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Your Tone Arm History @ an arm which aesthetically you would love or have

Discussion in 'audio' started by Miss Ariel, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. daytona600

    daytona600 Registered User

    Linn basik
    Linn Ittok
    Sumiko MDC800
    SME V
    Vertere Super Groove HB
    would love a Vertere Reference
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  2. Beobloke

    Beobloke pfm Member

    Surprisingly short list for my main system, although I’ve obviously tried dozens and dozens of others!

    - SME 3009 Series II Improved Fixed Headshell
    - Audio Technica AT-1130
    - Alphason HR-100S
    - SME 309
    - SME Series V

    The only arm is like now is a Yamaha YSA-2 for my GT-2000
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  3. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Short-term, didn't like
    - SME 3009 fixed head shell
    - Hadcock 282
    - The Sony PUA something which came with the TTS3000

    Kept for some time and eventually gave away (the friend still uses it regularly)
    - Mitchell Technoarm a

    - 9 inch Ittok (sold on)
    - 12 inch Ittok (not been used for several years but still here)
    - SME V - the best I've had at home, great on the SME 20

    Would love to try long-term (but that will have to wait for a BIG lottery win)
    - Dynavector 507 on a DD
    - SME V-12 on the appropriate version of the SME 30
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  4. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

  5. VTA

    VTA pfm Member

    Great list of arms.

    In Order
    Arm that came on Rotel RP830
    Mission 774LC
    Ittok LVII
    Clearaudio/Souther Linear Tracker TQI (I think)
    Wheaton Triplaner III
    Naim ARO

    All now gone except the LVII (Using it tonight on my LP12)

    Now have in addition to the Ittok:

    Mission 774 (also a second 774 custom mod for Townshend table)
    Rega RB300 (Custom mod for Townshend table - Rega Bearings, Townshend arm tube and outrigger)
    Rega RB600
    Syrinx PU3
    Tiger Paw Javelin
    Supatrack Blackbird (on its way to me soon).

    All are special to me in some way. If I had to keep one only. Don't think I could decide without regrets....

    I have cut down from many boxes to an integrated amp and a couple of turntables (LP12 and Townshend Rock). I spend my time swapping arms and carts to satisfy my upgrade itch.

    Wish list:
    Mission Mechanic
    Alphason HR100
    Helius Cyclene 2
    Kuzma Stogi Ref

    Also interested to try:
    The Wand

  6. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    Except for earlier integrated TTs with non-descript arms, I think I've had a grand total of three arms since 1985.

    Rega RB-300 on an AR Turntable (1985-87)
    Linn Ittok LV-II on LP12 (1987-2000)
    Naim ARO (2000-now)

    I don't feel great compulsion to change tonearms. In fact, I'm totally happy with the ARO.
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  7. wiresandmore

    wiresandmore pfm Member

    If I remember them all correctly…a lot of swapping and changing in the first years

    RB300 (on a Rega)
    Basik Plus (on an Axis)
    RB300 (on a PT Too)
    Ittok (PT Too)
    SME IV (PT Too)
    Ekos (LP12)
    <sold system to support studies>
    RB300 (Xerxes)
    Graham 1.5T (Xerxes)
    Forsell Air Bearing (Forsell)
    <sold system to buy house>
    RB900 (P9)
    Ekos (LP12)
    Aro (LP12)
    <sold again due to major house refurb>
    RB808 (Rega P8)
    SME IV (PT Anni)

    As you can see, a lot of repeats in there! Some caused by living somewhere (Ireland) where we don’t have a lot of dealer coverage, so effectively buying (esp. s/hand) is a long-term demo. The last three I have had for nearly 15 years so the changes definitely slowed.

    Favourites in there: Forsell was absolutely stunning but far too fragile and complex for day-to-day use. Aro is a lovely thing and would happily use one again, especially with a Keel which really allowed it to shine. But the SMEs are still so special, beautifully made and the whole setup/ownership process is still top notch, amazingly since they are now nearly 30-year old designs. The Graham is also very special, but I had it quite briefly and probably didn’t fully appreciate it at the time.

    As to what I’d like to try, I would love to hear a Moerch or one of the Funk options
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  8. cobbers

    cobbers pfm Member

    Since 1975 a total of 9 arms - the Mission has been on turntables for the last 15+ years and feel no need to change it
    Michell Fluid
    Hadcock 228
    Rega RB300
    SME 3009 S2
    Linn Basik+
    Roksan Tabriz
    Roksan Nima
    Audiomods original
    Mission 774 original

    Arm I would like to try?
    Michell Focus
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  9. eevo1969

    eevo1969 pfm Member

    SME 3009 (fix h/s)
    Mission 774
    Audio Note Arm 3 (old)
    Michell Tecnoarm A
    Jelco 750
    Jelco 750EB (10.5”)

    Those are the ones I recall, there were at least a few more. I am happy with the Jelco and have no intention of changing, the PTP deck I have is set up for the longer jelco arm so replacement is awkward.
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  10. Iain Docherty

    Iain Docherty pfm Member

    Main system:
    Akito (on an Axis)
    Akito (on an LP12, followed by)
    Ekos Mk1
    Ekos Mk2
    Ekos SE

    Second system (PT Anni)
    Funk FXR

    Wants (for MRM Source currently being refurbished)
    Syrinx PU2 or PU3
    Audio Origami PU7
    Original Zeta with gold arm tube to match

    Would like play with
    Audio Origami Uniarm
    Moerch (on an Opus 3 Continuo)

    Lottery win
    Bergmann turntable with air bearing parallel tracker


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  11. chris@panteg

    chris@panteg pfm Member

    Logic Datum
    Linn basik plus
    Linn Ittok
    Linn Ekos
    SME 310
    Roksan Nima
    Technics 1210 arm
    SME 309
    SME series V (current)
    Arm I lust for , Ikeda 345 but I think it's too heavy for my Voyd and too much cash. But it's beautiful.

