermal cutouts or a combination.
  5. Michaelwheeldon

    Michaelwheeldon New Member

    Nice forum, very friendly, been shot down for wrongful terminology.

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