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Your turntable history

Discussion in 'audio' started by dave, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Freeform

    Freeform Registered User

    1974? BSR MP60/ADC - modified; I removed the auto mech
    1980? Dual 506/OEM Ortofon, later A&R P77
    1985 Roksan Xerxes(No76)/RB300/ATF5, later Denon DL304
    2003 Dps (Mk1)/Schroeder Reference Snakewood/Allaerts MC1BMkII
    2006 Dps3 (what else?)/as above

    Oh, and a Garrard 301 motor unit languishing in the wardrobe for 12 years
  2. quickie

    quickie SE 'A' Class

    Rega 3
    PT Original
    PT Anniversary
  3. Johnny Blue

    Johnny Blue I made it to 'Member'!

    Garrard SP25 MkII (1969 > 1974)
    Philips GA212 (1974 > 1979)
    Rega Planar 3 (1979 > 1983)
    Linn Sondek LP12 (1983 > 1992)
    Linn Sondek LP12 (1992 > present)

    Aaargh! I can't believe I've been suckered! I saw this thread, thought 'interesting', didn't bother to read most of the other posts, stuck my 2 penneth on at the end, then afterwards saw that there's a whole string of these bloomin' threads!

    What a ferkin eejit!
  4. Martin D

    Martin D Libertarian Division

    LP12 basik k9
    LP12 Ittok k9
    LP12 Ekos k9
    LP12 Aro Troika DIY geddon = wow
    good enough for the mo
  5. topoxforddoc

    topoxforddoc pfm Member

    Technics SL-B22
    Thorens TD160B, Hadcock 228, Decca Maroon

    Tweaked my TD160
    Decca Gold - Garrott Brothers mods
    Logic DM101, Audio Technica AT1100
    Micro Seiki LC80W cart (lovely), Supex SD900E, Dyna DV23R
    TD124/II SME 2000, SME 3009 (sold) then Hadcock 228

    TD125/II Grace 707
    Another TD124/II in solid mahogany plinth, RB300

    Platine Verdier, GTA Battery PSU, Schroeder Model 2, Allaerts MC1B

  6. Willie Eckerslyke

    Willie Eckerslyke Occasional Optimist

    Started with the inevitable Dansette...
    then long hiatus until 1976...
    LP12/Grace707/Supex900 which got upgraded to:
    LP12/DynavectorDV505/FidelityResearchFR7 (yes it worked well!)
    sold in 1982, replaced in 1983 by:
    then nothing except replacing worn-out AsakT with cheapies culminating in Adikt, until major upgrade 2008...
    LP12/new plinth/Keel/Ekos2/Adikt

    (Yes, I listened to the opposition before ordering the Keel, no they couldn't play music.)

    Had the Keel for six weeks, haven't played a single CD....
  7. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    Dansette type player.
    BSR Autochanger in a home made plinth.
    Garrard SP25
    ADC 1500FG
    JVC QLA7/Mission 774
    Thorens TD160BC/SME III
    Ariston RD80/Mission 774
    Dunlop Sytemdek/Syrinx PU2G
    Logic DM101/Syrinx PU2G
    Rega Planar 3/RB300
    Roksan Xerxes/Rega RB300 (for about 10 days)
    Linn LP12/Basik+
    Linn LP12/Black Ittok LVII
    Michell Gyro/SME IV
    Michell Orbe/SME IV
    Micro Seiki DDX1000/SME IV
    Rega P9

    The LP12 lasted the longest at around 10 years in one stretch through the flat earth 80s.
  8. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    Well, you've got to justify the expense haven't you? ;)

    The Adikt really should be upgraded to something decent like a Denon DL110 - I'm serious....
  9. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    No TT for a bit as I though CD was the way forward.
    Bought a Rega Planar 2 in 1991 and to be honest still thought CD was best. Only stuck with it because at the time i was into a lot of vintage blues records, not available on CD.
    1997 - Thorens TD125 (still got it) Hey this vinyl is good...
    1997 - LP12/Valhalla/NA Omega Point/Goldring 1042. Wow! Thank you Midland Audio, it was cheap and looked like hell but after i'd restored it (only cosmetics and setup, nothing hideous) it *sang*. Finally I realised what all the fuss was about. The arm goes a long way though, it's a beautiful sounding thing.
    1999 - Garrard 401/SME3009 (a few...)
    2001 - now LP12 Lingo/Ittok/Goldring 1042 (yes I know I need a better cart!)