    Arms I'm considering as alternative to my V .
    Audionote arm 2 or 3 or possibly a FR 64s though might again be too heavy.
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  12. starbuck

    starbuck pfm Member

    Are you tempted to add an Odyssey RP1-XG to that wants list, given its very close association with the Source turntable?
    Iain Docherty likes this.
  13. Taff63

    Taff63 pfm Member

    Oddysey tonearm pls. Wonderful things.
  14. starbuck

    starbuck pfm Member

    They are. I have one here earmarked for use with my Thorens if I ever get around to finishing the 12" armwand for it.
  15. Iain Docherty

    Iain Docherty pfm Member

    Yes, absolutely. The Odyssey's designer John Gordon is a top guy and has helped me enormously getting mine (now x2) up and running. I never remember about his tonearm though given I don't think I've ever seen one for sale... not sure how many were ever made.

    My other post-lottery project would be to try and acquire a complete set of Scottish made turntables... or maybe more realistically one from each manufacturer. I used to have a Systemdek IIXE in my second system but sold it almost immediately when the Pink became available. So I'd need a Systemdek of some description (preferably a IV I think), an Ariston (RD11 would be obvious but one (RD90/Superieur?) with a lion rampant top plate would be nice), a Strathclyde, a Fons...
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  16. guydarryl

    guydarryl pfm Member

    R200 on wood trim Rega Planar 2
    Basik Plus on LP12
    Ittok LVII (Black :)) on same LP12 - Gobsmacked at the time with how much more bass Ittok allowed through compared to Basik Plus.
    I love the look of the black Ittok, particularly on my black LP12.
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  17. nmtjb

    nmtjb pfm Member

    Various japanese arms that came with a succession of TT's in the 70's, then Regas running up the table ladder, then the same with Linns: Ittocks, Ekos. Ended up with a Mechanic on the LP12 but still fancy having a go with an Aro someday as I think that's a great looking arm.

    80's to date: NA's uni's, NA parallel tracker, then a Souther, (both too much faff). Keith Monks, various Hadcocks (kept one), Moerch UP4, (should've kept that), Moerch Silver Shadow DP6, 12"and 9" armwands, Breuer Type 5, Breuer Type 8B, Air Tangent 1B, (best PT I've had), FXX 10" uni, Sumiko MDC 800 (x2), SME V, SME 3009 II and 3012, Odyssey RP1-XG, 12" fixed and detachable and 9" arm wands, Audiocraft AC4400, AC3300, several arm wands for those, Reson Regas, Reson Yota, Yorke S7's x 2, Viv Labs 7" recently a couple of great VFM handmade's from Jurijs in Latvia, (including the Volpar (?) copy at 22" long, for a bit of fun)

    I'd like to try a Kuzma 4P and the parallel tracker, and Thales Simplicity. Missed out on Schroeders over the years but also like the look of those.

    The Supatrac looks interesting and also the Sorane ZA-12.
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  18. peterm

    peterm pfm Member

    AT1005 Mk2 (50 years ago! wish Id kept it)
    SEM 3009 "Improved" (anti climax after long anticipation)
    Hadcock GH228
    Mission 774 (disappointing and messy with that silicone damping fluid!)
    Grace G707 (came with that t/t & cartridge)
    Ittock (bought when they first came out and still used today - can't see me changing it)

    More recently in a second system:-
    Linn LVX
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  19. RossB

    RossB Member

    Rega RB300
    Rega RB808
    Rega RB880
    Rega RB2000
    Rega RB3000
    Moerch UP4
    Moerch UP6
    SME IV
    Ekos I
    Ekos II
    Ekos SE
    Micro Seiki MA 505 II
    Kuzma Stogi Ref (9 inch and 12 inch)
    Kuzma Stogi Ref 313 VTA
    Kuzma 4 Point 9
    Kuzma 4 Point 11
    Alphason HR100 MCS
    Audio Origami PU7 (twice)

    I currently have a Rega RB880 on my P8, an AO PU7 on my PTP turntable, and an RB2000 as a back up. The PU7 is probably the best arm I have owned.

    Having been disappointed by the Kuzma 4 Point, I’m not that interested in trying other “high end” arms, but still curious about the Triplanar.
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  20. palasr

    palasr >>>...<<<

    Whatever arm was on the Philips GA-222
    Rega RB-300 (tungsten counterweight)
    Ittok LVII (during the years
    Ekos Mk.II with Mrs. Bouncy Bounce (aka LP12))
    Schröder DPS
    Durand Talea (Mk.I version)
    Triplanar Mk. VII/ui (recently back from an upgrade/tune-up at the manufacturer, and my current arm for the past 10 years or so).

    Would be curious to hear:
    Thales Simplicity II
    Durand Tosca
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