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€500 vs €900 HIFI USB CABLE Comparison...

Discussion in 'audio' started by G T Audio, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

  2. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    You must be bored Graham. Make that extremely bored :D

    I'd rather watch paint dry.

    A £1 cable (which we use) from the local market is more than good enough.
  3. notevenclose

    notevenclose pfm Member

    I think he should have stuck with running the pub in Eastenders.
  4. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    Which was found to be better. I refuse to waste 15 minutes of my time.
    Musicraft likes this.
  5. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    I'd be surprised if it wasn't the 900 cable :D
  6. Darren

    Darren All Business

    Lol.... you made me watch five seconds of it so I could work out his qualifications for running an East End Pub. 'Ere 'Shelle
  7. Ibbots

    Ibbots pfm Member

    I wasted about 3 minutes of my not very valuable time to give you this summary: the more expensive one was twice as good as the cheap, which is great because it is less than twice as expensive so you're saving money really. There was also some waffle about adding some grounding cable or something but I was bored of skipping through by then and gave up. (I may have misrepresented his review or have missed some other important information but he was too annoying to pay proper attention to even for short bursts)

    What music I heard was rubbish - with either cable.
    Musicraft likes this.
  8. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Snap. I also watched five seconds :D
  9. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    The expensive one was better? Who'd have thought....
  10. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Lol :D
  11. I.D.C.

    I.D.C. pfm Member

    Someone must be buying them. Saying that I bought a tuned sarum Phono cable :(
    clap likes this.
  12. Beobloke

    Beobloke pfm Member

    I'm confused - where would you use a USB cable on a "hi-fi"?

    I've checked my hi-fi system and it doesn't have any USB sockets; only my computer does.
  13. manicatel

    manicatel pfm Member

    Streamer to a DAC or amp with an inbuilt DAC.
  14. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    He's a direct life calibrator, what's one of them when its washed?
  15. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    Ah, the good old days.
    mikechadwick likes this.
  16. manicatel

    manicatel pfm Member

    I thought he said “Dirac Live” calibrator.
    If he is a direct life calibrator, then I’m with you, no idea.
  17. mattgbell

    mattgbell Help the elderly and unwell!

  18. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    People get other people to come in set up dirac live for them? How computer illiterate are they for chrissakes?
  19. manicatel

    manicatel pfm Member

    Getting the data from Dirac is one thing, knowing what to do with it for the best is another. Possibly.
  20. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    What's Dirac? :D

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