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Running total

Discussion in 'charity' started by Tony L, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Another £100 to be added to the TNAUK running total which is now £210. Martyn
  2. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Running total £4847.19. Martyn .
  3. marvan

    marvan On the banks of the Tay

    Napsc and Majik now sold so that adds £360 (to my African Charity)

    Running Total £5207.19
  4. Ken C

    Ken C pfm Member

    Item: Grey Naim Snaic
    Kindly bought by: deltaunit
    Amount: £15 (thanks deltaunit!)
    Charity: Isabel Hospice, Welwyn Garden City

    Running Total: £5,222.19

  5. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Item: Pioneer DV300S DVD player
    Amount : £25 (thanks gamut!)
    Charity: MIND

    Running total: £5,247.19
  6. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Sony cassette deck sold : £20 Running total now £5267.19. Martyn .
  7. Still

    Still gyldengourd

    Item: Naim NARCOM

    Designated Charity: http://www.napac.org.uk/

    Money Raised £50

    Forum running total £5317.19

    Many thanks to espresso for his generous winning bid :)
  8. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Teac 500C CD Player sold. For Talking Newspapers for the Blind Running total £5347.19 Martyn .
  9. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    You'll have worked out it was sold for £30... Martyn .
  10. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    Sony minidisc sold, for Talking Nrespapers for the Blind. Running total now £5357. Martyn .
  11. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    £30 to St. Catherine's Hospice for Rob's TU260. Running total now £5387. Malcolm
  12. Still

    Still gyldengourd

  13. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

  14. __mark__

    __mark__ Is SET

    Item: Ortofon 2M Red

    Charity: Shelter

    Money raised: £45. (Spengenuk)

    Forum running total: £5466
  15. Steveh100

    Steveh100 pfm Member

    Item: Final Electrostatics and Sub

    Charity: Labrador Rescue South East www.loveyourlabrador.co.uk

    Money raised: £200

    Forum running total £5666
  16. hughjampton

    hughjampton pfm Member

    Grahams Hydra sold to Clamnell. £50 donated to Medecin Sans Frontieres.

    Many thanks Tom.

    Total £5716.
  17. wavydavy

    wavydavy pfm Member

    Forgot to add the Prefix sold to HP1 recently. £75.00 to Diabetes UK

    total now £5791
  18. clamnell

    clamnell pfm Member

    £15 for rega bits and pieces.
    Total now £5806
  19. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    £10 to NSPCC for 3 tier rack.

    Total now £5816
  20. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    £10 to Helen & Douglas House. Oxford. For Wharfedale Diamond tweeters. Total now £5826

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