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Rega R1

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by wobbleu, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. wobbleu

    wobbleu pfm Member

    This is the brief version of the saga but
    I won a pair or R1's on Ebay, they arrived and so I rather exitedly set them up, picked out a nice inaugural album, put the needle in the groove, and promptly sat down to enjoy sound only coming out of the righthand speaker Doh!
    Testing confirmed it was the speaker at fault - silence followed the speaker not the wire or electronics.

    Contacted the nice seller (300+ sales, 100% pos) his response says yes when I bought them they did that had them repaired and they've been fine since - has offered return for full refund or partial refund for repair.

    Main driver seems to move ok, no sound at all so I suspect wiring, nothing rattles etc. The rear plate and the drivers appear to be glued/stuck as well as screwed. I've built and repaired speakers before but I'm wary of damaging the veneer levering the plate out - on the other hand I'd rather inspect and do a 2 minute solder job myself, or pay for a repair if the problem is beyond my capabilities.

    Any tips from experienced Rega speaker bodgers?
  2. hi fi fo fum

    hi fi fo fum pfm Member

    you could try a self tapping machine screw, dull the end with a file so it will not bit into the wood and slowly screw it in ,if the screw is a little bit larger then the woofer mounting whole it should bite into the basket and slowly start to pop the woofer out.
  3. sq225917

    sq225917 situation engineer

    USe a metal ruler to press down on the veneer as you prise the driver out.
  4. wobbleu

    wobbleu pfm Member

    Thanks for the suggestions, problem has now been sorted. I was able to watch the process which was handy...

    For the record, and I don't know if this is the case with other Rega speakers, behind the connector plate are 2 thin metal strips held onto the end of the 4mm sockets with nuts, these are soldered to the crossover (lots of heavy components) and the circuit board glued to the back of the connector plate with 'gorilla jizz' - surface of the connector plate is very smooth so not much bond. With the crossover unglued, vibration/impact had made the metal strips flex and eventually had gone 'plastic' at the flex point and broken leading to no sound output.
    Strips have been replaced with short lengths of good copper speaker wire, and crossovers fixed back to plate with double sided adhesive pads - R1's now singing very nicely.

    An amazingly big noise from a little box - so I am now one happy bunny

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