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YouTube reviewer that will most likely divide opinion

Discussion in 'audio' started by Fatmarley, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. FireMoon

    FireMoon pfm Member

    One thing about being into guitars is that, we have the genius that is Josh from JHS pedals. I also find his demonstrations the best de facto guitar demos as his playing is very "real world" and not as horribly intimidating, in terms of technique, ala some other youtubers. Pedals are about adding texture to a guitar sound and Josh, truly understands that. This is one of the rare occasions Josh has done a video about his own brand however, for me, his channel is better than many "pro TV shows".

  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Josh and Nick are great and that Black Friday episode was very funny.
  3. Chris

    Chris pfm Member

    Stereo Review X reckons the old Sugden A48II is a "beast of an amp" and "like a Rolls Royce" and the bass is so "tight".
    An A21a and an A21SE later, maybe I was wrong and it was my HB2s that didn´t appreciate it. Now with my WD25TEx, I do hope so ´cos with my lugs as they are I could do with a Mono switch and a channel reverse switch too so will fire mine up over Krimble.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2020
  4. Fatmarley

    Fatmarley Agnostic

    Interesting comparison of speakers here with measurements. Now I know why I couldn't stand the B&W 601!

    ToTo Man likes this.
  5. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    It's comforting to see that my Dittons aren't the only speakers with poor vertical off-axis response! :D

    I noted his comment about the ceiling being the most significant reflection point. Maybe it is in control rooms or in domestic homes in the USA with low 8-foot ceilings, but in the UK at least I reckon most listeners have their speakers positioned closer to the floor and side walls than the ceiling. Treating floor reflections is of course a bit more tricky given the impracticalities of placing absorption panels or diffusers on the floor, but if the problem frequencies are high enough up the spectrum then a natural fibre rug or carpet with felt underlay may suffice.

    PS - Sorry for the off-topic!
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