    Toys en route: Rega P3, Thorens 150-II, 150/Mayware, 165, 125/3009/ATOC5, 126/3009, brief loan of a TD160, Goldring GL68.

    Next: build an uberdeck with the 401 which is Chez Bastin at the mo, play lots and lots of records.

    The LP12/Lingo was on loan to a pal and only came back today. It replaces the TD150 and *wow*! How much better? It just sings. It's fantastic. I nbow know what Linnies mean by PRaT, this deck could make the dead dance. The Ittok/1042 tracks better too, the 3009/AT skipped on one disc that the other just ploughed through with a "pop".

    If the 401 is going to take the LP12 then will I be happy? Oh yes. It's going to have to go some though.
  10. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    My dads old Garrard Zero 100sb
    Goldring 75
    Thorens TD150 + LVV then LVX (nice deck)
    LP12 + LVX then RB250 (modified) then Ittok LVII (modified)
  11. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Next cart is to be an AT 33TPG. I fancy having a twin arm monster 401, say the 3009 running the 1042 and the NA Omega Point the 33TPG, I own all the components (bart cartridge) so why not? It will be a beast to end all beasts. It *may* be an LP12 killer. Tickets for that shootout available here. Anyone placing bets? :-D
  12. najb

    najb pfm Member

    Bit slow on picking up on this thread; an interesting read. My history in TTs

    Goldring GL75 - swapped arm to a Transcriptor Hydraulic (friend upgraded his deck)
    Conossieur BD2 with the Hydraulic arm, swapped for an SME 3009 (all built into a plastic plinth with Microsorber feet)
    Technics SL110 (less home-made looking) with the SME and V15
    LP12/LVX (and a complete change of the system)
    Roksan Xerxes/RB300
    RX to XX spec
    Additional RX/Artemiz to transcribe vinyl to CD
  13. bluefish

    bluefish pfm Member

    Dual CS 505
    Rega Planar 3
    LP12 / Basik
    LP12 / Aro
  14. RolfeZ

    RolfeZ pfm Member

    Rega Planar 3, A&RC77
    Rega Planar 3, A&RP77
    Linn Sondek LP12, Basik Plus, Ortofon MC20Super
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Ortofon MC20Super
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Ortofon MC10Super (20 broke)
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Shoebox Lingo, Ortofon MC10Super
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Shoebox Lingo, Ortofon MC10Super, Target wallshelf
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Shoebox Lingo, Klyde, Target wallshelf
    Linn Sondek LP12, Ittok LVIII/2, Shoebox Lingo, Troika, Target wallshelf

    Best bang for buck: Target wallshelf (by far), Klyde, Lingo, Ittok in that order

  15. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    Have no fear, the 301 and 401 have ALWAYS been LP12 killers, even in simple plinths (by todays standards). Even Julian Vereker had one with a Basik LVX (or similar) ostensibly for 78's...
  16. dave charlton

    dave charlton EBLT driven

    Sansui SR222 (mk.2 I think)
    Planar 3 with 'S' (Acos?) shaped arm
    Planar 3

    The Sondek has had the shortest residence, the green 'un the longest :).
  17. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    How did you feel leaviing the LP12 for a P3? I'd be pig sick.
  18. dave charlton

    dave charlton EBLT driven

    Did'nt really feel comfortable with the suspended design or find the Ittok user friendly. The cheapie Linn cart was'nt my cuppa' either. Unemployment really made my mind up. Eventually went back to Rega and normal service was resumed.
  19. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    The Ittok is a piece of cake to use compared to the ARO. What price we pay for sublime music though ...

  20. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    We all sometimes have to make sacrifices and some of them can be painful.

    A green P3 is a fun object to look at and sounds more than respectable positioned carefully. Low cost - including spares, no bulls**t and reliability/after sales care to die for (at least in the UK).

    I think that was an excellent move (a TD150 is too close to an LP12 for consideration I suspect).

    Interesting that in my late seventies KJ W1 days, we wanted to sell Rega 'cos they sounded better than Thorens 160's/166's (we were too "common" for Rega yet we sold loads of Linn and Naim at that time) yet today the Thorens decks are acquiring some kind of religion around them, like LP12's on the cheap.....

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